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  1. DirtyFlightSuit

    What's wrong with the Air Force?

    Lts view of strip clubs.... Oh Wild Child's
  2. DirtyFlightSuit

    What's wrong with the Air Force?

    Moose does a much better job of explaining my lack of respect for what we are doing in that region of the world. Give me a clear obtainable objective and maybe I'd agree its a war. But we are just spending blood, and treasure for nothing.
  3. DirtyFlightSuit

    What's wrong with the Air Force?

    I don't understand how any one can consider a "conflict" like Afghanistan a "War" zone. Yes stuff is exploding, people are dying, but I'm sorry when you've been at it this long it can't be considered a War any more. It's like the 3 star making a plea to a auditorium full of pilots that are approaching their ADSC to please stay in because we are needed to keep releasing bombs, support the war etc etc. I'm sorry but when I've been deploying to that conflict for my entire 12 years in, when that conflict was already 6 years old the whole point becomes lost. This isn't an excuse for people to get complacent, because that can easily mean you are risking others and your own lives while out there. But calling this long term live action shooting range a "War" gives it too much credit.
  4. DirtyFlightSuit

    Commanders are dropping like flies this year

    His flat top is not amused with your lack of faith.
  5. DirtyFlightSuit

    Commanders are dropping like flies this year

    Pics or it didn't happen.
  6. DirtyFlightSuit

    What is next for the UPT-Next graduates?

    I think there may be a little to much credit given to the whole PTN thing. From what I am seeing locally there is an incredible sense of self worth being cultivated up there from nonexistent results. While the whole VR thing clearly has some value the inflated sense of it is insane. Some one says "BIG DATA," "ANALYTICS," and I swear people just about climax in their pants. I really don't see PTN ever producing any crazy change with how we produce pilots beyond perhaps providing some $$ for new toys which will break within a year, and won't have sufficient support to keep running (aka operations normal) and we will return to grounding our IP force to dust at the UPT bases to make sure the meat is produced in a timely manner. If that involves more more "syllabus" innovations then I'm sure they will entertain it, until more people can either get themselves killed or class A a lot more iron. So while this sideshow has been entertaining you'll excuse me while I get back to actual instruction and use the new VR simulators to hide my terabytes of midget dungeon porn.
  7. I'd say too late the damage has already been done but not sure if you damage something that is already destroyed you can call it "more" damaged...
  8. DirtyFlightSuit

    Do T-6 students practice SFO's or forced landings

    Manchester. Give it a few years of this, PIT wont have any of the old timers around to teach / do ELPs either, and the same will go with the UPT bases, will get those ejections one way or another!
  9. DirtyFlightSuit

    Is the KC-10 going to be cut?

    Valid point. Conceded, I award myself zero points, and we are all dumber for listening to me.
  10. DirtyFlightSuit

    Is the KC-10 going to be cut?

  11. DirtyFlightSuit

    Is the KC-10 going to be cut?

    Uh I know of at least 2 instances where 135 crews were Q3'd for this, soooo ya.
  12. DirtyFlightSuit

    Is the KC-10 going to be cut?

    Says the 135 blitzing across the boulevard missing the center line for AR by 4 miles =P
  13. DirtyFlightSuit

    Is the KC-10 going to be cut?

    I'm sure he still goes to sleep each night hoping that the next morning his dream will come true =P Haters gona hate.
  14. DirtyFlightSuit

    T-6s Grounded; More OBOGS Issues

    This issue (and of MFD refresh rates) is a current problem especially with the T-38s. It adds a considerable amount of time to the production of videos currently to overcome it. For T-6s we have not gotten far enough yet but this will be an even higher hurdle as we don't have tapes to pull to grab and re display all that information easily enough. I do however think the resolution will solve itself as the VR devices continue to improve on their resolution, with 4K VR headsets etc. That however is completely outside AF ability to correct until the hardware vendors can catch up to that need/ability. 4K for computers is hard enough, throw that with VR and compiling time's for videos the hardware requirement is going to be fairly insane. Mr. Com Nazi above failed to understand AETC/A6 and Com squadrons completely failed the squadrons from the onset and said "No no no no no" to every request to support these initiatives. So as much as I am angry the squadrons are pushing this crap on our backs, the A6 and Com Squadrons did nothing to help and in most cases helped create this mess. But I guess at least you can say you are not finance so small victories.
  15. DirtyFlightSuit

    Seven Day Option

    I can totally see this occurring.