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  1. Not sure how active is handled other than I did see at OTS the active pilots interviewed for a slot at ENNJPT. I'm guard fighters and Kathy Rico handles all of the dates/locations. Everyone I know who was fighters guard/reserve and had a 90+ pcsm went to ENJJPT.
  2. This was my experience too. Failed it, did some more tests, then they threw Ben Franklins bifocals on, and bam they finally stuck out. Even with my flight glasses it still isn't easy to pick them out during PHA's.
  3. Very interesting, started last week at Laughlin and not a single word about this. Going to assume its Vance/ Randolph at the moment.
  4. Ignore the 3rd grade MS paint skills. KDLF 20-14/15
  5. Listen to this. At Laughlin now and there's little to no back ups, and we're going back to normal by end of the month.
  6. Guess that's why I've been told April 21st class date has been cancelled and then back on about 3 times. Got orders and a house so my a** is going. See ya there @PilotCandidate
  7. Rumor they're doing the same at Laughlin, I'm the April 21st class and Guard.
  8. Oh man sorry to hear that. Now I'm worried about dates for next month. Edit: Where did you find out they were delayed?
  9. This may sound dumb, but I took it twice and they told me the closer to San Antonio you are the faster you'll get them. took about a week to a week and a half from AZ.
  10. Correct, OTS, BMT, tech training, UPT, FTU all are carrying on as normal as far as I know.
  11. Confirmed today class UPT dates next month are still a go.
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