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  1. If you have to get a 368 you must be a bastard child from another branch. So was I. It will be a difficult process for you but not impossible. Call the folks at Randolph. They will help you navigate thru the process. DO NOT SOLELY RELAY ON THE RECRUITER. Not sure why but the recruiter would give me an answer that wouldn't make sense and I would get a totally different answer from the folks at Randolph. They helped me every time I called or pointed me in the correct direction. I was in Afghanistan when I was going thru the process. Had my application ready to go but decided not to submit a few days before the deadline (was offered a UPT slot with an ANG unit). I had another Army bro that stayed the course. We worked on our apps together, had the same age and PCSM scores. He got selected and has a vance date in late November (we were both helo pilots so we could jump in directly into UPT). I am a bit jealous because I don't have a school date yet and they are telling me now it might be late FY20 or early FY21. Also you will have to rate all slots 1 thru 5 - pilot, nav, rpa, CSO, AMB (I haven't seen the 215 in a while but I believe those are all the fields available). You can't just apply for Pilot/Rated. If your end goal/dream is to be a pilot, look into going ANG/reserves. Also good luck getting a 368. It was the most pain in the ass process thanks to the high levels of army efficiency. You have to stay on top of the admin personnel or else it will sit on someone's desk until hell freezes over. Good luck to all the bros in here. Cheers.
  2. I hear ya in the commission thing. Go talk to army bros that have commissions in aviation and I bet you 110% that they wish they were warrant officers. Warrants just fly and are technical experts. Officers fly as part time and try officering warrants the rest of the time along with flying a desk. I started my aviation career as a warrant. After a few years I went commissioned because my unit was in need of it. Worst decision I’ve ever meet. If you just want to fly and focus on being an aviator, go warrant. The money will be about the same. Believe me when I say a W5 has more pull than an O3 or O4 as far as how to fly or execute missions. I know, it sounds crazy but army aviation is hard to comprehend at first. If you are really married to your commission and feel like you would be less of a soldier without it, I am sure a guard unit will take you as is. I had a few army bros in South Carolina that were AMB In the Air Force. Couldn’t get a flight slot because of age with big blue. Came to the guard and traded the O3 for a W2 Apache slot. Those bros seem pretty happy flying guns. I have the contact for South Carolina guard flight school recruiting if any of you bros are interested. cheers
  3. Are you interested in active duty? Would you be interested in NG or Reserves? NG & Reserves are not bad gigs and its not a weekend warrior thing. It the Chinook and Apache world, you fly so much to maintain minimums that it makes it impossible to have a full time civilian job. Most bros that I know are full time tech and AGR. I could give you some contact for NG units hiring pilots. Not sure how to attack the Active duty route.
  4. Sucks to hear about the DNIF. I am a bastard from another branch (Army Chinooks). I was hired by an ANG unit a few months ago. Currently waiting on school dates. While I was at the Chinook course in 2013, there was a guy in my class (mid 30s) that had a similar issue. Tried to get a medical ETP, even got a congressman involved. At the end, he got tired of fighting and come to the Army as a warrant officer. If you goal is to be a pilot, know that there are other options available. The Army will take you in a heard beat. You will probably not get to use a hotel rewards card in the army, and the only nice places you'll ever get to see fall along the lines of Iraq or Afghanistan. Also forget about a pickle suit, Army leadership goes above and beyond to make your feel like you are not a pilot. With that being said, if you goal is to be a pilot and fly, know that there are alternatives available. Good Luck!
  5. So jealous bro! congratulations. Which UPT are you going to? glad it all worked out. I hope I can have a similar turn around time as you. Cheers
  6. For any of you fellas in the timeline that haven't yet made it pass the age waiver mark or TFCT, the attached MFR was released by big blue. I immediately asked the recruiter if it would cover both guard and reserves. He said he had no idea... shocking. I called another recruiter in another state with the same question and his response was YES it should be a blanket cover for everyone not just AD. We all know how recruiters might stretch things here and there from time to time. Does anybody have info on this? MFR for UPT Age Limit 33.pdf
  7. Is this for both ANG and Reserve Units? I turn 30 next week. I was already hired by a unit and currently waiting for the age waiver to get approved. Its keeping me from requesting UPT dates. Good luck to all the other bros out there in their late 20s. Get after it! Cheers
  8. @SaltyDawg very optimistic indeed... not sure what else to do other than wait and email random people via global at NGB
  9. @ackc My ARB package is sitting at NGB/A3OS. I think ETP/waivers for age and officer time take the same route. Submitted 3 weeks ago when I was told the turn around time should be about two. I have been global stalking ppl in hopes of finding the right person that can tell me where its at and how much longer it will take. The recruiter keeps telling me the same thing "we are working on it". By that he probably means he checks his email daily for an update, but that's probably it. I would recommend sharing your frustration with your squadron CC if you haven't already. See the attached flow chart depicting package flow from unit to NGB. Like I said, I have been literally googling NGB/A3OS... whatever name comes up, I use the global to see if they are associated with NGB/A3OS... I've sent about 20-30 emails so far with no respond. Probably because I am contacting the wrong people. Anyway, I am not at the 22 month mark yet but it seems like the only way to get things done is to contact someone else outside of recruiting who is willing to help. I went to WP on my own time and dime thinking it would speed up the process but it hasn't. The FC1 is only a small part of the process, and from what I understand, its not even required to submit for ETPs or to the ARB. If anyone in here could share a contact at NGB, that would be a great help for sure. Package process flow chart.pdf
  10. After you swore in, did you have to wait on age and TFCT waivers prior to getting UPT dates?
  11. You can schedule your FC1 and complete it prior to having a DD368... However, you will have to do it on your own time and dime. I don't thinking it will help in speeding up the overall process. I haven't made it to acquiring some hard training dates yet. I will let someone else chime in on that.
  12. I am UPT route from Army helos and I was told I would be following somewhat of the same route by taking care of the ARB first. I am done with medical and already have a TS. I get the feeling that my recruiter is taking a "trial and error" mentality on what to submit to NGB first. He assured me and my squadron CC that once I get ARB approval I will be able to swear in with the request for school dates running concurrently with age and commission time waivers packages. I will let you bros know how it goes as if and why it got kicked back.
  13. The coordinators at W-Patt are great folks. They are somewhat busy, specially Monday thru Wednesday which is when they are processing FC1 candidates. I would recommend contacting them hard on Thursdays or Friday. Don't wait for a phone call. I also have the contact info for the program manager if you would like to PM me. When you get chance, read the FC1 forum on this site. Lots of good info and accurate check in instructions. It was super beneficial for me when I went thru. I am sure lots of non Air Force bros here would agree. As far as dates go, I believe you have to swear into your unit prior to requesting school dates. If you aren't in need of waivers for age or commission the flow should be smooth. Push the navy folks to release the DD368 ASAP. It was the hold up for me after getting hired and the ANG could not move forward with any of my packages. I have heard of folks having to wait over a year after they got hired before receiving school dates. For those in that situation, our best hope is for a shortfall to jump on. Good luck with everything and congrats on getting hired. Cheers
  14. 15 May 2018: Interviewed KC-135 ANG 23 June 2018: Hired 13-14 Aug 2018: Flight Physical Complete at W. Patt 15 October 2018: FC1 Stamped and Approved no waivers 19 November 2018: DD Form 368 signed by SCNG submitted to NGB and ANG The Recruiter I was working with put in his retirement papers and is out on terminal leave. What is to be expected at this point? Should I plan on attending UTAs from this point on as the accessions and ETPs process moves forward? Do I still belong to my old unit until all ETPs are approved and swearing in with the ANG is complete? Cheers...
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