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  1. How do I look for fighters?

    That's great advice, I couldn't agree more. I should have mentioned in my original post that I visited the squadron twice at their two most recent drills. They're an awesome group of guys and I'm really hoping I'm invited back for an interview next month.
  2. How do I look for fighters?

    I hope that is the case. I wish I'd have had more time to build hours before sending my packet in, but if they're going to take into consideration the 201+ bracket for my PCSM, I'd feel a lot more confident as I'm sitting at an 87 in that regard. Thanks for the insightful response!
  3. Deciding to retake AFOQT

    Not at all. My speculative PCSM back in 2014, with 201+ hours was 56. The new speculative score in that same bracket is now 87.
  4. Deciding to retake AFOQT

    In my experience, the AFOQT pilot composite weighed very heavily on my PCSM. I took the AFOQT the first time in 2014, got terrible scores, and an abysmal PCSM. I retook the test a couple of weeks ago and did great, nearly doubled my pilot score. The increase in my PCSM was huge, although still not great, the change was significant. Here are the numbers: 2014 AFOQT pilot: 48 2014 PCSM: 14 - 0 flight hours After the retake: Current AFOQT pilot: 92 Current PCSM: 47; (67 with 27 flight hours)
  5. How do I look for fighters?

    I just applied to my first squadron, and I'd like to know how you guys think I stack up. Here are the numbers: GPA: 3.75 AFOQT: 92/77/50/60/43 PCSM: 67 Flight Hours: 27 Age: 28 LORs: 3; from current and former AF officers Obviously I need to get more flight hours and get that PCSM up. Flying and graduating college are my top priorities right now. I expect to have my PPL by the end of the year, and about 80 hours around that same time. I will continue to build hours until I get picked up by a unit. I know I'm cutting it close with my age; I'm going to keep pushing until I get hired. Thanks everyone.
  6. Thank you. Good to know there have been, and still are others attempting a very similar journey. I'm hoping all stays on track for my PPL, I understand it's a hugely important component in one's application. I definitely am not giving up, and pretty much never will until there aren't any squadrons left to apply to. I took the TBAS back in 2015. No idea how I did on it as they don't provide that individual score, but the PCSM score which it yielded was abysmal, so I must assume I did terrible, similar to my AFOQT. My retake is next week and I'm confident I'll do well on it, but I will have to wait and see what the updated PCSM will look like before I decide whether or not to retake the TBAS as well. I appreciate everyone's input and advice!
  7. This is extremely encouraging, thank you for sharing.
  8. Thank you for sharing this, it is very encouraging. I will keep at it 110% Thank you for the honesty. It won't stop me from applying, but it's good to have reasonable expectations going into something like this. I haven't personally spoken to any recently hired fighter guys, nor have I really even heard of any that were hired at such an old age. I'm sure it has happened, but it's something I'd expect to occur rather infrequently. I certainly understand the reasoning behind the policy, it makes sense given the example you referenced from your unit. I know the probability is slim, but it's not impossible. I will give it my all, and then some. Thanks again for your input.
  9. Thanks for the responses, everyone. I'm going to give it all I've got and hope for the best. Mustang, that is very reassuring to read; thank you for sharing it. Are you referring to the LA or MA ANG units? Or is there another recently hiring F-15 unit I'm not aware of? I'll definitely look into this.
  10. I'm not sure if this belongs here but I didn't want to flood the "What Are My Chances" forum with this since my AFOQT isn't until September, and I'm not even done with school. Anyway, I've managed to make this life-goal of mine about as difficult as it can get through a combination of delays, procrastination, and despondency. I've mostly made up for all of that, and I'm about 90% of the way there now, but I fear I may end up being too late in the end. Like the title says, I'm feeling pretty discouraged and really just hoping to hear some words of wisdom from someone more experienced. I've been working hard to get my PPL and finish college the last few months. I'll have graduated in May and have all of my other requirements met well before then. I have some great LOR's lined up, and will have approximately 80 flight hours and my PPL. I'm planning on applying (before graduation) to Guard and Reserve units as soon as my AFOQT scores are in. I'm confident that I'll be a well rounded candidate in all areas except my age. I just turned 28 last week, and while I knew this would happen and have been planning around it, the reality of it is extremely disheartening. I've read a few anecdotes from here and other places of fighters pretty much being out of the question once you're around my age or older. Fighters are all I've dreamed of flying for as long as I can remember, and while I've had a bumpy road getting to where I am now, I'm not going to give up, even if my age is going to put off a lot of units. I understand that while uncommon, age waivers are a thing, but almost unheard of at fighter units. I envision my best case scenario is applying at units as early as possible, and as often. I'm 100% open to any location and going to cast my net as wide as I can. I know I'll have to answer for the delayed applications, but as I mentioned earlier I will not give up until every unit in the country has explicitly denied and prohibited me from applying. I don't really know where I'm going with this thread but it's getting late here and I can't sleep because of this. I guess I'm just looking for encouragement or advice from anyone who can offer it. I appreciate you guys for all the info I've gotten from this site over the years, and thank you for taking the time to read my post. tl;dr I'm 28, not done with school, still need AFOQT scores, and want fighters. Advice/guidance/criticism is greatly, greatly appreciated.
  11. Needing Some Council on My Situation

    Some units will let you apply as an undergraduate, so long as you're able to fulfill the degree requirement before UPT. Each unit has different requirements, but I have seen a few that will accept packages from applicants with as little as 90 credit hours. Check unit websites and go through their application package requirements, usually there is a section that will detail that bit of information for you. I'm in a similar age situation, and not expecting to graduate until I'm nearly 29, but I will be sending applications out as early as next semester.