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  1. No SA on the 38/toner split but the full drop for 18-13 was, TBD x2 Saudi KC-135 x2 MacDill KC-135 Mildenhall KC-135 Fairchild KC-135 Pittsburgh IAP KC-10 Travis C-17 JBLM C-17 Elmendorf C-5 Travis C-130J Dyess CV-22 Hurlburt F-16 x2 TBD F-15E SJ B-52 Barksdale T-6 Laughlin T-1 Laughlin T-38 Laughlin E-3 Tinker
  2. Indeed. XL 18-12 T-1s C-21 Scott C-17 Travis C-5M Kelly C-130J Keesler C-130H3 Minneapolis HC-130J Moody KC-135 Scott KC-135 Bangor KC-135 Mildenhall KC-135 Fairchild KC-135 MacDill T-38s Saudi TBD B-52 Barksdale F-16 TBD x2 F-15E Seymour Johnson Iraq TBD x2 E-3 Tinker T-6 Laughlin
  3. LiquidSky

    A-29 down at Holloman

    From PA. Hope the best for the two on board.
  4. LiquidSky

    Commanders are dropping like flies this year

    Well his machine gun was found... Do y'all see any realistic way in which he could have prevented this specific incident as a commander?
  5. Fairly certain that last C17 was JB Lewis-McChord not Charleston.
  6. LiquidSky

    What's your favorite mission?

    You mean while George flies right?
  7. LiquidSky

    Kadena F-15 Crash

    GMT +9 in Kadena. It's early Monday morning. Edit: Disregard. Low SA. Assumed it happened today as it wasn't reported until now.
  8. XL 18-10 T1 KC-135 Souix City Iowa (guard/reserve) Kc-135 Nebraska (guard/reserve) KC-10 Travis (guard/reserve) C-12 yokota KC-135 Kadena T-1 FAIP KC-135 Mildenhall C-17 McGuire C-17 Travis C-21 Ramstein T38 F-16 South Dakota (guard/reserve) A-10 DM Nigeria - TBD T-6 FAIP AC-130 Cannon F-16 TBD C-130 Ramstein C-130 Dyess F-22 Tyndall
  9. XL 18-09 T-38 F-16 Tucson ANG F-16 TBD x2 F-15E Seymour Johnson T-38 Langley T-38 FAIP U-28 Hurlburt C-17 Lewis McChord RC-135 Offutt T-1 MC-130 Cannon C-130 Peoria ANG C-130 Yokota C-130 Dyess C-17 Hickman C-17 Dover C-5 Westover ARB C-5 Dover MC-12 Will Rogers World ANG RC-135 Offutt KC-135 Goldwater ANG x2 KC-135 March KC-135 Seymour Johnson KC-10 Travis
  10. XL 18-08 T-1 C21 Ramstein C5 Dover KC135 March x2 C17 Stewart ANG KC10 McGuire KC135 Mildenhall AC130 Hurlburt T6 FAIP KC135 Guard T38 Saudi fighter T38 FAIP x3 F16 tbd x2 F22 Tyndall A10 DM
  11. LiquidSky

    T-6s Grounded; More OBOGS Issues

    That happened. Two classes 18-13 and 18-14 tracked without some studs finishing formation or in some cases even starting it.
  12. XL 18-06 T-38 F-16 x2 B-2 E-3 F-15E T-38 FAIP F-22 T-1 T-1 FAIP AC-130 KC-135 x5 KC-10 x2 C-17 x2 Standard Disclaimer: Drinking probably missed one or two.
  13. LiquidSky

    T-6s Grounded; More OBOGS Issues

    Last I heard was they still expect to be grounded for a bit, but classes will track anyway (for now) despite not completing the full T6 syllabus. Them starting backup Monday is new news to me.
  14. LiquidSky

    Pilot Shortage Deepens, USAF is SCREWED.

    2015 (381) and 2016 (345) rotc numbers for comparison.