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  1. I could see how the yellow triangle could be confused as sector of viewing from the cockpit. Glad to hear I was able to help.
  2. The yellow triangle skinny side is the direction you are heading (see red arrow). In the above case, the compass rose is the orientation of the map. Don't let the label of HEADING above the compass rose confuse you with your aircraft heading. The aircraft heading is the yellow triangle or directional needle. Imagine that your A B C D choices are are your cyclic or 2-d directional options for which you could turn your aircraft to. Since your heading is South (A or FWD for forward) the North car park is to your rear ( option C ). Hope that helps.
  3. Feel free to ask your questions in here for the public to see. Your questions/answers might benefit another user in the future. Good luck. Cheers
  4. Don't worry about it dude... if all efforts fail, the Army will be happy to take ya. I am sure that they have an Apache slot with your name on it. Good luck! Cheers
  5. my $0.02, the WP folks are not going to go out of their way to look at stuff in your records from 10 years ago. They only know what you tell them.
  6. Your scores look awesome. Your 201+ numbers will make you pretty competitive. Good luck
  7. I agree with jonlbs Get a college professor or Dean of engineering to write you one. No personal friends or Family! Your have to wait 180 days to retake the TBAS I think. get your ppl and flight time under your belt. It will help you with "air-sense" stuff when retaking the TBAS.
  8. Asking for a friend who talked to a recruiter recently. It the past, if you went unsponsored and required no waivers, you could attend UPT w no unit sponsorship. You would have to find a unit by track nights or get sent to a unit. Recruiter said chief pilots at critically manned units complaint about the quality of pilots.... whatever that means and AFRC board has decided not to send anymore unsponsored applicants to UPT. You can still submit to the board and get a pre approval type. can anyone confirm?
  9. Your numbers seem similar to mine. I am a prior Army 47 pilot. Most squadrons, the competitive ones, will want your PCSM score to range in the mid 80s. Don't take no for an answer and for sure retake the AFOQT if you can. Cast a wide net. Most chief pilots will tell you the same. Priority should be in getting in the seat. Once your a season rated guy you can study other possibilities to get hired at other locations. I was rejected plenty of times before getting hired. I was 29 then similar numbers like the ones above. Most units would be quick to send a rejection letter due to my age. But there are over 200 ANG and AFRC squadrons out there, and all you need is one "yes". You want to look good on paper with good numbers and what not, but you also want to be able to sell yourself as the right fit for the squadron. Good luck. PM if you have anymore questions. Cheers
  10. Where do I sign up for this scenario??? For sure not in Army Aviation. Its a warrant officer's world.
  11. You should really plan for 2 yrs worst case scenario from the day you get hired. However, there are always plenty of possibilities of a short fall slot to open up for you to jump in. Also, if your squadron is part of a list of critically maned units for pilots, they will have priority in picking UPT slots earlier than other units. Anyone else, please correct me if the above info is not accurate.
  12. I recently followed up with couple of guys trying to go the unsponsored route. The regulation has recently changed and the AFR no longer allows candidates to attend UPT without sponsorship from a squadron. From what I understand, squadron chief pilots complaint to the AFRC board that not knowing what type of candidate they would get frustrated seasoning and overall progression process. Whatever that means, many squadrons are selective as to whether or not your a the right fit, not so much on where you can fly or not. Anyway, that was my experience. you can still present yourself to the AFRC board as a unsponsored candidate. They can grant you a pre approval to attend UPT But can’t actually send you until a unit can sponsored you. Theres another topic here about the unsponsored route. Read it, get some gauge about it. Good luck. 🍻
  13. I’ve never heard of the 3.0 requirement. I have a guard pilot slot with a 2.6 ( engineer.... don’t judge lol ). A friend of mine got picked up 3 yrs ago by the active duty UPT board with a 2.5. If your new to the military, you must learn not to trust everything a recruiter says. No one cares about your career and your money more than you. Do your research and don’t be afraid to ask questions (like you are doing now). Whomever might be telling you might be basing the 3.0 requirement based on a static it of previously accepted candidates. I do know that rotc scholarship require you to maintain a 3.0 to keep the scholarship help. Hope that helps. Cheers 🍻
  14. I always thought Army aviation was selective and competitive until I started rushing Air Force units. Didn't realize I was dumb and that anyone can fly Apaches. Anyway, If I could do it all over again I would for sure go Blue at a young age. I am sure most Army pilots would agree. I am thankful for getting my foot int the door of Aviation as a pilot, but I have had enough of Army. I love the CH-47 and the cargo community, but I simply can't stand the Army. I did the opposite of what you did. I was a W2 first then went commission. Worst idea/decision I could have ever done. Army aviation is a warrant officers world. I had crappy scores as well. I went into the test thinking "I am a pilot, I should smoke this thing" but it wasn't the case. Don't let your numbers discourage you. Unfortunately you will have to wait 180 days until you can re-test but for sure take the TBAS asap so you can get a PCSM score. Numbers are important, but I think more important is for you to be able to present yourself as the right fit for the squadron. At least that was my experience when I was rushing multiple heavy squadrons. I had one chief pilot tell me, after I told him how many hours I had and deployments, that most of the guys didn't care about your flying experience. They can teach you how to fly, but they cant necessarily teach you how to be a "cool" guy to go drink beer with. This translates to you being a tolerable guy to sit next to while on a 8 hr sortie across the pond. During visit to another squadron, I meet a guy that was selected with scores in the 50s at age 31. Everyone just liked the guy and he kept hanging around during every UTA and squadron happy hours. Your age shouldn't be an issue as well. There is a new MFR out pushing the age limit to 33 with waivers up to 35. The process is long so don't wait to contact other squadrons. I was hired about a year ago and I probably wont make it down to UPT until next year. I would also recommend casting a wide net if your really want to make the jump. I have a list of contacts I could forward to you of squadrons I rushed a few years ago. Most chief pilots will probably tell you the same thing. Cast a wide net with priority in getting a UPT slot. PM if you have anymore questions. Lastly, don't take rejection personally. I was constantly rejected by squadrons because of my age or the pain in the ass that comes with transferring to the Air Force. The process is long but not impossible. Good Luck! Cheers
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