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  1. Yes, many moons ago. 40% for fixed wing pilots. Which the AF is apparently cool with. 40 is the new 65.
  2. but rumor has it U-28 manning is the best of all the SOF MWSs and the 11S take-rate in general, while still abysmal, is “better” than the 11Ms... where have all the O-5s gone?
  3. You’ll be able to have a normal AF career, for what that’s worth. With what I know now I’d do it all over again, but better. Best advice I’d give my younger self is one, to find someone smart on the AF and ahead of you career-wise who will mentor you along the way and stick with you for the long run. Two, be assertive and take control of your career while remaining humble and respectful.
  4. Zero impact. Probably helps. The Air Force only cares about year group. Age will only be an issue if you don’t act it or try to use it to get respect you think you deserve because of it.
  5. Not broken down by sub-category. I’d expect to continue to see incentives focused on 11Fs and less staff jobs for 11Fs. The glut of FGOs from other communities will pick up the slack. Plus, we all know AF facts aren’t always facts, despite what they put on the slide. Still interesting to see what data we’re using to make our decisions.
  6. I don’t mean anything. The slides say CGOs (pilots) and FGOs (pilots). We have way less CGOs than the AF wants and way more FGOs, at this very moment. I’m just relaying the data.
  7. According to the AF, we are not short on FGOs. We are over. We are short on CGOs. So as far as feelings go, for FGOs it is probably going to get worse before it gets better.
  8. What's the purpose? To promote more of what core AFSCs value and less of what other AFSCs want right? Whether we all agree with that or not I think that having 90% core folks on the board accomplishes that. Having 10% from elsewhere (not that those are the actual numbers) might save the one guy who did the broadening tour and actually knows something about the AF outside his AFSC... who knows. // No offense to those who are really damn good at their core... but we need to keep all sorts.
  9. I believe the quote is poorly communicated. I'm pretty sure Gen Kelly is referring to the makeup of the board. All officers up for promotion will be from the same competitive category, but there will be a few board members from outside the cores represented to spice things up.
  10. Was. Was focused. My sources say that program is cancelled.
  11. not good. ______________________________ And over the weekend, State and Energy Department officials were quietly reviewing plans for evacuating roughly 50 tactical nuclear weapons that the United States had long stored, under American control, at Incirlik Air Base in Turkey, about 250 miles from the Syrian border, according to two American officials. Those weapons, one senior official said, were now essentially Erdogan’s hostages. To fly them out of Incirlik would be to mark the de facto end of the Turkish-American alliance. To keep them there, though, is to perpetuate a nuclear vulnerability that should have been eliminated years ago. “I think this is a first — a country with U.S. nuclear weapons stationed in it literally firing artillery at US forces,” Jeffrey Lewis of the James Martin Center for Nonproliferation Studies wrote last week. For his part, Mr. Erdogan claims nuclear ambitions of his own: Only a month ago, speaking to supporters, he said, he said he “cannot accept” rules that keep Turkey from possessing nuclear weapons of its own. https://www.msn.com/en-us/news/world/trump-followed-his-gut-on-syria-calamity-came-fast/ar-AAILbg6 ______________________________
  12. Rumor is everything is being reviewed. Don’t hold your breath 😉
  13. No changes. https://www.armed-services.senate.gov/imo/media/doc/Barrett_APQs_09-12-19.pdf
  14. It just closes a door on folks who thought there was a corner of the AF where they could avoid those. For better or worse.
  15. I’d expect nothing soon. Do expect to hear the 40% fixed-wing take rate downplayed and more about how the AF has made significant progress on the pilot shortage which “has leveled off” and that the problem is still one that can be fixed by 2-line PRFs, new developmental categories, a new OPR system, “better leadership” and less AFIs... and also that pilots just want to fly more (read: more TDYs, more deployments, more flag pole on top of your ‘real’ job)... before you see anything about the same bonus as last year and the year before being offered again, which it will be. Meanwhile, great pilots and officers are being passed over for promotion. At least give them a consolation prize. At a minimum an extra 12 grand a year to stay in on top of the 26k after-tax bonus being offered to the highest tiers now. We’ve got to stop the bleeding AND rebuild. It’s time to get serious. Now is not the time to do another study, brainstorm, send out surveys, talk about what people deserve or the way things used to be. Just fix it. It’s a new world. This ship is breaking apart around us while we’re enroute to several other global conflicts. More than that, if and when someone makes us bleed the other sharks will smell it and start coming out of the woodwork. Double the bonus and make it tax-free, then let’s get back to business.
  16. That makes a lot of sense... therefore the AF has chosen to not address the economic factors... easier to look the other way. 🤦‍♂️
  17. Rescue always seems to be high... but bomber and RPA? That’s surprising. RPA in this case is 18 or 11X?
  18. Hearing fixed-wing take-rate of 40%... Is this sustainable? What are we doing?!?!
  19. You are in ROTC still... right?
  20. https://www.wsj.com/articles/jim-mattis-duty-democracy-and-the-threat-of-tribalism-11566984601? A no-brainer, but a good reminder. “Institutions get the behaviors they reward.” - Mattis
  21. Anyone in charge here? This article does not mention promotion, but these concepts should be considered as we're about to overhaul the system. Take note. "To find a solution without letting unvalidated assumptions dictate design, we eliminate solution-oriented language (e.g., "I need a car") and substitute problem-oriented language (e.g., "I need to be at work every day" or, even more simplified, "I need to accomplish work"). This is how we discover the value-basis for what we’re designing." https://thestrategybridge.org/the-bridge/2019/7/8/keeping-off-the-grass
  22. Normally after the window closes, which was the end of this month, but it was extended to mid Sep. Even so, rumor has it that fixed wing pilot take rates are expected to remain in the 30s.
  23. Say, “We care if you leave. We don’t want you to. And, we’re going to fight to keep you. We’re on the Hill right now fighting for you.”
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