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  1. https://thefederalist.com/2019/10/23/why-retired-military-officers-need-to-shut-up-about-politics/?fbclid=IwAR2W14sK-4DU-9aScaoUsH8YvNTYoWS2iIRBLNfu7azrE9TKYfzgJoKNFRU The armed forces should remain APOLITICAL and the most trusted government institution by the public. Sadly, the ole army colonel who is now a hero for the left, is doing the opposite. Either declare a candidacy and run for office, or retire... once he is all used up by the left, I am sure he will get a book deal on how wearing the uniform gave him some high moral ground on public policy. Stop the politicization of the military! Sent from my iPhone using Baseops Network mobile app
  2. Booze! Can’t go wrong with booze. Be sure to put your name in.
  3. If your ETP was approved and your just waiting on board results, chances are you got picked up. Hopefully for pilot and not your least desirables paths Sent from my iPhone using Baseops Network mobile app
  4. A jail sentence... it’s the answer that I got when I was thinking about going AD. Most of the dudes I talked to were in the C17 community. It might be different in other aircraft families. Sent from my iPhone using Baseops Network mobile app
  5. Let the chief pilot say no to you... and even after saying No, if your persistent, perhaps they might consider you. Don’t listen to the recruiter. Sent from my iPhone using Baseops Network mobile app
  6. Are you AD Army wanting you go AD Air Force? How old are you? Q1- It’s absolutely a possibility. As long as you don’t have anything that will prevent the army from releasing you like an ADSO. Q2-As far as how convoluted things might get? It all varies on what route you are trying to take AD, AFRC, Ang. Whichever path you might choose, you will have to go thru a ARB process. The Air Force will take their sweet time validating your army aviation training. It sucks. It takes very long but at the end, most bros will get credit for some army stuff (flying hrs and flight pay initiation date). Q3 I’m not too sure about the training pipeline. You won’t have to go thru UPT but will have to attend the air forces 60 course in addition to a couple of PR courses. Lastly, check the IST website again. I remember last time I was lurking around on it there something about the Inter service transfer excluding pilot positions. I didn’t go AD, but did looked at it as a plan C... If things haven’t changed, the only way to jump ship is the apply to the active duty rated/UPT board that happens annually. I have some contacts for the folks that manage the board at Randolph AFB. If your goal is to go AD, give them a call. Ask questions about your specific situation. Hope that helps. Cheers Sent from my iPhone using Baseops Network mobile app
  7. There are plenty of other variables... it’s always something holding up the timeline. Medical, prior service validation stuff, you name it... I would use the two year as a worst case scenario that you’ll need to plan for. Mine was about 15 months. are you AD Air Force?
  8. If you have to do OTS and IFT, you might have to wait until FY21 for UPT. Also, even if your FC1 has been approved by WP, still needs approval from NGB SG... that could take some time... hopefully not to much longer. Sent from my iPhone using Baseops Network mobile app
  9. training for year FY20. ANG boards are scheduled and conducted at wing's discretion. With ANG boards, once someone is hired he/she is pushed thru pipeline until a slot is handed down from NGB. It usually takes about 1.5 to 2 years from hired to UPT. On a side note, I talked to a bro that works at Randolph that heard a rumor that both CSO and ABM are in critical demand. High number of folks declined the slot at last at years board. Probably why the total numbers why be up this year (lots of CSOs and ABM, decrease in pilot slots)
  10. The commander has blessed us with his presence
  11. The FY20 production of 1,400 ish pilots have to come from somewhere.... but I have no idea bros Sent from my iPhone using Baseops Network mobile app
  12. Cant speak for ARC, but I got word from ANG that big blue cut the # of FY20 allocated slots from 155 to 90 (ANG only). Reserve probably saw a similar cut. Someone had said they were loading up AD ROTC and Academy applicants with pilot slots...
  13. The conditional release Is not part of the checklist so submitting it is not a requirement... however, if you do submit one, they will hold ur package until an extension has been received whenever it expires. Learned my lessoned on that one. So army bros, if your reading this, don’t submit a 368 along with ARB. You also don’t need ARB approval to submit for ETPs. Very important! There is more to the hold up at NGB, but when I hit 6 months waiting point, I went up to Andrews and stumble into A3 to ask some questions. Overall, folks are nice and they get ARB should NOT be a req for UPT Bound dudes. However, it’s a HAF requirement and they can’t do anything about it. Sent from my iPhone using Baseops Network mobile app
  14. Anybody going to Vance in November?
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