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  2. Brutally honest opinions please about my chances

    With my currently full to the brim class schedule and upcoming semester degree plan, I am less than a year out from graduating from college (with a random degree yes, finance). I have also tripled my flight time since my last post. I currently have 51 hours with no PPL. I should be wrapping up my PPL soon. I also didn't make the best grades before I was in the Army and I managed 4 A's and 1 B this past semester. Im hoping the Air Force will take me serious when I present them a sub par cumulative gpa from my previous academic years. I haven't taken the AFOQT or the TBAS yet as I understand from the previous replies that my degree is the #1 thing that is limiting me. I am currently focusing on school academics and flying. I understand that the two tests have a waiting period if I do not obtain a desirable score. If I put myself in that position, is it best to take the AFOQT and TBAS now so that by the time the waiting period is over I can take the test over again before I get any older. I am turning 27 this month. Also, how soon is too soon to be asking to visit a unit? Will they take me serious a year out? Or would the unit want to see something tangible first like a PPL, AFOQT or TBAS score? Saying I tripled my flight time with only 51 hours now seems like a joke lol but hey
  3. I know the PCSM algorithm is completely confidential. A little bit about myself though. Prior service Army 68W (Healthcare Specialist/Combat Medic) E4 with an honorable discharge and reentry code 1. I served 4 years and recently separated this August. I do not have any article 15's or any negative UCMJ action. I received my Expert Field Medical Badge (Air Force probably doesn't care). My previous commanding officers, (i.e. Company commander, Physician's Assistant) have stated that they were more than willing to write LOR's in the future. I am 26 years old and I will be 27 in January. I do not have my Bachelors. I am back in school and I am pursuing my PPL. I currently have 14 flight hours. Obtaining flight hours is not the issue because I own an airplane (...yea I know). I will definitely be pushing the age limit by the time I graduate. I currently have an AA degree and I am more than 1.5 years out from even thinking about graduating. Ive contacted local units (literally down the street from me) about the possibility of using my GI Bill for an aviation degree and then applying but my graduation date was too far out. However, I enrolled at my previous college and now I honestly just picked a random degree because it would get me a degree the quickest. The pilots from that unit and another across the state have told me that would be the best avenue of approach. Would it be best to make myself known to local units once I have a degree in hand with 201+ flight hours to increase my PCSM score? Or would it be best to try and get a packet together with a potential graduation date once I am closer to graduating even though I may have less than 201+ hours at the time. In all honesty, if I am not in class I will be flying the heck out of my airplane. I am certain that in the 1.5 years it may take for me to graduate that I will have accumulated a significant amount of flight time. With the unit being so close I can make my face known once I am closer to graduating or once I have my PPL. 0 hours1 - 5 hours6 - 10 hours11 - 20 hours21 - 40 hours41 - 60 hours61 - 80 hours81 - 100 hours101 - 200 hours201 hours and up