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  1. I would say you can be competitive for fighters. I've seen lower scores, non priors with no contacts get hired at fighter units. You're going to want to raise that PCSM score by retaking the TBAS if you haven't already. Besides that, have a good, mature story about why your GPA is so low. Show that you've grown and learned from your mistakes. Be yourself when you rush and if they like you, you'll get selected.
  2. They do differential the whole 5 year period? I could of swore the policy said up to 4 weeks? Anyone have any gouge on if Northrop Grumman has the same differential pay policy as Lockheed?
  3. Yeah definitely take this all with a grain of salt since I'm still on the circuit. Since you're aiming for heavies, the age waiver has more potential, especially since it is up to 33 now. Fighters is a different story though, and this isn't official just a guess but just because the policy is waivers up to 33 doesn't mean that your age isn't counting against you. There is nothing wrong with sending out your package as is right now. It will give you a lot of insight on tailoring your cover letter/resume to specific units, and even possibly getting feedback on your application. It will only help you, and if you can rush then do so. If you get rejected, keep going because it sends a good message to the squadrons that you have persistence. Good luck man, hope we both get picked up soon.
  4. Rush ASAP. You are getting there on the age curve, so don't waste any more time, though because you said you would prefer heavies, I've seen more age waivers for them. I would say the target PCSM for any airframe will be 80+. This doesn't mean 201+ is 80 but your base score is that. Otherwise, your scores and GPA are decent and I would say you have a pretty good shot at getting picked up! Also, I've heard that a lot of units want to see that you have at least solo'd. so keep that in mind.
  5. Wanted to thank all of the service members on here for serving and sacrificing. What you do isn't unnoticed. I know at times on these forums it may seem like it is just a job, but it is an important and sacrificial one. Thank you! What you do is inspiring, and I hope to join you soon. Cheesy rant over. 🧀
  6. I'm in a similar situation as well. For reference, I have a 2.52 GPA in mechanical engineering with relatively high AFOQT and PCSM. I would call that abysmal especially if you are trying to be competitive lol
  7. How were you denied? The waiver states a history of asthma after the 13th birthday is disqualifying, but before the 13th birthday, a passing MCT is waiverable. That makes no sense. Did you disclose your history after or before you took the MCT?
  8. Lol what? They notified interview results select and non-selects last week. Maybe check your voicemail for a call from the POC?
  9. And chair fly the s*** out of every lesson before and after so you don't have to revisit topics and waste time in the air plane.
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