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  1. BrettTJ

    Guard Promotions

    Thanks man. This helps. So some say SOS is required and some not. I guess I’ll just wait until my unit says something about it. I hope the waiver for SERE works too. I don’t want to walk out of there again with another black eye. Several hard hits to the face caused that... Stupid huh.
  2. BrettTJ

    Guard Promotions

    Regarding SERE? Heck yeah I am. They don’t want to send me either. They’ve been trying to receive an answer from NGB for over three months about this but no response yet. Were you in a similar situation?
  3. BrettTJ

    Guard Promotions

    Yeah, no kidding right.. lol. Different topic but while I have your attention; so per the new AFI regarding SERE school, the Level C Navy/Marine SERE school isn’t accepted . It specifically calls out our school as not transferable to meet Air Force standards. So my unit is working on a waiver for me so I don’t have to do it again. Are you fighting the same battle? What a load of crap right. I might have to do SERE again.
  4. BrettTJ

    Guard Promotions

    Was he in the process of doing SOS when he got promoted or had he not started it? Friends of mine in the USMC got promoted to O4 after they switched from active to Reserve not PME complete either. They hadn’t even started it it and promoted shortly after and they definitely were not seven year O3’s. I realize this is a different service but it seems like it might be possible to do the same thing in the ANG. Why waste time doing something if it’s unnecessary right. Lol. It looks like some say it’s required and some say it not. Wish there was a Solid answer.
  5. BrettTJ

    Guard Promotions

    C-130’s. You? Some of the guys in the squadron said not to do it until someone says something. Lol. Just wasn’t sure if anyone in our shoes has successfully promoted without it. I saw the writing on the wall with EWS too. Two years of PME when it’s not guaranteed to get you promoted.. Stupid... I saw too many good dudes waste their time with EWS only to get passed over. SOS 2.0 is a different program now. Not as easy as the previous course. Plus I’m up against a timeline now. In school learning the new aircraft and don’t have time for SOS. Won’t be done until April. This puts me past my 7 year mark. If anything, I might have to do resident SOS/PME. Not sure what NGB will do once they catch this. Lol
  6. BrettTJ

    Guard Promotions

    Hello everyone. I recently crossed over from the USMC to the ANG as a pilot. This February I’ll hit seven years as a Captain/O3. I was told by my unit that I need to be with the unit for a year before being looked at for promotion to O4 under ROPMA. Since I don’t have the Air Force SOS PME done or started, will this be the deciding factor for selection to O4? IMO, I’d rather not do it if I don’t need to. If it is required, if I’m atleast enrolled and or doing it but not complete, will this allow me to be selected? Thanks.