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  1. Now if that doesn't describe big blue, I don't know what does. I talked to training today and they're getting my forms to get TFOT dates going though. Hopefully you don't need the FC1 approved to get those dates. Also, at least you got released on Wednesday..I had to wait around with those dang active guys
  2. It was, actually was just told my package was approved by NGB yesterday and my recruiter was asking for my FC1. That might start moving something, hopefully. Maybe waivers have something to do with it too.
  3. My package was sent in, in April and medical in May and haven't heard a word of anything. Haven't even heard if my package was approved.
  4. The graduation date was always a big issue at my unit. You had to be within a semester to graduating to apply. Mostly because, like you said it takes a year to get hired. They can't start the process at the NGB till you have your bachelors or are within one semester I believe (could be different for reserves). So, you applying with a graduation date a year out, that whole process is going to take way too long for their liking. That would be my guess. Otherwise maybe your age? 27 now, 28 when graduating, 29-30 when possibly starting UPT.
  5. If you're interested in both, rush Guard and Reserve units and if you're not being picked by those go AD. Don't half ass two things, whole ass one thing.
  6. The technicians at Wright Patt told me it takes 6-8 weeks for it just to get to AETC and that they're backed up right now. That probably doesn't include the 900 other people it has to go through.
  7. Awesome. Any idea on pilot training start dates?
  8. Guard fighters are insanely competitive, but a big factor is they have to like you. You can be a freaking rockstar on paper, get all the interviews in the world and never get selected for a slot. If you're willing to go for active duty, do it. There's a high amount of slots being given out from what I've read. Get to UPT, bust your ass and you have a good chance at your fighter.
  9. Just finished FC1 with a pass, didn't go as smoothly as I wanted but everything on this forum helped tremendously. Had to take about 4 extra color blind tests and 5 extra vision tests, but all went well in the end. The technicians and doctors were incredible. Can't stress enough that if you go in there with a good attitude, they will do literally everything to help you and get you a pass. The explanation on page 5 by JustHangingOut hits everything on the head.
  10. New Platinum user here, so gift cards for the selected airline fall under the 200$ credit? I'd heard sometimes they honor it sometimes they don't. Unless it's airline based which I could see, but I chose Delta.
  11. Anyone looking into the Amex Blue Cash Preferred? https://www.nerdwallet.com/card-details/card-name/American-Express-Blue-Cash-Preferred OR have a good cash back/gas/groceries card?
  12. Prior enlisted Fighter Guard unit: (Enlisted in the Unit hired by) AFOQT/TBAS: Dec 2018 Board: February 2019 Hired: March 2019 FC1: May 2019 OTS: ?? (No IFT) SERE: ?? UPT: ?? FTU:??
  13. Similar to N730, I had a 3.0 with a degree that might as well been basket weaving, when I got picked up by. Had a lot of flight hours/PCSM was high and letters of recs/EPRs were probably my saving graces.
  14. This. It's a completely different world from what I've heard. You're not exactly the tip of the spear for the Marines, if you're flying for them. If your ultimate goal is flying and being the mission, AF ROTC would be a good shot with the amount of slots they're giving out now.
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