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  1. DirtyFlightSuit

    T-6 Air Force trainer crashes in Texas

    Are your's not all updated yet? Thankfully at RND ours are... and apparently just in time. Sounds like a perfect example of why flying with your mask down due to OBOGs should not be an acceptable "fix", had their masks been down they both would have some serious scar face going on likely now.
  2. DirtyFlightSuit

    Do T-6 students practice SFO's or forced landings

    Dammit beat me to the punch =|
  3. The difference between a student/IP trainee that has substantial AC time and those that got the AC rubber stamp is very stark. So not only are their hand flying skills atrophied due to HUD/Autopilot, but they also lack the decision making ability and confidence required to manage a student. A student making a bunch of small mistakes in a short span of time can have a dramatic effect on your ability to cope with your own degrading SA bubble. Now throw in a guy/gal whom never has had to be the one in charge, and they are even more gun shy on making decisions and have a harder time seeing PIT IP's as "stan" and hoping we come out of role to give them a bone. Very recently I was able to effect a students SA so much that they attempted to land gear up, granted C-17 standard, is not acceptable here, and all it took was one WAE aka Navy Landing to shake him up and effect their "demo" Oh yah, forgot to mention. FAIPs get away with it easier because they generally don't spend nearly as much time re-learning basic hand flying skills and their recency of experience lets us devote more time earlier in the program to that SA/Decision making problem.
  4. DirtyFlightSuit

    What's wrong with the Air Force?

    Why do you need to separate male and female service members? Is this like grade school instruction on birds and bees?
  5. DirtyFlightSuit

    What's wrong with the Air Force?

  6. The funny thing is we are at the point (or near) where the majority of T-6 PIT are 2x2 IPs. Sooo all this hot air about young bloods being the answer, and old passed over O-4s/O-5 Roads being the root of all sin is a straw man. (If I am using that term correctly). So these are Captains who at most will pin on Major as they PCS out of here and have direct UPT experience and instruction.
  7. ^This. Our recent OG meeting it was stated and I quote "This will need to be done on all our backs otherwise it wont happen" Apparently he didn't get the look on my face of "then don't let it $#$%^ happen...
  8. I was sitting at the DFAC enjoying my 69th egg meal in a row (thanks night flying), when a heated conversation at an adjoining table started. These old timer reservist were going into detail about the numerous broken jets they were being asked to take with increasing regularity. The conversation was a life saver as it informed younger inexperienced AC's like myself at some of the possible issues with accepting these aircraft and becoming normalized in the new standard that was continuous creeping in. Back then generals and commanders all made plea's about the importance of our mission, the utter vital need for our aircraft and its mission etc. These old timers were derided by commanders and a few of the younger folks as being checked out, in it for themselves and angry that their flying club was interrupted by deployments and the war. Fast forward nearly 10 years later, and I am seeing the same #$%, and amazingly for the same War that back then was already well into its 7th year. We are being asked to do more with less, fly aircraft with faulty ejection systems, suspect o2 systems, electronics that have KNOWN common place failures that have resulted in substantial fumes. B1's recently had their own enjoyment with their system, KC-10s with egress rafts/slides and much more. But that is cool, your a brand new IP Captain that knows every thing has done every thing, and was raised up in this system that long ago normalized this bull #$% and now you don't know how otherwise to operate. You look at those fleeing for the Airlines or the Exits and either are reacting out of jealousy or anger that it wont be you any time soon, and rather than thank them for their service as they leave and perhaps learn something of their time in, you try to find fault with their decisions and pin every thing that is wrong on them and their attitude. Understand that those old timers at PIT have seen this same crap 3-4 times already, the revolving door of innovation, the joke being that there has been no innovation. I and every other PIT IP would LOVE to have UPT production done at Randolph, it would be a dream come true. My favorite assignment was my UPT base, the comrade and joy of teaching new pilots how to fly is the best. I hope you are right just for that reason alone. PIT isn't some magical beast, you can absolutely do the training elsewhere, but PIT acts as a geographical fence, on manning, sorties, support etc. Tearing down that fence (ask the 135 guys) never has produced anything short of a backlog and further capacity loss in the pipeline. If you think somehow you'll be able to produce an IP at a UPT base faster than at PIT your insane, especially once scaled up. Perhaps one or two you can jam through, but at some point very quickly you start to have to weigh UPT PFT vs your in house PIT, and those calculations always get jacked up. At any rate, don't take our lack of #$%^'s given for a literal statement. If they(we) really didn't care we wouldn't be complaining on this forum for one, wouldn't be pushing for better accountability of T-6 nation maintenance issues, and wouldn't be fighting (and failing =\) the reduction in syllabus and emphasis on production over retention. We are tired, and exasperated at how things are looking for all of our futures.
  9. ^This. Plus not only this but more Q3s, more PIT IPs with ZERO prior T-6 instruction experience (though some of them actually have been our stronger IPs but for others its a challenge) and to top it all off we have CUT our syllabus by a substantial number. As for this tirade of utter crap, Read the above quote for why your getting a shittier product point the blame at big blue for inability to retain any one worth a damn. As for IPs deciding to limit their risk due to OBOGs / Smoking in the cockpit with some common sense restrictions versus tone deaf UPT bases deciding the meat packing must continue regardless of risk well you just showed your naivety and youthful ignorance there. I have had both smoke in my cockpit from our EFIS issue as well as OGOGs reduce my cognitive ability in half (Granted half of near zero isn't much). Just because you special education students (some of you not all I suspect) at the UPT base are willing to take the risk doesn't mean we are dumb enough too. Since the recent SIB release however alot more confidence has returned into the system and more importantly confidence that the issue has a resolution in sight, I suspect our restrictions will be removed shortly. ^Don't hate. Good deal police watch out here! To be honest for my first couple of years here at PIT I worked just as hard if not harder than at my UPT base. Now that I am nearing the end I've made the conscious decision to give minimal #$%^ and limit my day to the max extent possible.
  10. Pushing PIT in house UPT has been an "idea" for years. I heard it when I first went through PIT in 2012, again while at UPT, and again now. I won't be holding my breath. How does shifting IP production from one base to all the UPT bases, help those bases? They now need more manning / sorties / metal to support the increased sortie requirement to fly their IP upgrades as well as their current UPT students. Where does that come from unless you actually completely kill PIT. I'd LOVE to have UPT students here instead of PIT UIs honestly, but I cant find a rational that would provide any kind of timeline efficiency, infact it would be a net loss as far as I can tell. This is just antsy new commanders getting all uppity with the new word of the day "Innovation" push and instead of innovating they are pulling deep into the dirty ass crack of ideas already tried / failed and polishing a giant turd to get some love.
  11. DirtyFlightSuit

    AFPAK Hands- Opportunity Beckons

    If any one believes that this will stay in effect long term is in denial. It is possible they keep it volunteer only, but I wouldn't bet a nickle on it. Let alone bet my family and future career choices based on it. If you take the devils money he will come to collect.
  12. DirtyFlightSuit

    Pilot retention in your neck of the woods?

    My squadron has PCS'd maybe 3-4 people in my four years here. 2/3 last commanders retired vs continuing their careers, (3rd one didnt because he enjoys pain). Rumor was multiple eligible commanders turned down taking over one of our 38 squadrons in favor of getting out sooner. When I was a O-3 every other O-3 in the unit was chilling around a table and not one stated they desired to stay in. Most of the other IPs that hide their cards are also starting to show them as they come assignment eligible and decide to bail.
  13. DirtyFlightSuit

    It's Official, OCPs are Coming!

  14. My money is on absolutely no action. Or perhaps even better defense of the change as some how "better"