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  1. Any recent Reserve people go to IFS even with a pilots license?
  2. I actually just got an email saying it was a mistake. So hopefully you got the same one because I'm pretty sure we're not suppose to go to RCOT!
  3. I recently got an email stating I've been added to an upcoming RCOT class. I thought that was just for incoming medical professionals, and I'm going in as a non-prior sponsored by a Reserve unit to go to UPT. Does anyone have any further information??
  4. Does anyone have any recommendations on what to do about your civilian job when you're scheduled to start the UFT pipeline? I'm going reserves and supposed to leave for OTS in January followed by UPT. I have a solid job right now and not sure if I should quit or keep my job (using of SCRA) even though I'll be gone for about 2 years. Just thinking it'd be smart to keep it in case something happens (i.e. break my ankle at OTS).
  5. Hired with a Reserve unit in May 2017. Meps November 2017. FC1 completed January 2018. FC1 Approved February 2018. My recruiter just notified me that my packet didn't meet the May board, but I will most likely make the July board. Anyone have insight on things I could do to speed up the process? It seems like I'll do some paperwork and then wait for a couple months before I hear anything.
  6. I was told 81 is the average for successful UPT applicants.
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