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  1. EN 18-06, 2 weeks ago Guard: F-15C Oregon F-16 SD Reserve: A-10 Whiteman AD: F-22 Tyndall F-15E SJ F-16 x 3 TBD A-10 DM T-38C FAIP T-38A Tyndall B-52 x 2 Barksdale E-8C Robbins E-3 Tinker B-2 Whiteman U-28 Hurlburt AC-130 C-130J Little Rock
  2. Don’t pick a technical major just because it’s “easier to get a scholarship for tech majors than it is for non-tech majors.” Doing well in something you enjoy will all but gaurentee your ability to pick up a scholarship while you’re in college. If you think you’re interested in engineering, Industrial Distribution(a non-tech major) is a good a good mix of engineering and business for people who like engineering stuff, but don’t feel the need to go through the pain of getting an engineering degree.
  3. ENJJPT 18-03 A-10 x 2 F-15E F-16 x 6 F-35 B-52 HC-130J E-8C T-6 FAIP Netherlands IFF x 2 Netherlands F-16 German Eurofighter German T-6 FAIP German Tornado
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