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    T-6s Grounded; More OBOGS Issues

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    Questions on TPS (Test Pilot School)

    Thanks for the info. How necessary do you think a masters is if my B.S is in Aero Eng and my second B.S is in Applied Math? Is getting an engineering masters online vs in class detrimental or do typical boards don't care?
  3. tedybearofdoom

    Questions on TPS (Test Pilot School)

    I am starting UPT in March but one of my long term goals in the AF is to become a test pilot. Reading this thread makes me realize that acceptance into TPS comes down to what AF needs are at the time. Aside from the typical be the best at your job, for those of you who have gone to TPS, any general career advice on things I can do position myself as a better candidate when the time comes?