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  1. Will you guys be accepting any new applications?
  2. Congrats to you! Where did you end up getting selected?
  3. My original pilot score from my first AFOQT attempt was a 48. Based on what I remember from my first take, I agree. I’m definitely going to prepare myself for the retake with as many resources as I can use.
  4. Thank you for taking the time to write out such an elaborate and well-thought out response. Seeing the options laid out by someone else helps me understand and organize them better in my head. I'm aware of the risks. Thank you for the heads up, I will be well-prepared for the retake. Thank you. Although, it's my PCSM that's a 67, not my total hours. My actual flight time is around 30 hours. I can raise my PCSM to as high as 87 if I miraculously get up to the 201+ bracket, but acquiring that many hours is not on my short-term agenda. I sincerely wish I could. I have genuinely tried to convince myself by switching my mentality many, many times, but I'm afraid I'm just too determined. I will admit, however, this is excellent advice, and I do receive it earnestly. Absolutely. And I have. I've deeply asked and have answered that question to myself dozens of times over the years. I have weighed and considered alternatives, both in the Air Force and in the civilian sector, and again, I just cannot satisfy such a specific lifelong dream through any other means. Despite my stubbornness, I hope you will understand that I graciously appreciate your response and advice. Everything you said is correct, and it's reassuring to know that the options that are available to me are good ones. Thanks again.
  5. This is extremely helpful, thank you. Your numbers identical to mine, I have the exact same pilot score (92) and PCSM (67). Would you mind sharing your speculative PCSM scores in the other hour brackets? I’d like to get an idea for my possible future scores. Thanks again.
  6. That is my plan. I’ve found a number of helpful resources, like the flash cards which will undoubtedly help me go into it better prepared this time. I appreciate your advice
  7. It’s been awhile since I took it, but if my memory serves me correctly, absolutely not. Most of what I remember about my first attempt is that I did very poorly. Of course, no individual TBAS score is provided, so I can only speculate.
  8. Hey everyone, I am looking at options to increase my PCSM. I am flying as much as I can to build hours and am trying to get my score up that way, but the highest I can get it to with 201 hours is 87. Although that’s a decent number, I am striving to get it in the 90’s, as I am dead set on fighters. I recently retook the AFOQT, nearly doubled my my pilot score, and more than tripled my PCSM. While that’s great, my PCSM with my current flight time is sitting at a 67. Aside from continuning to build hours, my best option at this point, I believe, is to retake the TBAS. My question is for those who have retaken the TBAS. How much of an impact did retaking the test have on your PCSM? I know this will vary depending on each individual’s performance, but I’d really like to get some idea about what to expect from a well-performed retake. Responses are welcome from everyone, I appreciate any input!
  9. Notifications for interviews with the 125 FS in Tulsa have been sent out. Congratulations to those who were selected!
  10. I suppose it varies between squadrons, but are rejection notifications typically sent out to those who aren't getting interviews? The silence is killing me.
  11. That's correct. Sorry, I should have clarified in my original post.
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