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  1. And we actually dug that hole too, Northrop won the KC-X program until Boeing contested it and the requirements were then "updated" to favor the KC-46
  2. The upcoming ROTC rated boards just cut pilot slots roughly by 150, which doesn't exactly mean anything because I don't know the what the projections were before the cut. All I know is that last year ROTC commissioned 614 pilot selects/78 CSO selects
  3. Word around town is the upcoming February rated boards will be cutting pilot slots by about 140 and apparently there will be no Pilot/CSO options for the upcoming September supplemental boards, just ABM/RPA. Can anyone confirm?
  4. I can't cite my source on slot allotment, but I'm pretty sure that each detachment gets a varying amount of pilot slots each year. I'm sort of in the same boat. Feeling like you aren't doing anything at 20 can be a wonderful thing though, A LOT of people in our entitled generation are absolutely ok with doing nothing at our age... be glad you have the opposite mindset in your head and you have already taken steps toward your goal. I'm a sophomore in college and screwed around a bit in my early years and I finally have buckled down and gotten serious with my goals... even if I'm close t
  5. Thank you both big time for your inputs... a pint is on me if our paths ever cross. I was able to find the AFI and the FTM online so that is some serious reading material for my flight back to the states. I will definitely enroll in concurrent first year classes. I know this might be more of a detachment based question, and maybe I just need to check with mine if possible, but what is a competitive ROTC GPA? I am currently an engineering major and not entirely sure how I'll be stacking up.
  6. I went a few pages back and didn't find much on this, but per forum etiquette, sorry if this topic has been answered. I am currently a sophomore in the process of joining the detachment at my school. I've done the application and as of now I'm just waiting until orientation. I understand AFROTC is traditionally a 4 year program and I know that means I will need to double up on the courses and grasp the day to day operations in order to catch up. Has anyone here joined their schools detachment after completing a year of undergrad already and has gone through the program? If so:
  7. If I was a cadet, and possibly if I become one, I probably would/will ask for a ride. I mean why not? IMHO I bet there is a probably a fair amount of gung-ho cadets who would love to take their GoPro's with them and make some "sick dubstep videos" for their facebook page because hey, they already know they are getting an F-22 drop right? I understand no one wants to spend time with kids like that. I understand there are a multitude of things that are more important when planning a training sortie and obviously a joyride with a cadet isn't at the top of the list BUT all that aside I think
  8. Realistically, AZ basketball will probably be in the dumps for a few years. But at least the young talent that is there may stay. I would love nothing more to see them go a for a run in march just for an implicit middle finger to ESPN. Yup, a viper from 162nd in the Old Pueblo. A friend of mine in mx took me on the flightline a few months back, a much needed motivational spike to get me through my academics
  9. Day 13 after scandal: Can confirm morale at U of A is at all time high. Me & the rest of the prestigious 76 percent acceptance rate student population don't care anyway, we still beat ASU O'Neal? Didn't need him anyway Proof? Wire taps? Money transfers? Mmhmm... just ESPN east coast bias
  10. It depends on what you're driving. If you drive an 03 civic its probably not worth it to ship it, wait for it, and pick it up at a port and have to drive it across a country and put on 1400 miles. A buddy of mine came to Ramstein and bought a 2014 M3 through American Military Car Sales (might have been called Pentagon, not entirely sure now) and got a kick ass deal. He had it for two years as his daily (including the occasional autobahn shenanigans) got stationed back stateside, and sold it for an extra 8K after having his fun. I'm not too sure if they hook up the military folk as much as they
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