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  1. What's wrong with the Air Force?

    Yes it is your right, and unfortunately I've seen good people get burned for exercising good judgement. Allowing waivers for crew rest at lower levels even when PIC is final authority weakens his ability to do so without possible reprisal in the form of poor feed back on OPRs for not being a "team player". Sure I've said no to many, but I've also had really good commanders 90% of the time that backed me up each time, I've seen many whom have not been so lucky. This is a bad idea, more rest is always better even when you request a waiver your probably better off going to the hotel that night. The only time I'd even entertain a waiver is if we were stuck in a less than ideal situation for crew rest and continuing on would set us up better in the long run, but that's rare.
  2. Leadership at the 'Deid

    Tell the general the truth and the answer is they done ed up and it's to late to fix it so enjoy your shit sandwich.
  3. Leadership at the 'Deid

    ABU Booney Hat w/ Desert Flight Suit = Win and authorized.
  4. Leadership at the 'Deid

    I wouldn't doubt I had a hand in getting this change enacted... just saying you piss enough people off with your headgear choice and things happen ;)
  5. 24hr lodging "rule"

    OPEC as in Organization of the Petroleum Exporting Countries?
  6. 24hr lodging "rule"

    It will only get worse, congress is attacking DoD on spending and one of the focus areas is TDY spending. While I'd argue the waste in TDY spending is not what is getting reimbursed but rather the TDY's that are occurring that do not need to. (For instance every single POS from Shaw AFB that manages to touch and go AUAB once a month for a year of tax free) Those tickets non stop from BWI to OMAN cant be cheap.
  7. Flight Pay increases

    It's also not about who works the hardest, because god knows that is not me. It's about value and market conditions. Right now the market conditions make Pilots very expensive if your going to retain them, and the AF has been enjoying a longer than normal period of time without that market condition in large part due to 9/11 postponing what was already happening back then. It is also why I think that the only way the system changes is if people vote with their feet versus try to stay in and affect change from within.
  8. Flight Pay increases

    Until you address the countless useless deployment billets, and near certainty of filling a 365 no amount of money or QoL will matter much. While most people I know are not completely dreading 6 month deployments, its the future of 2-3 of those on top of a year long that has them voting with their feet. You can't be in a constant state of war for so long and expect people to be gun ho supporting of the fight any longer. Especially with no end in sight. The future is grim for service members, when I joined it already was a quagmire and now 12 years later zero has changed beyond it getting worse. You can't sell retention off of that landscape beyond a few fence sitters.
  9. Woops I didn't read moabust enough yes he is correct
  10. I can't stress how important it is to stay off base, way too many of our student's end up dealing with mold / lack of hot water / other quality of life issues on base that become a distraction to them. Find a good apartment or PIT pad, its massively worth it. Avoid Pat Brooker / Converse and other ghetto areas.
  11. Flight Pay increases

    Yah no raise would have been less harmful than a $50 raise. At least with no raise it was business as usual, the 50 a month extra is kind of like "See we VALUE YOU SOOO MUCH.... 50 dollars much...." Rather have had nothing and at least they couldn't pretend to be retards posting big stories about how serious they are about retention.
  12. What is right with the Air Force

  13. What's wrong with the Air Force?

    Oh they've been told many times, I've simply given up as it always falls on deaf ears. I'm in the "well I tried so screw it" mode.
  14. What's wrong with the Air Force?

    I've had it with these bullshit equivalency arguments from leadership citing how "good" we have it compared to XYZ community. Gen Rand has so many F#$% fanboys here at RND its insane, yet every time he talks this kind of bullshit those fanboys are on their knees gulping down the massive load. Gen Now land and his little meeting was only marginally better and at least by the end he seemed to be properly whipped into the correct mindset (time will tell). Before that I've heard the same kind of crap from numerous commanders when we complained about ops tempo with deployments stacked on top of TDY's, reinforced that we are "At War" as if that has any ing meaning any more after over 15 years. There is a reason I didn't join the Marines or Army, and while those patriots at Walter Reed deserve nothing but our utmost respect, they are not to be used as tools for ignoring the issues the force faces today. When I bring up leadership failings in a conversation it generally leads to a "well so and so is a good guy etc", but I feel more and more that regardless of how good a commander or leader you may be, your now culpable for this mess and arguing who the good ones versus bad ones is a waste of time. As it stands the effect is they are all bad because the outcome is shit, until any thing starts getting fix'd they are all failures in my book until proven otherwise don't care how cool they were before or are now.
  15. Deployments

    FAIP's have deployed in the past to MC12 deployments, thou no longer. Basically your asking to predict the future, any group/airframe's deployment rates will be wildly variable over time. AETC T-6 IPs for instance were getting hit hard for a period of time, but now we are protected from 6 month deployments, but that's happened in the past before so who knows when that will let up. My prior air frame also saw massive changes prior to me getting assigned, and has remained constant for the last 6 years, but would have been much different if ISIS didn't kick down Iraqs door. There are a few communities that are worse than others, but playing the deployment game is generally a losing proposition. Your in the military expect to get deployed often so long as our civilian leadership has no qualms maintaining a nonstop wartime footing.