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  1. Thanks for the feedback. I appreciate it. Sent from my Pixel XL using Baseops Network Forums mobile app
  2. Appreciate the feedback, just keeping an open mind if there might be certain areas that need improving. Having a year or so till applying, trying to get a small headstart on any changes that could help my chances. Sent from my Pixel XL using Baseops Network Forums mobile app
  3. Age: Just turned 24 College: Graduating in May 2018 possibly December 2018 Major: Sports and Society, Economics GPA: 2.9, will be above 3.0 before graduation Service: 3 years enlisted part time ANG fighter unit, crew chief Military Achievements: Airmen of the Quarter for the Wing, got F-16 Incentive ride out of it. BMT Element Leader Volunteering: Wright Flight Pilot and Volunteer, American Cancer Society, American Red Cross (Donate blood every drill possible), Veterans Center at my University Flight hours: 300+ PPL, HP, working on instrument rating LORS: Major General, Brig General, University Professor Legacy: Father Lt. Col. (Ret) A-10, F-16 Pilot Planning on applying to ANG fighter units only, best chance is with my home unit because we only hire from within, but options are always open to go elsewhere. Kept in touch with my squadron and group commander (both 3000+ hour pilots) so they know who I am when the time comes to apply. As well as other pilots on the base that have done the enlisted to pilot process. Appreciate any feedback. Thanks. Elvis