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  1. 2018 Active Duty UFT Board

  2. 2018 Active Duty UFT Board

    Came through the grapevine. 160 apps, 75 Pilot, 30 RPA, and I forget the others.
  3. 2018 Active Duty UFT Board

    Going to be a better year overall. Especially for RPA.
  4. Can confirm, studying the AFOQT study guides (Barron’s/Peterson’s or AFPCs) for a week and absolutely hammering the 4 sections that matter can create a huge jump in scores. Pilot score went from 49 to 98, resulting in a PCSM of 99. Looks like AFOQT retake improvement drives higher scores than TBAS. Just hope it’s enough for the AD board!
  5. 2018 Active Duty UFT Board

    Curious what effect the IFT issues/backup will have on selection this year. Anyone know if this is as huge of an issue as they make it seem?
  6. Original PCSM (49 Pilot): 23 30hours and TBAS retake: 62 (est. 77 when PPL complete) Studying pretty hard for those four Pilot sections of the AFOQT, need a decent bump to feel a little better and hopefully break 90 PCSM.
  7. I’ve been going back and forth on if I should retake the AFOQT or the TBAS first. I think I’ll need to take both so I’ll do the TBAS first, bought some pedals and flash cards. Didn’t study for either last time because I didn’t want rated and got: Pilot:49, PCSM:23 (47 w/41 hours), and I should be around 61 hours by Jan. How much and often did you study for the AFOQT, Goddard?
  8. 2018 Active Duty UFT Board

    In a bind.Pilot: 49PCSM: 23Hours: 0So I have a crash course PPL scheduled (41hrs: 47 PCSM). Studying to retake my AFOQT 19 Oct. If needed, I will retake my TBAS. Should I take the TBAS before AFOQT? Also, has anyone recieved clear guidance on only putting only pilot? The 215 example they have listed mentions that that is only the case if it is your third attempt. I know several people last year who only put pilot when the rules were the same (they ended up getting a call for CSO).