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  1. With as long as the guard guys are waiting to go to UPT maybe they could have FAIPed some of them instead of waiting for the B-Course. I suppose it's a bit of a catch 22 though as you need IPs to get them rolling in the first place.
  2. With as many people on this board influenced by the original, myself included, I can only assume there will be some spillover to the Air Force as well
  3. Playing the waiting game for TFOT/UPT dates. I'm guessing it will be about a year from hire to TFOT
  4. Prior E with good stats... make sure your app is clear of errors, start sending it out and visiting units. You should have a home in no time, good luck!
  5. Big thanks to everyone who has contributed thus far, plenty of reassuring posts to help prepare and relax. Anyone on here scheduled for their FC1 at WP the week of Sept. 24?
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