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  1. Chances Thus Far?

    I work with missile defense which can also be used to shoot down planes.... so that won't be a talking point then! Just scheduled my TBAS and ordered some more study guide books for the AFOQT. Signing up for flying this Friday too. Let's do this fighter pilot thing!
  2. Chances Thus Far?

    Unfortunately a 2.52.... I know pretty weird that I got into Lockheed a year after college with this GPA but I am lucky. Anyway, what's your opinion on my scores? I know pilot is kind of low, should that definitely be something I retake? I am just nervous about doing worst the second time around. Also, how bad does it look for an engineer with such a low GPA? Do you fly fighters? Could you give me some tips that helped you get selected? Thanks!
  3. Chances Thus Far?

    Hi All, Looking for some honest feedback on where I am at right now on during this process. I am 23 years old. Aiming for ANG and Reserves, in that order. Applying for all fighters. Mechanical Engineering GPA:2.52 Currently an engineer at Lockheed Martin About to start flying, will get PPL P74 N84 AA82 V90 Q66 Should I take the TBAS now or wait until I have some flying hours? Assuming I get my PPL and get a PCSM of 80+, what do I look like?
  4. How do you guys pay for visiting units?

    Hey, thanks for taking the time to reply. How often did you visit the far away units with the air frame that you wanted? Also, how many times did you visit before you were picked up?
  5. Hi Guys, I am legitimately wondering how you guys pay for the plane tickets and rental cars/hotels when visiting units. I'll be applying to most all of the fighter units, but what is a strategy to visit the ones far away, and by what frequency? I am concerned because these costs would rack up very quickly, but I also do not want to disadvantage myself by not visiting the units often so that they can get to know my face.
  6. Hey man, congrats! That is awesome you got selected and great inspiration for us with not so stellar scores and GPA's. Did you apply to the AD board?
  7. Chances So Far?

    Are my scores really that bad? My recruiter is telling me he think there won't be any problem getting me certified (not quite sure what that means). I know my GPA is really bad, but if I can get the interview I can show them the dramatic upward trend.
  8. Chances So Far?

    Guard and Reserves
  9. Chances So Far?

    Hi All, Here are my stats P74 N84 AA82 V90 Q66 GPA 2.52 (Mechanical Engineering) from degree granting institution - Boston University (2.77 from all college classes taken before graduation) No TBAS or PCSM score. Based on my progress so far, how do you all think I look so far? Just want an honest opinion about my progress so far. Going to go ahead and start private flying lessons here soon.