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  1. I personally cannot attest to what you're asking for. However I worked for Lockheed Martin and I worked with a guy who flew in the reserves (Vipers) and said it was tough. He was often gone and when it came to performance review time he definitely felt he got short changed compared to others who were there year around. It's not supposed to have an effect on your job however it does. Just keep that in mind.
  2. Anyone on here going to be starting UPT in Vance mid-May? Trying to get some contacts beforehand. I'm at OTS right now and it seems like everyone I know is getting Columbus AFB.
  3. Interview April 2017 Sworn In May 2017 Paperwork sent to NGB Aug. 18, 2017 Approved December 2017 OTS January 2017 UPT (Vance) May 2017
  4. Yeah mine was sent up August 18. So I'm coming up on 3 months. And they even called my recruiter on October 20 asking for some additional paperwork. So that at least tells me they were looking at it at some point.
  5. I had two separate friends in June and August get theirs through in 5 weeks. No waivers or anything. But I suppose priorities can change in a short period of time.
  6. Has anyone recently (in the last few months) had their package sent up to NGB and it just stall there? My recruiter says they're trying to find out why it's been there for 12 weeks. I'm just curious if anyone else has had a problem with this or if it's just my shitty luck.
  7. So my stuff was sent up to NGB August 18th. I've still yet to hear anything. I'm wondering if anyone else recently has been significantly behind the 4-5 week average? Recruiter told me 2.5 weeks ago that they had called him with a question so that tells me they were at least starting to look at it. Not sure what could take over two weeks though. I already have my TS clearance through my civilian job so I know there shouldn't be questions there. Just curious if anyone here has had their information sent through recently and how long it took.
  8. I thought they went through the same approval process. Excuse my ignorance.
  9. I'm just curious. How did they manage to reserve you a spot in OTS before even having your FC1? That's part of the package that gets sent up to NGB for approval, no?
  10. When it comes to NGB do they approve/deny whenever they get paperwork or are there certain times of the year where they process all packages that have come to them? Mine has been sent up but I'm just curious if I'm going to be waiting a few weeks or a few months until I hear back.
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