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  1. How were you denied? The waiver states a history of asthma after the 13th birthday is disqualifying, but before the 13th birthday, a passing MCT is waiverable. That makes no sense. Did you disclose your history after or before you took the MCT?
  2. Lol what? They notified interview results select and non-selects last week. Maybe check your voicemail for a call from the POC?
  3. And chair fly the s*** out of every lesson before and after so you don't have to revisit topics and waste time in the air plane.
  4. Hey man, pretty sacrificial of you to give up your dreams of flying for your family. A lot of good things can be said about that. About your scores, they aren't bad but they aren't great. Definitely finish up your PPL no doubt. Your age will definitely hurt you in some fighter communities, but weirder things have happened. Your main focus should be rushing all the units you can and really connecting with the pilots. That will get them to overlook your age and scores. Your scores can get you an interview at some fighter units but it looks like they are a limiting factor. So get out there and make the case for yourself on why they should hire you over the others. Good luck!
  5. I'm an alternate at a viper unit and while bummed that I wasn't first pick, I don't want to waste the opportunity as an alternate. I am worried about being annoying and checking in too much though. So how often should I check in with them? And how can I go about navigating visiting them during the year so that I can show face before their upcoming board this year? Have any alternates on here been hired on the next board? Want to gauge my chances and don't want to put all my eggs in one basket.
  6. Heard from the grapevine from a friend that Fort Wayne already sent interview invites. Not sure about rejections though haven't gotten one yet.
  7. Just want to say no one deserves that and I am terribly sorry for that situation. You will be in my thoughts and prayers.
  8. So the waiver guide says asthma before the 13th birthday is waiverable with MCT. After age of 13 it is not waiverable.
  9. That's what I thought, I looked at multiple sources and the waiver guide says it is waiverable. That's why I am surprised that the board said it is not waiverable.
  10. Hey guys, so I just got out of an interview for a guard unit and was rejected immediately either because I couldn't "emotionally connect with the board", or because they asked of my medical history and I disclosed that I had childhood asthma. I told them during the interview that I took and passed the Methacholine Challenge Test and had those medical papers for proof. Well, I didn't clarify what a Methacholine Challenge Test was during the interview and apparently none of them knew what it was so I definitely should have clarified what it was. I got a call a few hours later not being invited back for the 2nd round of interviews because I couldn't connect emotionally with the pilots on the board and because "asthma is not a waiverable condition". I don't know if I'm losing my mind right now but I've looked through the Wright-Pat waiver guide and it says asthma before the 13th birthday is waiverable but anything after 13 is not and I have proof of that in my medical records. So my question is for non-prior guard applicants, is asthma waiverable provided you pass the MCT? Or was this just an excuse to not invite me back because I had a shit interview haha?
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