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  1. Maybe even bypass the 6 months and start earlier?
  2. According to AFMAN 36-2032: reapplication for nonselects/decline is 12 MONTHS not 6?
  3. Yeah but she shared her TFOT application and one can see why she was selected. Its that "Whole Person Concept" the AF loves to talk about. No flight hours but lots of leadership and volunteer experience. LORs from O6s and such. By the end I get the impression that for USAF, its better to have 100 hrs and lots of volunteer experience rather than 500 flight hrs and no volunteer experience.
  4. So if you leave after DEP then you'll need to disclose that you turned down a slot, but if you turn it down prior to DEP then you don't need to mention it? By the way, the latest version of this AFRSI 36-2001 I could find is 2005, has there not been any newer publications since?
  5. Is the difficulty because they've already spent so much on you? Sorry, I'm a civilian so I don't know what PSDM or TIS or myPers?
  6. Damn, i hope you found an answer already. So how long do you have actually?? I just found out I got CSO for a recent board and I am in the same boat. I fear if I turn it down I will be severing ties with the USAF. I need time to make this call and my recruiter is only giving me 2 days...
  7. As an AD officer is it easier for a Non Rated to apply for Pilot or ABM to Pilot? or it doesn't really matter? Also, about how long should I wait before applying for UPT? Assuming I just got out of tech school?
  8. I am thinking about applying for the FY21 OTS boards and I just wanted to assess how the acceptance rates will be for upcoming boards. I ask because I have noticed a pattern. ~2012 there was the sequestration and the acceptance rates for anything in the USAF fell to all time lows. A void was created and needed to be filled. 2016-2019, these four years saw acceptance rates rise and peak around the '18-'19. A buddy of mine who was in AFROTC tells me pilots acceptance rates was as high as 90%. The USAF then started having problems with classes being overfilled and candidates having their EADs pushed back creating a ripple effect. 2020, I just applied for an OTS board this year and the acceptance rates (results not yet published) from what I can gather on FB and Reddit seems to suggest a decline for pilot slots down to ~40% I speculate it will continue to drop for the next couple years. This COVID thing probably exacerbated this decline to some degree which I cannot specify. Does anyone have any rumors or solid intel to confirm or deny this?
  9. Hey there, I had the same issue and was med DQd a couple years back. After I was out, I had it checked by multiple doctors who all told me the same, basically it's "stable and no risk of perforation" etc... Will it still be a problem for my eye evals at Wright Patt?
  10. Just curious if OTS rated boards have a supplemental board like AFROTC does and when is it? What happens to the slots filled by cadets who end up being DQd or leave for whatever reasons?
  11. No am currently working on my commercial at a flight school. At this point I have already invested a lot of money into this so to hang it up and put in on hold for 8 years will not leave me in good footing with the airline industry once I get out of the USAF.
  12. How do you know this? I am considering dropping my slot but my recruiter told me if I did as such, I could essentially toss away the dream of being a USAF pilot.
  13. Congrats man! I was curious, on top of your PCSM did you have strong academics or volunteer work (they seem to love this one)?
  14. Terminator5lf, can you link the source document?
  15. Cannot stress this enough, I was in the exact same shoe and listed 4. Pilot CSO RPA Missileer Picked up for CSO. Life has already set me deep into a professional flying career and now this is requiring me to essentially choose one or the other. If anyone has info on how to go about turning down the slot and reapplying please share your experience, I am all ears. To everyone that got selected, congratulations A LOTand to those who weren't. Keep at it. I know the feeling. It took me ROTC and then OTS to get here. You know the process is arduous but the reward is worth the effort.
  16. Hi folks, I'm looking to like to apply for a USAF pilot slot in near future. I have no military experience, but several of my buddies are and after hearing their stories, I know this is definitely something I want to do. Here's my scores. AFOQT Scores: Pilot: 98 | Nav: 87 | Acad Apt: 62 | Verbal: 32 | Quant: 88 PCSM Score: 76/88 (no hours/with flight hours) Age: 23 GPA / Major: 2.76 in History I just started working towards my Instrument Rating if thats important, anyways, how do these scores fare? Thanks for the feedback!
