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  1. Yaweh

    Chasing the dream of Fighter's!

    You should apply to Buckley. I feel like I'm asking a woman if she is pregnant because I hope to god this is a troll.
  2. Well, I hope it all works out, as far as the rest of your stuff goes with the Air Force Testing if it has been at least 6 months maybe retake your AFOQT and TBAS. I say plan on doing this after you pass your checkride, you should be at your highest level of knowledge and I believe you can easily bump up your Pilot score which would help your PCSM a lot. I know it is just a PPL checkride but I do believe that the best way to counter these failures is improving what you can change and that would be your test scores. Not saying they are terrible mine aren't much better. Once again Good luck with everything and I hope you have a much better experience with this new flight school.
  3. Doesn't even seem real anymore! Failing for a shimmy damper that seems harsh. Did your now Former CFI have any other students than you? Did any of them pass their Checkride? I don't want to put much blame on you but it all seems a bit odd. How many hours did you have when you first Solo'd? Did you fly often like twice a week? 115 hours seems like a lot, I received my PPL at around 60-70 hours and my instrument at around 100-105, though I was part 141. The reason I say that is if you were flying once a week or with large breaks in between it is possible that you just were not improving enough or retaining enough information/ability to avoid repeating lessons and that could be why you have so many hours. It seems crazy that you spent $2,400 on one DPE, but you should be able to find another DPE http://av-info.faa.gov/DesigneeSearch.asp . My recommendations are do not get discouraged and keep pushing forward, you've already experienced failure four times and you are still alive so that's good. Go to the other flight school stay part61, ask to fly with an experienced CFI, fly at least 3 times a week and study the ACS. ONLY take your checkride when you can confidently perform every standard on the ACS. I mean it is giving you all of the possible questions they can ask/evaluate. Good luck.
  4. I would keep flying with a different CFI. If your main concern is stalls, then you should be vocal with the CFI that is your goal. Show him your Notice of Disapproval and try to concentrate on that. Do some ground if you feel weak on the Oral and keep notes on what questions you struggle with. De-brief after your flights and maybe keep a better log of what you accomplished, what went wrong, and what you improved on. Your PPL checkride is a very general checkride and the purpose is to test you in the ability to fly safely and act as the PIC of that aircraft.
  5. $900 is an insane amount unless youre adding the cost of the rental, my PPL was $400 and my instrument was $500. You need to fly with different CFI's and your current DPE is not cutting you any discounts. Honestly I feel like youre either rushing to take a check ride, not preparing like you should, or your CFI is failing you. I think failing a PPL checkride isn't a big deal but three failures seem like a trend item and hopefully its not entirely your fault. EDIT: I Re-read what you posted and I want to comment on the retaking the Oral, someone correct me if I am wrong but when you fail you receive a notice of Disapproval, that should have what you failed. If you passed the Oral and failed the Practical or Flight portion than those are the portions you get tested on. I do not believe changing DPE's will require you to re-do the oral, but you should be confident enough in what you know that when he asks you questions during flight your arent getting them wrong. Fly with a Different CFI immediately stop paying this guy Take a MOCK checkride with the flight schools Chief Pilot Find a Different DPE Study like its your JOB (you know the one you're trying to get) CHECKRIDE
  6. Not a pilot yet still waiting to go to UPT, but former loadmaster. If those pubs are anything like what I experienced as an enlisted aviator, they will change probably a half dozen times before you get there. I wouldn't memorize any specific numbers. But what do I know!
  7. Yaweh

    Upcoming Boards

    I mean just look at him He is offering to help and you're asking why him and not you. That could be a hint? But besides that, it seems you both have similar scores and hours, with John being a prior service guy and possible at that squadron ( I hope I got that right?). That whole person concept seems to be swinging in his favor just based off that comment you made. I didn't even apply to Duluth but now I wish I did so I would have a chance to meet John hahaha.
  8. I would try for Active if you want active, the worst that happens is they say no. Your AFOQT scores are very good, your GPA is good also. As for flying I would continue to gain hours and if at all possible get to atleast your SOLO and complete that. I wouldnt break your bank to try and force a PPL out. The TBAS range for hours are 0 hours/ 1-5 hours/ 6-10 hours /11-20 hours/21-40 hours/41-60 hours/61-80 hours/ 81-100 hours / 101-200/ 201+ I personally would continue flying till you SOLO & get above 21 hours at a minimum. Push for active duty if you want, let the Air Force tell you no. As far as the LASIK information, I think this forum has a lot of useful information about it, but if you can complete your FC1 that would be the ultimate source of information in my opinion. Good luck on your TBAS, it was a very fun test. Also good luck on your journey!
  9. Yaweh

    Seattle airliner stolen and crashed

    I meant that, when we were trained the first step wasn't to shoot them. Like you said situation dependent.
  10. Yaweh

