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  1. PrivateFighterPilotLicense

    Asthma Waiver

    Can you get a breathing restriction mask, train for a month, and re-take MCT with another civilian doctor?
  2. PrivateFighterPilotLicense

    Upcoming Boards

    Last year Mass hired people who did not attend the meet and greet.
  3. PrivateFighterPilotLicense

    Upcoming Boards

    Oh sh!t Boise just had a board? I didn't see it on Bogidope, do you have to contact them directly to get board info?
  4. PrivateFighterPilotLicense

    Upcoming Boards

    Who is going to be in Oregon the weekend of Jan. 12th? Also when is the Ohio F-16 unit going to open their board up?
  5. PrivateFighterPilotLicense

    Upcoming Boards

    Their past board last spring was the first board they had in 5-6 years IIRC. They also had over 150 applicants. One of the most competitive squadrons to get into and they probably aren't hiring for a long time for UPT.
  6. PrivateFighterPilotLicense

    GPA on Guard applications?

    I definitely get the whole person concept, I was just wondering if I was able to list a higher GPA since 2.79 looks a lot better than 2.52, especially to the units that I am unable to visit or the units that don't allow visiting.
  7. PrivateFighterPilotLicense

    GPA on Guard applications?

    This question only pertains to Guard applications. I have a pretty abysmal GPA from my degree granting institution: 2.52. I had to take courses at other colleges in order to get back to my first school, and did pretty well in those classes. My cumulative GPA from every college course taken towards my degree is 2.79. Do you guys think it is okay for me to list cumulative GPA on my resume and applications? I always attach all transcripts from all of those schools in my applications.
  8. PrivateFighterPilotLicense

    T38 Down @ KDLF

    Wrong time and place for the post. Sorry, prayers for him and the family
  9. PrivateFighterPilotLicense

    The Next President is...

    Russians? No. The Democrats already figured out how to stop Russian interference. Kavanaugh putting his hands on another woman pushing without her consent? That sounds more plausible...
  10. PrivateFighterPilotLicense

    The Next President is...

    Keeping in mind expectations from the 2016 election cycle, I am extremely pleased with what's been happening. Two SC justices already. Minimal losses in the house keeping in mind the house has always flipped during midterms except for three times in the history of the country (1930's, 1998 and 2002 IIRC). Gains in the senate, and a seemingly strong 2020 run with the potential for more SC justices. Leftists, please keep acting like infants. It's working. See you in 2020!
  11. PrivateFighterPilotLicense

    How important is visiting units?

    I understand that fortune favors the prepared. But on the other hand, are you not confident in the meet and greet, and the interview to weed out the weirdos?
  12. PrivateFighterPilotLicense

    How important is visiting units?

    Good ol' boy. So only legacies are allowed into the guard?
  13. PrivateFighterPilotLicense

    Upcoming Boards

    A salute to the dudes who keep up their videos, no matter how awkward they are.
  14. PrivateFighterPilotLicense

    How important is visiting units?

    I think I know the answer to this one but want to get more of an "official" answer on this. I'm 2/2 for interviews with units I've rushed, and about 1/4 for units I did not. Some units allow visiting while others don't. Since money can be tight, how much can it make or break a selection process: visiting vs. not visiting? And how many times should you visit a unit? Can you do it too many times to be annoying or is once not enough to be remembered? Basically, I'm willing to do anything to tip the scales in my favor to get hired at a fighter unit.
  15. PrivateFighterPilotLicense

    Unethical to not disclose checkride failure?

    Definitely would not lie about it if asked. What I'm getting is I don't need to disclose it unless asked, so I'll probably just go with that.