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  1. I'm sure having a HUD from the get go is really going to instill airmanship skills and strengthen a crosscheck....
  2. Fighter drops out of pilot are to FTU location not to the combat units and the only C model FTU is at Klamath Falls.
  3. Link to the Air Force times article this afternoon https://www.airforcetimes.com/news/your-air-force/2019/05/01/t-6-from-sheppard-crashes-pilots-safely-eject/
  4. Just when you thought it would be a happy marriage between Boeing and the Air Force. Apparently leaving FOD in a jet is frowned upon. Who knew..... https://mobile.reuters.com/article/amp/idUSKCN1QI58R
  5. On the fighter side, I think two went to the F-35 and two went Vipers at Kelly, numbers might be slightly off. I think the Kelly FTU course started in August. Unsure about any thing on the heavy side of the house.
  6. Viper Guy currently in the B Course. We train to it and it's on the Form 8 check. Can't land out of it per the regs but low approach to 50-100 feet.
  7. If I had to sum up the viper B-course in a picture I would choose the below. Holloman is still backed up
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