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  1. I was not able to get OTS dates until the FC1 was stamped. They also had to wait for NGB to approve everything which took place after the FC1. I don't have a reg to back that up but that's just what I experienced. If it helps: FC1 in October 2017, OTS in January 2018 (They originally gave me a March OTS date but I got it moved up).
  2. Hired in June, OTS in January as well. Hopefully they line something up for you.
  3. I believe in September or October. I never got confirmation on that part of things ;) It hasn't felt fast but things are about to pick up!
  4. Dates are in finally! Guard Prior: Interview/Hire: June 2017 Swore In: August 2017 FC1: October 2017 NGB Package Approved: January 2018 TFOT: January 2018 SERE/Water Survival: April 2018 UPT (ENJJPT): July 2018 Best of luck to everyone!
  5. Mine was sent in early October and I've heard nothing. The recruiter said that he has contacted a Major up there but hasn't got a response. I'm just bracing for a wait time of 6 months for the worst case scenario...
  6. Just got done with the FC1/MFS. I highly recommend reading through this whole thread if you are concerned about the process. They got my group done in a day and a half but some people had to come back a third day for some more tests that only took a short amount of time. The Wright Patterson Inn is right across the street from the hospital (Bldg. 830) in Area A. They had us do our lab/urine testing and chest x-rays the morning of the first day. After that we went over to Bldg. 840 in Area B where we did the EKG, eye stuff, etc and then got to eat. The second half of the first day we did the psych test which took about 4 hours of staring at a computer screen. The second day we saw the flight doc, dentist, and got our eyes looked at again by the Opthemolegist. They will dilate your eyes so bring some sunglasses. The drops they use are freaky powerful too (mine are still not back to normal and its been like 48hrs+). I read some things about people getting tripped up by the color vision test which is understandable. I had to do a second one in a different room with an xbox controller but everything turned out to be alright. The computer makes it dang near impossible to see the letters once you get to a certain level. Just take your time with all the eye tests. The only other test that gave me a bit of trouble was with a light and red shaded glasses. I don't know what this is called but I would look up some youtube videos or something if you want to know more. You would see a double light depending on if the doc turned the fancy glasses a specific way or not. The staff are all very friendly and want to see you get through. Let me know if anyone has questions. Hope this helps!
  7. I think I may be able to partially answer your question. I had to submit more paperwork for my surgeries when I enlisted and did the normal physical with MEPS. They needed to verify what procedure was done (removed a bone chip after broken ankle). That being said, when I submitted the 2807 for the FC1 pre-screen they didn't ask for any other paperwork to explain my "yes" answers for surgery. I'm not sure if this is because it was previously marked yes on the first 2807 that I did or not though. As for the FAA third class medical I have no idea. I've done multiple FAA 1st class medicals and they have never asked me for supporting docs of my surgeries. Sorry I can't be of more help but I thought i'd at least try.
  8. Yeah, I figured about a year. Just curious if anyone else had FC1 updates since the last guy only had to wait a month.
  9. I'm not in the circuit anymore but my buddy who applied there told me he got an interview. This was about ~2 weeks ago.
  10. Guard/Prior Interview/Hired: June 17 FC1: October 17 (Can anyone explain this??) TFOT:??? UPT:??? Updates to come
  11. I know they hired 4 in 2017 (2 for Portland, 2 for Klamath). 1 civilian guy from the area and 3 other guys from around the country. Highest flight hours I believe was around 3000 with the lowest around 60. So you can definitely get picked up there being a civilian as I think other people have mentioned. Enlisting with the unit just shows you want it that much more. Next step would be to keep getting flight hours, finish school and take the AFOQT (not in that order necessarily). With those scores/connections/hours you have a good chance for an interview. The only thing that's contingent on would be your AFOQT/PCSM scores to come. If you want fighters, throw your package out to any fighter unit you would consider living at (some guys don't even do that if you're an airline pilot). I met guys in the circuit that had been submitting packages at fighter wings for 2+yrs. Just keep rushing different units and especially the one you are in close geographic proximity to. Good luck man!
  12. I just got done (somewhat) with the process it sounds like you are starting. I wish I would have taken the AFOQT sooner so that I could have started to throw my package out to ANG units that came open sooner than I did. I took the AFOQT fall of my senior year. Like the others have said, most of the answers you are looking for are somewhere buried on this website. Your GPA is avg from what I saw at the fighter units I applied. I applied to Oregon, Indiana, DC, South Carolina, and Ohio (heavies). I would study for the AFOQT and take as many practice tests as you can find on the internet. That avenue seemed to help me the most. As for the competitiveness, heavies are MUCH less competitive than fighters (no explanation needed). If you truly want fighter's you won't settle. That being said, heavies are not necessarily 'easy' to get by any means. Having flight experience seemed to help a little, although I saw guys with lower hours get picked up before I did. I met guys with anywhere from 1-3000+ hours. Most seemed to have at least a PPC. Bergman nailed it about ANG units and personality. Don't be someone you're not. The social events are just as important as the actual interview in my mind. Your numbers get you the interview, your personality gets you the slot. Main thing is to stay focused on what you want. I met guys that have been sending out packages for almost 2 years to fighter units. I got lucky in about 5 months. You'll meet all sorts of guys in the circuit. Most of them are pretty cool and easy to get along with but there are some of the frat guy, brown-nosing type. Hope this helps, good luck man!
  13. I have a helpful link/program for everyone like me trying to put all these packets together. You can combine pdf's, split them and do a whole bunch of other stuff for free. I was too much of a cheapo to pay for adobe pro. It seemed kinda janky but it's worked great for me so far. Here's the link. Hope it helps someone. http://www.pdfsam.org/download-pdfsam-basic/
  14. I believe mine went through. I had emailed the address a day prior and got a response so I know the email is legit. Did you use the CAC enabled website to submit when it gave you that "undeliverable" message? I got an email after I submitted saying that it was uploaded.
  15. First time posting on here. I would really appreciate that link. Right now I have all the units bookmarked on google and check about every 2 hours (not really but i'd like to). Thanks for this!
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