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  1. This was shared on TPN fb group with regards to Goldfein's comment. Unsure how recent it is.
  2. That checks seeing as these extra classes drop and graduate together. Based off the above #s you have a class of 10 and 13 now instead of a single class of ~25 studs.
  3. It happens every blue moon or so, (almost?) always a join spouse deal. From what I've heard the studs do just fine in the ftu.
  4. The White House said Wednesday that Turkey can no longer be part of the American F-35 fighter jet program, saying in a written statement that Turkey's decision to buy the Russian S-400 air defense system "renders its continued involvement with the F-35 impossible." https://www.cbsnews.com/news/f-35-us-stops-sale-of-fighter-jets-to-turkey-citing-use-of-russian-s-400-air-defense-system/?
  5. Japan is getting better about taking credit card but it's still common to run into cash only (or cash + IC card) places and some bills you may only be capable of paying cash for. Visa is taken more places than Amex. I would suggest a Charles Schwab checking account for your debit card. 0 foreign transaction fees, unlimited atm fee reimbursement, and great customer service. Don't use on base atms. You'll get a better exchange rate at any 7/11, familymart, etc. Adds up to a $20 difference everytime you pull out cash for rent.
  6. Based off the shitty formatting of the slide (are aligned columns that difficult?) I would guess the same person screwed up and forgot to type C-17 in.
  7. B) If I'm reading it right it's not only allowed but mandatory by Apr 2021. Green boots won't be authorized with the green bag after that.
  8. Plus a couple in FAIP drops. Like all other drops Mr.Elephant it's all timing and luck. Then if you're fortunate to have one you better be better than all the others that want it. Choose the track you would be happiest in if there isn't an Osprey for you at the end.
  9. They've changed it recently. Use https://web.mail.us.af.mil/owa and it should redirect you to the correct url for your physical location. Militarycac.com is my go to for the correct link when the one I'm using inevitably stops working.
  10. Seriously? "The report said an absence of wing leadership contributed to the officer misconduct. It singles out Velino, who took command of the 47th, for being on TDY for 135 days during his first six months, or about 73 percent of the time. That included 128 days at Pilot Instructor Training at Joint Base San Antonio-Randolph, the report said." Other parts of the report aside it turns out being on a mandatory TDY in order to do your job is wrong.
  11. Sounded to me more like a community wide issue based off the charts presented in P.16 of the AIB and end of the article. Not just one guy.
  12. Better than "closed for training" all day long. Or how it seems every admin office decides they all need to take lunch at the same time rather than split it up because we couldn't actually be available to those they're supporting. That sounds like work.
  13. 3 more bite the dust. https://www.airforcetimes.com/news/your-air-force/2018/10/31/three-commanders-fired-from-laughlin-flying-training-wing-for-failing-to-stop-misconduct/ Edit: Word from Laughlin is the wing cc, 47th ops group cc, 87th cc, and 87th do were all relieved. To be replaced with guys from other upt bases.
  14. It's pretty quiet out there. The Laughlin T-1s use LBB for trans sorties if everywhere else is socked in and it's regularly used by T-1 nav sorties. I don't recall an overwhelming amount of commercial or civilian traffic, most of that is down in Midland. Not even sure how much the Lancer moas get used by the dyess folks.
  15. T6 is manually operated. I don't recall it being terribly difficult to open solo. The biggest PIA with it was the hooks not latching properly.
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