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  1. Chances for Fighter Units?

    You mean you wouldn't wanna fly with this dude?
  2. Upcoming Boards

    I think we all know the answer to that. It's pretty satisfying that the guy he was criticizing got the invite but he didn't.
  3. Upcoming Boards

    @hopeful good luck!
  4. Applying for UPT

    I would take any advice this chap gives you with a grain of salt. He has been known to be abusive around these forums.
  5. Chances for Fighter Units?

    @hopeful legacy now. Y'all took the Buckley right out of him.
  6. Chances for Fighter Units?

    You guys clearly have no idea how the internet works. If you delete something, it's gone forever. It never happened. Don't get all butt hurt about it.
  7. Chances for Fighter Units?

    He went back and deleted everything. Don't worry everyone, he didn't mean it. Now, if only you could get rid of those pesky quotes...
  8. Chances for Fighter Units?

    My dude here is just jealous. Entertaining as hell, though.
  9. 2018 Active Duty UFT Board

    There's plenty of 'em... http://www.guardreservejobs.com/newjobboard/
  10. 2018 Active Duty UFT Board

    I declined an AD UPT slot and was still picked up for a guard UPT slot. So that's not true. Just get out of AD and go Guard/Reserve if you want to fly.
  11. Chances for Fighter Units?

    I dunno if I'd retake the TBAS. Mine was a 98 but I had well over 201 hours during my interviews. I got calls from fighter, bomber, and heavy units. I think you're fine, my dude.
  12. Chances for Fighter Units?

    If your GPA were any higher, they might not want you either... dude you're competitive. What's your PCSM at 201+?
  13. I did, and I do. But that doesn't matter. The test is performed with best correction (20/20 in both eyes).
  14. AFOQT Aviation Information

    I'd suggest getting a PPL test prep book or curriculum. Would help ya out on multiple fronts.
  15. I hit the dude up to see what slides come with the machine.