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  1. I don't think you should retake the AFOQT. With my little knowledge of heavies boards and their selections, your scores aren't stellar, but they're not bad. Depending how you do on the TBAS and if your PCSM is decently high, I think you should be fine. The PPL will be a very nice addition to your package. I'd say knock out that TBAS with the best of your ability, get that PPL and start firing out packages. If you're not getting any bites, then maybe consider retaking one or both of them. Good luck!
  2. Ahh very cool. Randolph is the first to get the TX program in 2023 as well I believe. Wonder if that will soon be a UPT base similar to how Kelly is F-16 B course with a small amount of classes each year.
  3. Any word on if they are any guard/reserve in these classes. At OTS now, and every guard/reserve guy here has dates from 5 days after OTS ends to this July, but no one is going to Randolph. Super interested to hear more about it as a Guard guy going to Laughlin in April.
  4. Thank you, it's a fun one! Just have to be patient. Even after you get picked up! Good luck!
  5. Your scores blow mine out the water, don't worry about the quantitative. I got picked up with a 32 quant for fighters. Start sending those packages out asap, you won't have a problem getting interviews.
  6. My apologies, I worded that poorly. Following UPT, I've noticed a lot of TBD to figure out where they're going for B-Course. Was curious if that delay was to figure out where they're going for B-course and if there was a backup.
  7. Are most 16 drops TBD because there's a long wait between UPT/IFF and FTU?
  8. I honestly have no idea, it's been that way for a long time. Opening it up to non AZ guard members has happened only a few times recently when there were no applicants within the units. But still always military members only.
  9. Hello everyone, Tucson Guard F-16 board isn't just the AZ Guard this time around. Be a current member of the US armed forces, either officer (with less than 8 years commissioned service), enlisted or warrant officer with a minimum of a current secret clearance. • This board is not open to civilians. The package is due in 10 days. https://www.162wing.ang.af.mil/About-Us/Careers/ I was last years pick up from the unit, any questions I'd be happy to answer. (DMs please) Good luck!
  10. Never hurts to ask. I'm fighters Guard but I wasn't allowed to go until I had a 90+ PCSM score. I retook it and they let me go. Being heavies though I could see it going both ways.
  11. Congrats!! Where at if you don't mind me asking?
  12. I got TLN last week for OCT 15 TFOT and been told I'm going to ENJJPT but no dates for that. Fighter Guard unit, also don't have to attend IFT.
  13. Thank ya! My recruiter sent it in about 3 weeks after I got picked up. She was my recruiter when I enlisted so she was on top of the ball for everything and super helpful. Not sure why or how everything moved so fast but I do know the high ups at my unit were wondering why it took so long for this process, maybe they made some phone calls, who knows. The last 3 pilots who got picked up at my unit took a year to leave, but they didn't get their paperwork in till a few months after they were picked.
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