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  1. New Platinum user here, so gift cards for the selected airline fall under the 200$ credit? I'd heard sometimes they honor it sometimes they don't. Unless it's airline based which I could see, but I chose Delta.
  2. Anyone looking into the Amex Blue Cash Preferred? https://www.nerdwallet.com/card-details/card-name/American-Express-Blue-Cash-Preferred OR have a good cash back/gas/groceries card?
  3. Prior enlisted Fighter Guard unit: (Enlisted in the Unit hired by) AFOQT/TBAS: Dec 2018 Board: February 2019 Hired: March 2019 FC1: May 2019 OTS: ?? (No IFT) SERE: ?? UPT: ?? FTU:??
  4. Similar to N730, I had a 3.0 with a degree that might as well been basket weaving, when I got picked up by. Had a lot of flight hours/PCSM was high and letters of recs/EPRs were probably my saving graces.
  5. This. It's a completely different world from what I've heard. You're not exactly the tip of the spear for the Marines, if you're flying for them. If your ultimate goal is flying and being the mission, AF ROTC would be a good shot with the amount of slots they're giving out now.
  6. Revitalizing this thread for a similar question. Since I can't return to my unit for seasoning, can I go to an overseas active duty base for the 2-3 years?
  7. Tucson, I've been enlisted there since I was a freshman in college, so them knowing me probably helped a bit. I held off on anything past private since I'll get my instrument through UPT and I didn't want to start learning habits I'll have to forget a year or two later in UPT. Just from what I've read each board is different, but mine didn't want to hear robot answers. Mostly had to talk about flying experiences and how I overcame failures and things like that. Interview prep is huge, had a family friend that runs an interview prep business which helped tremendously. I've heard bogidope has a good interview prep. Just things to avoid saying/ how to phrase certain sentences. Edit: Depending how the interview is going, throw something in to make them laugh. Ex: What makes you the best candidate here? Well, I'm better looking than all the other applicants...then go on to the real answer.
  8. I got hired ( Guard 16's ) one and done with almost identical scores to yours. Didn't get asked a single question about the scores in the interview. Seemed they cared more about flying experience and being an overall bro.
  9. Failed my first AFOQT attempt. Retake scores were: Pilot: 93 Nav: 60 Acad: 36 Verbal: 42 Quant: 36 PCSM: 85 379 flight hours
  10. Just wanted to update everyone, got picked up by my home F-16 unit today. Was the only one to be selected! Just wanted to thank everyone on here for all the tips and tricks throughout the whole process, helped tremendously. Cheers!
  11. Ahh didn't know WI was slotted for 35s. TIL.
  12. If the unit allows it, go for it. My unit used to allow 90 credit hours to apply, but you had to graduate the two semesters after no matter what. They got burned by that when an applicant failed a class and didn't have their degree by that May. So now it's 105 credits and you get an extra semester for wiggle room. Every unit is different, some require the full diploma and some will make things work with the credit hours. My .02 is don't submit a package that won't be 100% correct. Otherwise when you apply the next year and have all the credentials you might be remembered as the guy/gal that submitted an incomplete package when you knew it was incomplete, which could hinder your chance of getting an interview/slot.
  13. Since your unit is 16's and you're transferring to 35s I'd guess you're VTANG. Since they have a board coming up in June, I'd apply for that one(again?). Your scores are very good and it's your home unit so you've got that going for you. The 16 board you didn't get selected for, did you ask for feedback on why not? As far as debating over fighters and heavies with airlines in sight, I've seen just as many fighter guys go to major airlines as I've seen heavy guys. In the end, apply to wherever you want and see what presents itself.
  14. Guard, Reserves, and Active all attend everything together now. TFOT, IFT (I think), UPT, and follow on. Just getting picked up is different for each one.
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