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  1. Does anyone have experience with this for the medical side? Thanks for posting this!
  2. I'll search for that. Thank you I found the latest waiver guide, I'll link it below. Due to my left ear being 10 dB above in the 4000Hz frequency for an H2. I am at a H3 profile. It states "No" for waiver potential. Should I let this be the end all to Air Force career flying opportunities? I will still go to an ENT to give it another try. http://www.wpafb.af.mil/Portals/60/documents/711/usafsam/USAFSAM-Wavier-Guide-Jan 2018.pdf#page371
  3. I am searching for some advice on acquiring a hearing waiver. The information this far has been great, so thank you to all for that. I went to MEPS and was DQ'd for hearing in my left ear December of last year. I have never had hearing issues ever in the past. I A few weeks later I went to an audiologist for a full examination and was told my hearing loss is consistent from noise exposure from a paintball hitting my ear when I was 13. Word recognition testing was "excellent". The medical documents were sent to the AFR and was denied a waiver. I will be going to an ENT for further examination with the hopes of trying again. Other than an ENT, is there more I can do? HZ Left Right 500 0...5 1000 0...0 2000 5...0 3000 5...0 4000 65...5 6000 70...0
  4. I'll get it down without! Thank you
  5. I'm getting ready to take my TBAS testing this Friday. I have been using the flashcards, along with a small piece of paper I drew a compass rose on. Does anyone know if this is allowed to be used on the test?
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