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  1. Thanks for the info. I’m title 10 (for training), so looks like I’ll have the 2.4. PM me if you guys know a good person to work with in Kansas. Thnks hw
  2. For a initial VA loan how do they determine your status, as in if you’re a reservist but on active duty orders, what funding fee rate will be charged? My broker has no clue so he just went with the 2.4% because I’m in the reserves.
  3. You wont get a 38 slot if you are not being sponsored by a fighter unit. Average 38 track for a upt class is 8 slots, out of a class of 25-27 studs. And most of the active duty kids are competing for them, no sense in wasting one on a guy going to heavies. If you want to fly fighters go interview for fighter units, although that's a fine line to straddle if you already have a sponsoring unit.
  4. Poor Army guy, so many emotions in his open letter....
  5. I'm a part timer so my track it set going to my AMC airframe, i'm all to you guys that have no clue what you will drop though. I wasn't able to make the drop last week but talked to some dudes that did, sounds like the 38 guy that dropped the E-3 made it apparent he wasn't happy with it...
  6. Update, OTS Sep 17 UPT Dec 17 From hire to UPT 11 months.
  7. That's exactly why. Also they said the above will change again shortly. Looks like it was a quick response to get it back up and the pipeline moving again.
  8. Does anyone have the latest gouge on housing options in Enid they'd like to share? What are the odds of me getting off base as a single guy with no dependents, best places to live off base, apartments, side off town? I will be reporting there next month so i'm trying to figure out what I should do regarding housing. My hopes are to get off base so I can move my gf down with me. How realistic would this be? Thanks in advance for any input.
  9. Yeah OTS is now 8.5 weeks for everyone. They will send the pre-rec course out no later than 60 days prior to start date. And this is not a course you can knock out in a weekend, just the CBT's are 30 hours of computer work and then you have some other work they ask you to do. I steadily worked on it for the full 60 days, considering I juggled it around my family, civ job, and all the other stuff that goes on concurrent in the training pipeline. So don't expect to get paid for doing it. UPT classes start roughly at least once a month. For the reserves we got a dream sheet to pick our base, and 90% got their preferred base. Not sure how the guard works though.
  10. True to an extent. Some are starting UPT in December and the ones starting in later Jan are going to SERE in between.
  11. Your recruiter is full of it, he just wants to increase his odds of getting you checked off for his quota. And my OTS date was 3 months after me getting approved by the AFRC board. Now that's reserves, not sure about AD. They usually want you to start the process by your 28th bday so there will be no in question you can be in UPT by 30. You're in a good position regarding age, just keep it moving along and don't let your recruiter jerk you around. Some of those guys you really need to hound to keep stuff moving along.
  12. Pretty much anything in the defense industry, they seem to value past mil experience the most. My company employs a ton of prior mil people in our defense sector. This is for a couple reasons, 1.)They understand how the military works and how to deal with them, doing business with a gov will make a civ (non prior) pull their hair out due to the fact that none of how the mil deals with things makes a lick of sense. 2.) Companies see 20 years as an officer essentially as 20 years com of leadership (management) experience, which is awesome when they are deciding a salary. 3.) 1 and 2 combined with technical knowledge is a huge benefit as well. Aircraft manufactures also like prior mil, I've even see some gigs where you can still fly occasionally while holding a management role.
  13. Cliff notes on the ASAP reporting shenanigans? I'm assuming its similar to ASRS reporting? Sounds like a witch hunt.
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