  17. I've been out of the program for over a year now, how can I still go about a waiver or reappeal process?
  18. Was he diagnosed with his condition before or after commission? I've head the standards change depending on which side of the fence you're currently on. Also, what's REACT?
  19. My condition isn't fix-able. I've been told it's hereditary or possibly a injury from childhood, you can say the explanations are endless. Regardless, my guess is that if I can somehow disprove the docs original findings by providing biannual exam results I can say "look, it's dormant" then would I have a shot to get in?
  20. Back in 2018, I was medically DQ'd for a cornea thinning issue for RPA. Long story short, I've since started working towards my PPL and as of current, in the final stages of getting a loan so I am committed to civilian flying however, maybe years later down the line, would I be able to reapply for Pilot in the USAF through OTS? Part of me still longs to fly for the USAF which is partly why I'm getting biannual checkups on my condition to establish some level of recorded medical history but I understand the odds are still stacked against me. I just want to know if I should just leave the dream of flying for the USAF and wholly commit to flying on the civilian side or is there maybe, just maybe, still a way? The thought was reignited couple months back when I found out the age limit was raised to 33 (I'm 23). I just want a straight answer and stop with the wishful thinking if there is nothing there to grasp. Thank you.
  21. Any B2/B52/B1 pilots/CSOs can chime in on their lifestyle, deployments, training or bases?
  22. Hi folks, I'm hoping to get some insight as I start looking into applying for ANG units. I've already taken the AFOQT and TBAS. My understanding is that you can take it only twice, these were my second scores. How do I look? BA in PoliSci (recent grad, 22 yrs old) GPA 2.75 Currently a restaurant server part time (worked various jobs in my college life and at once was working two jobs over 30+ hrs and full time student) 24 flight hours; No PPL AFOQT: P 98 N 87 A 62 V 32 Q 88 PCSM: 76 Letters of Rec include one from my college professor and my current restaurant employer Over the past few months, I have looked at many applications for ANG UPT and a good majority of them ask for the PPL. It's not mandatory but as always "it really helps." Since I don't have my PPL, just how much of a disadvantage am I from other applicants? I have just started paying off my school loans (amounting to 15k) and I still need to allocate some funds for flying and this would put me in a really tight spot financially so I am just really hesitant to go forward with getting my PPL. This isn't to say my desire to fly is any less than anyone else, but would it be perceived that way? These are my most pressing concerns at the moment, any feedback would be most appreciated. Look forward to hearing back from the community!
  23. I got a feeling this is a huge shot in the dark ,but I''m currently looking into applying for the ANG and hoping for a position flying, but I know USAF medical standards can be pretty strict compared to the other branches. I've looked into all the other branches and AD or Reserve, but long story short, ANG is the direction I want to go in right now. I have an issue of corneal degeneration in my right eye at the moment that has never been a problem to my vision and last I saw the optometrist my vision was still good but I fear that this may not completely put me in the clear as far as flying for ANG is concerned. It's never been a problem as far as I can tell and I have seen a few specialists regarding my eye and reached conflicting conclusions. Some say it'll possibly worsen over the next 10-20 yrs and others say it won't worsen. Like I said, they're pretty broad conclusions. With this in mind, can I still be medically qualified to fly in the ANG? What do you guys think? Do I still have a shot? I'm of the belief that as long as there remains a way, it no longer becomes can't do, but just another problem to solve type of guy. I understand that there are several waivers out there, but I wouldn't even know where to start or if there is a hub with all that info. Who would I be able to speak to about all this? I've talked to a recruited but he couldn't really help me with my question. I think this could be more specific or pertaining to a case by case type situation. Thanks for the help!
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