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  1. Does an ANG CSO need Top Secret SC?

    Catching your drift but a solid answer would be nice
  2. Does an ANG CSO need Top Secret SC?

    I will still belong to my guard unit, which has C-130's (H2 and H3). I think Active duty need their TS because they have yet to be assigned an air frame and that air frame may require TS. Because I already know my air frame, I may not need the TS. I've been a flight line crew chief with my Secret clearance, so I am guessing a TS isn't needed for the Herc.
  3. Does an ANG CSO need Top Secret SC?

    If I had the choice, I'd get my Top Secret and keep it my whole career. But they cost money and our base pays for it so it isn't up to me. I just don't want to be told I don't have to do it, then be denied entry into CSO school due to not having it. I turn 30 9 days after I start school so there isn't much time to fix errors after-the-fact.
  4. Does an ANG CSO need Top Secret SC?

    I've been told some flyers get it then it's never renewed after the initial term. Seems like a waste.
  5. Hello! First time caller, long time listener. I have been in the ANG for 9 years now. I am a TSgt getting ready to go to TFOT then CSO school. I currently hold a Secret security clearance. Does anyone know if I have to have a TS clearance as a navigator? My commander is questioning my need for one and I have to get a straight answer as I have IFT scheduled for June 19th, 2018. Thanks in advance!