    Seattle airliner stolen and crashed

    In my opinion, I live right by Tacoma Narrows, fly in that exact area very often and I listened to whatever available ATC recordings are out. I don't think that shooting the guy down would of made anything better, if not made things worse. I haven't seen too many Airplanes shot down midair but I am assuming there is little to no control of where they end up. Maybe a headline reading "Air Force needlessly shot down passenger jet killing hundreds on the ground". Then we would hear arguments of people saying "the guy was co-operating for what seemed to be the Majority of the time. He said he didn't want to hurt anyone and was pretty obedient when it came to direction changes to avoid flying over populated area's". I feel like if he had attempted to land at McChord that things would of ended up way worse. He could of attempted to land the Tacoma Narrows Airport and most likely would of avoided most houses. I am not sure where this "we should of shot him down" intensity is from. When I was a Loadmaster our reaction to Hijackers is not to immediately shoot them.
  11. I think it all comes down to how bad your eyes are and if you really only want guard/reserve or if you could live with AD. Under the assumption you only want guard/reserve I would do this. 1. If you want to fly heavies, apply for a loadmaster job 1A2XX at the unit you want to fly for. You get a FC2 physical which is less eye intensive but during one of my flight physicals later on, not my initial. I asked about doing the Pilot version when I was a load master and flight med let me. ( I attempted to transfer to be a Helicopter Pilot for the Army). This could potentially show you if you could get medically DQ'd early on. If you want fighters id follow the advice of those who posted before me and go AFE or crew chief. 2. Clep a bunch of classes during your enlisted tech school, they are free the first time you attempt them. I clepped my English classes, math, science, computer basics, Social Science and History. You can even clep public speaking. My point being this will help make up for the time you spent in Basic and your other tech schools. 3. Once you get to your main job I would grind through school and attempt to get flight hours at a 141 school. Assuming you did a 4 year enlistment you should be right on course with your peers. But now you have prior service, a degree, and flight hours. With experience as Aircrew with the Unit you hopefully still want to fly for. If you dont care if you go AD. If you know in your heart of hearts you want to serve then go to the Academy in my opinion. 1. Apply for the Academy 2. Apply for ROTC Disclaimer: I did not go any of those routes but the guard/reserve one is what my friend did and it worked for him. I was AD for 6 years because I wanted free college, I clepped a ton of classes during tech school and then did one or two classes at the education center at my base. I had 80 credits after 6 years because I was slow rolling it. I separated and went to school full time and choose a degree that allowed my Post 911 to pay for my ratings. I applied for the Reserve board as Unsponsored got accepted and I am currently waiting on my dates. If I could do it over again differently I would of at least tried for the Academy or ROTC when I was your age. I believe being prior enlisted makes me more competitive but I don't look down on people who haven't enlisted, infact they seem just as competitive. I don't think hiring only from within is a solid strategy and could potentially limit diversity but I am not currently an Air Force Pilot and know nothing about hiring. So my opinion doesnt mean shit haha. As most active duty pilots were never enlisted before and most of them are great people who all have different backgrounds and methods of becoming AF pilots. Overall if you are floating the idea of joining the Air Force you should probably just go to a school that you want and look at ROTC and then do your PPL in your free time to see if you even enjoy flying. No need to sign anything right now because the Air Force will always be there and you have plenty of time. Good Luck!
  12. AH18 Thanks for the response!
  13. Hey, I looked around and haven't really found any information directly related to unsponsored UPT students who haven't found a unit being assigned a unit. So I was selected with a Primary Unsponsored slot and was under the impression that if an Unsponsored candidate does not find a unit to sponsor them, then the Air Force will find a unit for them. Does anyone know or witnessed an unsponsored UPT student have their unit selected for them because they did not find a unit, how did it work? Were they given a list of units that were critically manned and they choose from the list or did the Air Force email them a set of orders with the Unit on it and that was that (How I feel it would happen). I have a strong feeling that because Unsponsored students automatically track T1's that they would most likely be sent to a Tanker unit or a C-130 Unit, I am not saying this as a negative I am just trying to gauge which units are probably hurting most for pilots in the reserve. So if you know anyone who went the unsponsored route and did not find a unit in time and had the Air Force find one for them if you wouldnt mind sharing your story or theirs I would be interested in reading that, and if you have opinions on what you imagine the Air Force would do feel free to post that also. Thanks
  14. Yaweh

    USF (det 158) rated slots/ questions

    Hey I was enlisted and didn't separate till I was 25, my advice is you've got plenty of time so do not worry too much. Utilize Tuition assistance the best you can and try completing some cleps. I clepped the shit out of some classes and it saved me a ton of time. I think there is a limit to how much cleps you can use towards a degree but its free so why not do it if you think you can pass it. Go to the education office and talk with one of the colleges nearby and take a few classes or register online for a school and keep pushing. The good news is some of the training you received in the Air Force colleges will count as credits and that will put you closer to your Degree. A different path is I think you can apply to the Prep school for the Academy if you are under the age of 22 and are Single with no Dependents. This could be a path, I knew a guy who wasn't that smart and he managed it. Anyways keep pushing you have got plenty of time.