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  1. I thought we didn't like toxic leaders on this board? Surely you can't all think that screaming at each other over the phone, and calling your peers idiots behind their back is how business gets done.. It seems to me she was already under multiple IG investigations and her throwing a temper tantrum was just the final straw. I honestly question your judgement if you perceive the people you work with to be so stupid, relative to yourself, that you have no other option than to yell at them. I've never had any contact with her though so if she was legitimately a good leader please let me know.
  2. I don’t see a -60 being any more survivable than the other airframes you listed is all I’m saying.
  3. Are you saying we need a new aircraft for these situations? Perhaps something with stealth?
  4. Which brand did you get? I’ve been issued 4 different brands in the last year and they all have different a different pocket layout, texture, fit etc. stretchy crotch/knee area pant design + combat shirt has been my favorite so far.
  5. Are you talking about SOF aviation or ground forces? You might be more in the dark than you realize, but I don’t want to assume since I don’t know you. You’re describing direct action but that’s only 1 of several well defined mission sets. I could shed some light on the aviation side, and if you teach me a little about the different multirole missions you allude to I can draw more accurate parallels. Then we all might have a better idea if the work up cycle could be applied to fighters.
  6. How would you support this position to a third party who thinks we are biased because we’re in the Air Force? Pure numbers based on flying hour cost, or by saying their skill set is too hard to replace? I dont necessarily disagree just trying to check my own biases.
  7. What happened at Erbil? Are you talking about the MC-12 thing?
  8. Well the CV-22 is the greatest airframe of all time so I'm not sure what else you need to know! But on a serious note there is a lot to say for general lifestyle, do you have more specific questions? The good news is you can still go to the osprey from any track, although cross training from other airframes seems to be becoming more rare. Feel free to PM me if you want to talk in a less public forum.
  9. The crew door being referenced on display at HRT.
  10. I’d like to add another glowing review for Marty and the team at trident. Just closed on a nice place in Navarre, FL. I’m a first time home buyer and I really appreciated how Marty patiently explained the process to me multiple times. I worked with Ashley G and despite working around the Christmas holiday season, she was easy too contact and it felt like we were perpetually ahead of schedule. The title company decided at the last minute that $1000 of closing costs should be paid by the buyer (me) instead of the seller. Ashley went to bat for me and pushed back saying the seller should pay without me even having to ask. When I said it was fine and I would pay it, Ashley felt that was unfair to me and gave me an extra $500 in lender credit to split the costs with me 50/50! Wow! I can’t imagine other companies would take care of their customers like that. Needless to say I’ll be recommending them to all my friends/coworkers. Thanks again Marty, you and your team are great!
  11. I'm at Kirtland right now for initial qual. I don't feel qualified to do a full write up, but I can let you know about training or find someone who has been around a while if you have any specific questions. For now this is the best I got with my limited knowledge: 1. Ops Tempo/Deployment -- I've heard its usually a pretty steady 1:2 dwell ratio 2. Lifestyle/ Family Stability -- I have no idea but its a tight community. 3. Community morale -- All of my experiences have been very positive! People love to come to work. 4. Advancements & Future of the airframe -- It takes a long time to upgrade to AC and then to IP and eventually flight lead. Understandably so in my opinion. 5. Preferred PCS locations -- Hurlburt. Which is convenient because its the command base so you will probably cycle through more than once. Other options are Cannon, and soon Japan and Germany.
  12. What a complete 180 from the "whats wrong with the air force" thread. Over there people are saying they are getting out because big Air Force and leadership treated them like shit while they were serving their ADSC. Now you are consciously making the decision to do the same with those under you? No wonder your community is begging for more pilots.
  13. Valid. I could have been more clear about what I meant. If the decision to pull guys from the MAF has already been made then we owe it to them and ourselves as a total force to train them properly. my opinion is that If it isn't worth sending a guy through nearly the entire phase 3 of UPT again, then it isn't worth trying to cross flow people in the first place. Pretending like the T-38 is anything more than vaguely familiar to a guy 4 years removed, is just setting them up for failure. Further, if we are doing it properly anyways, and we are hurting for pilots that bad, why not make previous T-38 time just preferred instead of mandatory. Reasonable?
  14. So what is the difference between being a fighter pilot and flying a fighter? Smells like the old "no true scotsman" logical fallacy to me. To to be clear though I agree our pilots are much higher quality. All I'm saying is if you give a dude the same training and he passes all the same check rides, he is no different than a late to rate dude direct from UPT. (I imagine being a wingman as a captain/major might be a little weird but it's not like it's never been done before) People who want to cross flow need to realize they are starting from the bottom again, but that doesn't mean they can't do the job. Additionally, no one should expect to be given a short cut. Including those that flew the T-38 in a past life, so why is that a requirement to cross flow?
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