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  1. Palace Chase info

    Active duty non rated looking to transfer into the reserves via palace chase to fill a unit sponsored upt slot. I'm referring to the AFRC rated board that occurs every two months now.
  2. Palace Chase info

    My recruiter is telling me for rated jobs (got offered a pilot sponsorship) an intent to hire letter is not sufficient and you must be board approved within 45 days of application submittal. Can anyone confirm this? I haven't seen this anywhere.
  3. Chances for heavy unit?

    Awesome numbers! Cast your net wide but also hone in on your ideal or home unit. Work any connections you have there and show that you are committed to becoming a long term member of the unit. I'd say guard is a bit tougher to get an age or TFCSD ETP or waiver. The Reserves make it seem like it's a simple check the box. If the unit want you and you not ridiculously old, AFRC seems to ok it no problem.
  4. Chances for heavy unit?

    89th Airlift Squadron... C-17s
  5. Chances for heavy unit?

    89th AS
  6. Chances for heavy unit?

    Got picked up at my #1 location! I'll keep you all updated on how the ETP process goes leading up to my AFRC board that my package meets.
  7. Chances for heavy unit?

    Wow! Our stuff looks pretty similar! I also had to switch from a low wing cherokee to a high wing cessna 172 after about 35 hrs in. I would keep chugging along on the lessons. If your interviewing for a reserve unit, show that you can have the PPL done prior to the reserve board if the unit was to pick you up. But... I'm new to this too so hopefully some wise gray beards will chime in.
  8. Wanted to get advice on my chances with my scores and current situation. I'm currently a non-rated active duty O-3 in the Air Force trying to get picked up by a reserve heavy unit. I am 27 turning 28 in February, so age is getting close, but I am already over the 5-yr Total Federal Commissioned Services requirement and would need an Exception To Policy (ETP). I am only just now a month past my 5-yr date. I would also need to Palace Chase, if picked up in early 2018, and would be asking for 6 months off my current Active Duty Service Commitment. Undergraduate GPA: 3.35 Masters GPA: 3.38 (2/3 complete) AFOQT: P 97, N 99, AA 62, V 83, Q 42 PCSM: 89 w/63 hrs (93, 96, 98 in next three tiers) PPL Initial Flight Class I Approved My letters of recommendation are: my former squadron commander, my current supervisor, a friend/coworker (reserve C-17 pilot), and my father-in-law (retired reserve C-141 pilot). I have visited my ideal unit once and plan to visit again next month. I have strong connections to the area around the unit. Both my wife and I are from there and our families are mostly all still in the area. We are looking to settle down and I would be seeking a long term position with the unit and would likely pursue an ART position. As a result I am initially only applying to that unit. If I am not selected, I plan to blast my application to various units as I will be pushing the age limit.
  9. Palace Chase info

    How much time did you ask off? How did they informally tell you?
  10. Palace Chase info

    So the reply I received from the MyPers folks was: "The approval level for an ADSC waiver of less than 6-months would be AFPC Separations. Any ADSC waiver over 6-months would be sent to the Secretary of the Air Force Personnel Council for final review." I am trying to get sponsored by a reserve unit who's board would be before the June 2018 AFRC board. My current ADSC is till March 2019 for TA so my six month window would be Sept 2018. Is it worth trying to get the extra couple months and try and PC in June 2018 or earlier? Or are the extra couple months not worth the risk of being denied? Denial would require 120 days before reapplying.
  11. Great thanks for the info! Only one ETP... just TFCSD. I'm 27 so I should be good on age... for now.
  12. Palace Chase info

    I spoke when the AFPC yesterday and they mentioned six months approval authority is AFPC and they are typically accepted. Anything higher has to go to the office of the CSAF.
  13. For those who palace chased, when did you have to enter the reserves/guard? Was it prior to AMS for enlisted? How about for officers? Do you just need to be released from active duty prior to entering IFS?
  14. I also wonder if the new CSAF has conveyed a new stance or policy on these and age waivers. It seems in the last couple years under Welsh, a lot of people on here mentioned getting them approved. I have been seeing a lot of job postings lately saying no age waivers at this time. I wonder if that hold true with the TFCSD too. Granted this should all be different for ANG though... Right?
  15. Reviving this thread! So if one was wanting to apply to guard and reserve units and wanted to have the ETP in place before submitting packages (I'm on active duty and plan to route it through my chain) would you need a separate one for the guard and the reserve? It sounds like the NGB has to weigh in on the ETP and I'm assuming the final signing authority would be different for ANG vs AFR and AD AF.