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  1. That was an example during my Enlisted Aircrew days. Mostly a holdover because I never took them off the shirt.
  2. Reminds me of doing FTAC and not being able to wear my flight suit, but secfo were allowed to wear their berets. Cant wear the flight suit because it makes people feel left out. Cant wear the flight suit because everyone else has to wear ABU's, but secfo can wear their berets because they earned it. I thought wearing your leather jacket with blues was normal to cover up the lack of effort to keep ribbons up to date and the potentially missing name tag.
  3. Where in that article did it say .32BAC?
  4. From my limited Multi-engine experience, yes you would step on the good engine to counter the adverse yaw. I also believe the #1 engine is the critical engine for the C-130H.
  5. https://www.benefits.va.gov/GIBILL/docs/factsheets/Yellow Ribbon Program.pdf When I used my Post 911, if the school is able to use Yellow Ribbon it helps offset the cost. I had taken so many classes that I eventually maxed out my Post 911 benefits for the fiscal year and the Yellow ribbon helped me continue taking classes until the beginning of the next fiscal year.
  6. Not to give free advertising but, I went through Liberty University. Once you have your PPL done you can use your Post 911 for Instrument Flight 8 weeks Commercial Flight 1/2/3 (its three 16 week classes that can be condensed to 8 weeks each) CFI 8 weeks CFII 8 weeks Multi-Engine Flight 8 weeks MEI With a combination of your Post 911 and Yellow Ribbon, you can get pretty much all your ratings and a Degree, While collecting BAH. The downside is that you cannot take more than one flying course at a time so it can take longer than you might need. But, if
  7. Man, I had this thought today while walking my dogs. I thought "I wonder if I have time to print out some Stickers for the Bottle of Alcohol." Though my idea was just a seductive photo of myself but to each his own.
  8. Yaweh

    IFT deadline?

    "Pilot, RPA pilot, and CSO candidates with a private pilot certificate are exempt from IFS." (AETCI36-2205V3, 2012, pg.3) http://static.e-publishing.af.mil/production/1/aetc/publication/aetci36-2205v3/aetci36-2205v3.pdf I don't know for certain when the cut off time is, but I imagine if you finished before you went to OTS they would amend your orders. Save your money man! It is free flight time that will be a benefit to acclimating to Air Force Tech School. My friend who was prior enlisted went through IFT and said he felt that it was a big benefit because it got him familiar w
  9. You should apply to Buckley. I feel like I'm asking a woman if she is pregnant because I hope to god this is a troll.
  10. Well, I hope it all works out, as far as the rest of your stuff goes with the Air Force Testing if it has been at least 6 months maybe retake your AFOQT and TBAS. I say plan on doing this after you pass your checkride, you should be at your highest level of knowledge and I believe you can easily bump up your Pilot score which would help your PCSM a lot. I know it is just a PPL checkride but I do believe that the best way to counter these failures is improving what you can change and that would be your test scores. Not saying they are terrible mine aren't much better. Once again Good luck with
  11. Doesn't even seem real anymore! Failing for a shimmy damper that seems harsh. Did your now Former CFI have any other students than you? Did any of them pass their Checkride? I don't want to put much blame on you but it all seems a bit odd. How many hours did you have when you first Solo'd? Did you fly often like twice a week? 115 hours seems like a lot, I received my PPL at around 60-70 hours and my instrument at around 100-105, though I was part 141. The reason I say that is if you were flying once a week or with large breaks in between it is possible that you just were not improving enough
  12. I would keep flying with a different CFI. If your main concern is stalls, then you should be vocal with the CFI that is your goal. Show him your Notice of Disapproval and try to concentrate on that. Do some ground if you feel weak on the Oral and keep notes on what questions you struggle with. De-brief after your flights and maybe keep a better log of what you accomplished, what went wrong, and what you improved on. Your PPL checkride is a very general checkride and the purpose is to test you in the ability to fly safely and act as the PIC of that aircraft.
  13. $900 is an insane amount unless youre adding the cost of the rental, my PPL was $400 and my instrument was $500. You need to fly with different CFI's and your current DPE is not cutting you any discounts. Honestly I feel like youre either rushing to take a check ride, not preparing like you should, or your CFI is failing you. I think failing a PPL checkride isn't a big deal but three failures seem like a trend item and hopefully its not entirely your fault. EDIT: I Re-read what you posted and I want to comment on the retaking the Oral, someone correct me if I am wrong but when you
  14. Not a pilot yet still waiting to go to UPT, but former loadmaster. If those pubs are anything like what I experienced as an enlisted aviator, they will change probably a half dozen times before you get there. I wouldn't memorize any specific numbers. But what do I know!
  15. I mean just look at him He is offering to help and you're asking why him and not you. That could be a hint? But besides that, it seems you both have similar scores and hours, with John being a prior service guy and possible at that squadron ( I hope I got that right?). That whole person concept seems to be swinging in his favor just based off that comment you made. I didn't even apply to Duluth but now I wish I did so I would have a chance to meet John hahaha.
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