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  1. The Next President is...

    I've just witnessed this forum turn into the comment section of a political YouTube video.
  2. I imagine it would depend on the airframe. I know for fighters that it is expected to live pretty close to base. I know some guys in tanker and cargo units who are also airline guys who are able to hop on planes and make their guard commitments in different states. No idea about the C-130 though.
  3. Upcoming Boards

    Dang took 4 dudes out of the circuit, so less competition, right?
  4. South Korean F-15 Crash April 5 2018

  5. Thanks man helps ease the nerves a bit...
  6. Hey dudes, got an interview coming up with a fighter wing this month. I'm still trying to finish up my PPL rating, but the weather is awful where I am and check rides keep getting scrapped. I have one more chance at a check ride before the interview. I was wondering if it would affect me at the interview at all if I didn't show up with my PPL complete? In my application I said it would get done relatively soon if weather was good but it still isn't done and now I'm getting worried because "yeah you interviewed decently but why would we have a guy without even his PPL when everyone else has one and more?" Should I focus more on getting the damn rating done or just preparing for the interview?
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    Interview invites for Buckley went out yesterday. Not sure if all notifications sent. Congratulations to those selected.
  8. Upcoming Boards

    What about visiting the unit? Did you visit every unit you interviewed at, or the one you got hired by?
  9. Upcoming Boards

    Was curious since you had good AFOQT scores, can I ask you what the rest of your application looked like? When you were rejected from interviews did you ever figure out why? What helped in getting interviews?
  10. Chances for Fighter Units?

    Just ignore the asshat. Dude is banking on 1 fighter unit. He's a troll or has his head so far up his ass. Anyway, do you really think the GPA is a big downfall? I've talked to a lot of the guys and they say it can be overlooked with good scores and solid work history.
  11. Chances for Fighter Units?

    No doubt, still have to wait about 2 months to take it again though. I'm just hoping that 80 is a competitive score for fighter units.
  12. Chances for Fighter Units?

    The PCSM site wasn't updating my scores so I was actually guestimating.
  13. Chances for Fighter Units?

    My PCSM actually just updated to an 80 for 61 hours, and a 92 for 201+.
  14. Chances for Fighter Units?

    It's at a 97. Am I not competitive because I don't have my PPL yet? What else makes me not competitive besides my GPA? I am going to the meet and greets and meeting all the pilots. I can also retake the TBAS soon.