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  1. PCSM averages

    90 or above is competitive
  2. I need some advice

    More than just "a grain of salt" on here.
  3. I have only earned my PPL (in 2010) and was IFT exempt. However, I remained current.
  4. Seriously, just study and get it done. Now's the time to decide if being an officer is right for you.
  5. It think it also depends on your unit.
  6. Officer recruiters aren't actually officers themselves, just NCOs. Forget the ASVAB. Get in touch with the line officer recruiter and schedule the AFOQT.
  7. Don't enlist unless the jobs you listed above are the ones you can see yourself doing for the duration of your AF career. You may otherwise find yourself in a world of disappointment down the road. If he/she says you're too old to commission now, enlisting will just make things more challenging down the road. IMHO, you're just hearing more verbal diarrhea from a recruiter with a quota. You know what you want, don't take no for an answer.
  8. Why would you enlist with the specific purpose of commissioning? There's no guarantee you'll ever get a commission if you enlist. It will be much easier (especially considering your age) to go the OTS route now.
  9. PPL for Fighters

    Apply all you want, but you won't be very competitive interviewing at a fighter squadron without at least a PPL.
  10. My FC1 was scheduled 2 months after swearing in and the wait was 2 months...4 months total. I had already been to MEPS prior to swearing in. In theory you should be able to schedule your FC1 as soon as you swear in, but that's not the reality in most cases.
  11. ANG pay in BMT

    Straight from the AF website: You must be between 18 and 39 years of age be a U.S. citizen have at least a bachelor's degree.
  12. ANG pay in BMT

    Why not commission?
  13. Chances for heavy unit?

    Your stats are stellar, bro. It definitely depends on the unit, though. I have interviewed alongside several ABMs that required an ETP, so the opportunity is there.
  14. The pipeline is full. My wait from hire to FC1 is exactly 4 months.
  15. How Do You Let Go?

    Being a pilot isn't all banging chicks and pulling g's. Your career path is just as solid, reconcile with yourself and move on.