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  1. They'll never make the NexGen deadline. Gonna be an interesting standoff considering "no waivers" is the phrase of choice.
  2. Plus15

    Chances for Fighter Units?

    Dicky learned the hard way....sometimes trying to cover the crime is worse than the crime. Damn intranets.
  3. Plus15

    Wing Re-Org Test

    They are short in AFRC. Can't speak for 10th, but 22d/4th can't find enough 0-6's willing to move and fill billets. RUMINT has NAF/CC's considering promote/fills in house (may already be happening)
  4. Plus15

    I need some advice

    Do it. If you've always wanted it, don't go the rest of your life wondering....take the leap. It's that's simple.
  5. Plus15

    Flight Evaluation Board (FEB)

    First hand knowledge or squadron lore? The reason I ask is it would be highly unusual to staff through A3V. No need and I'm pretty sure 11-402 only directs legal reviews after the convening authority determination and prior to final determination. Just curious.
  6. Plus15

    Flight Evaluation Board (FEB)

    I had the unfortunate experience of being the Recorder in an FEB against a young pilot who was represented by both civil and military lawyers. They questioned the veracity of some of the Form 8 statements from multiple evaluators. The thing about FEBs is the rules governing admissibility of evidence is not the same as most legal proceedings. If the board wants to hear it (even hearsay) and weigh it, they can. In my experience the board, as experienced pilots, could read between the lines and get to the truth quite easily. The final board recommendation will go through many legal reviews. Odds are not in your favor. There it is.