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  1. GDAL

    What are my chances

    I'd say you're SOL as far as the Air Force is concerned.
  2. GDAL

    Leaving family behind for UPT?

    It doesn't hurt to apply while you contemplate your life choices.
  3. GDAL

    Upcoming Boards

    You'd be surprised at what legacy connections can do for an applicant.
  4. GDAL

    Upcoming Boards

    "You're very right that the hiring board isn't going to be at all impressed with his package. Just because you visit a unit doesn't mean anything either. 500 applicants, his scores aren't good and just because he visited doesn't mean he will get an interview. He can try but he just does not have a package to be competitive for fighters. I'm just saying he shouldn't waste his time pursuing that exclusively when he has a slight chance with heavies. Sometimes guys also need to realize that they aren't competitive for UPT and might need to pursue CSO or ABM, there is absolutely no shame in that and that might be his only chance to get picked up as a nav or ABM." -Buckley Viper Hopeful
  5. GDAL

    Upcoming Boards

    I was making it up because I'm fairly certain @Vipgle Driver Future is a troll.
  6. GDAL

    Upcoming Boards

    Buckley is having another board next month.
  7. GDAL

    PRK and LASIK Information

    Most recent form substantiated by the Air Force Waiver Guide. Google is your friend.
  8. Definitely keep trying guard as well. I have seen plenty of units pick up dudes who needed age waivers. You have good stats. Keep at it!
  9. GDAL

    Unsponsored Board

    Keep your MEPS appointment. It is "transferable." Just don't keep stringing your guys along for too long if you're planning on jumping ship anyway.
  10. GDAL

    C-130 down near Savannah, GA

    Blue skies and tailwinds
  11. GDAL

    Depth Perception DQ and Waiver info

    Nothing can change your MEPS physical. It is what it is. And it doesn't matter as long as you pass the FC1. Of course, it never looks good to have a failed depth perception test on your med record, but it won't keep you out of UPT.
  12. GDAL

    Depth Perception DQ and Waiver info

    Are you AD or guard/reserves? AD it could be a problem, if you're guard/reserves it doesn't much matter. You'll re-take it at FC1. If you fail it there, they will give you a battery of other tests to determine if you meet the standard. I fought this battle. PM if you would like any information.
  13. GDAL

    Chances for Fighter Units?

    You mean you wouldn't wanna fly with this dude?