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  1. I haven’t heard anything about that at Vance, but I’d be all over it if it did become an option.
  2. I've heard from one of my 38 buddies that getting faip'd to T-6s as a T-38 stud isn't good for the fighter career. From what I understand it's sort of a derail from fighters. I have yet to seen a fighter bros as an IP in T-6s. The few I've seen around are in T-38s, but there's a healthy number of bombers bros as 38 IPs. I'm no expert on how FAIPing works by any means, but that seems to be the gist of what I'm hearing around. But not everyone who gets 38s is meant for fighters.
  3. Thats good to know. I've always taken it all with somewhat of a grain of salt having fighter pilots in my family, but they were all from back in the day. My Col back in ROTC did a good job at turning everyone off of the Air Force in general. I'm not sure if it was because he just had come from the high speed life of a fighter wing commander or what, but he basically made it sound like you had to be absolutely perfect in everything you do, or you weren't value added and he would derail your career. We were all pretty terrified of failing miserably and getting forced out. I'm not sure of the workings behind that decision, but it seems odd that a training squadron is where they'd send the lower performers. I grew up Navy and many of my family/friends are Navy pilots, and from what I've gathered from them its typically the top guys going to the RAG/training squadrons for their shore duty. Is it just because the numbers are so low, or has it always been considered not great orders?
  4. What turned me off of fighters was how shitty of a life fighter guys I know and have met make it out to be. All I've ever seen is complaining about a plethora of things like the constant getting shafted by big blue and it becoming so restrictive and reg loaded that it was no longer enjoyable and barely possible to do the mission. Most of the guys I knew said they enjoyed their time, but they were all quick to abandoned ship once the obligation was up. I don't mind a high deployment tempo or anything like that, my end goal is rescue (helicopters). I've just seen some big differences between the apparent enjoyment of the job between these two communities, and if I have to be there for at least 10 years I'd like to enjoy it. Obviously I've never experienced either community from the inside so I know I don't totally understand it, but its how its appeared to me from the outside looking in. That being said, I joined to do things no civilian organization is able to do, so I'd still take fighters over heavy.