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  1. @Desk Jobs Suck has quite the mouth on him for someone who hasn't even been hired by a unit. I'm sure he'd be a real pleasure to fly with. Probably why no one has given him a slot, considering the only requirement is to fog a mirror.
  2. Explain away your GPA by being a stand-up guy and you'll go anywhere you want, my dude. Best of luck. P.S. Did I mention not being a douche?
  3. STEM degrees are what's most competitive, and your GPA is low. So you don't have much going for you there. Good news is that's not the end of the world. But those are the only stats you've given, so you had better work hard to stand out in other areas. 1. No one gives a shit about your student loans. They might come up when you get your clearance, but it won't be a big deal if you don't owe exorbitant amounts of money. 2. Get your PPL ASAP. You want to fly F-22s but you have 0 flight hours? I'm seeing a pretty big disconnect here. And no, I wouldn't consider a 2.8 GPA in information
  4. Don't sweat the awards man (over-rated anyway). It's all about being well rounded. You've clearly made up for it in other categories. Stellar numbers.
  5. Thanks for your input. Very valuable.
  6. I'd say retake if your goal is ENJJPT and you are confident you can do better. If you do decide to retake, double down on your timed studying.
  7. Look at heavy units. I got picked up at 28.
  8. GDAL

    Bogi Dope

    I'll review your packet for free.
  9. I can't help with your specific question, but I recommend getting your AFOQT/TBAS done and start applying to units. Let them decide at the flight physical.
  10. It was my understanding that there is no depth perception requirement for RPA, but you still need a waiver to get through school if you do not meet the standard. Could be wrong, but something to do with the limited amount of flying you do with the UPT studs?
  11. So now all those poor bastards only have to get through line B on the OVT?
  12. I must have removed the sentence stating it would be more difficult to transfer components after swearing it. For reference, how long did it take for all your paperwork to transfer over? My case happened relatively quickly (3 weeks), but I had not sworn in.
  13. Sounds like my advice was incorrect as I assume you had already sworn in and done your FCI to get that far.
  14. You can apply for AD/guard/reserve simultaneously. The caveat is that only one component can "own" your MEPS records at a time. So if you get hired by a guard/reserve unit, you may have to submit a "notice of declination" or something similar to your AD recruiter. It can then take them quite some time to release your paperwork to another component. My suggestion would be to get your application rolling with the AD rated board (if you haven't already) while you continue to search for a guard/reserve unit. If you land an interview, just mention that you're also exploring the AD route. It's
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