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  1. Hi guys, So I've been lurking on this page for some time since I found out about it. Now I'm in need of a little bit of help if you guys wouldn't mind. I saw on the BogiDope site that the reserve unit at MacDill is having a board in November and I really want to apply. Unfortunately the ad on Bogidope doesn't really have any info as to what the package should consist of. All it says is to send resumes to their email address. I've started looking at all of the other listings just to see what the most constant parts of a package are and I was just going to build a package based off of those. So far the things I have are: Cover Letter, Resume, Letters of Rec, Transcripts, AFOQT/TBAS scores, Last 3 EPRs (I'm currently enlisted AD), and any pilot ratings/hours info. Do you all think this will suffice for a package where they have no info as to what it is they actually want? Also, I'm not quite sure how to move forward with the resume and cover letter. All the other parts are pretty self explanatory but I'm not sure how to format or even start with those two. Anyone willing to help me out with that? I'd appreciate any help I could get. Thanks.
  2. Hello all,I plan on applying for the 18OT02 active duty board and had a question. I want to apply for a rated slot but because I got hit with a surprise deployment in July of this year I have not been able to take the TBAS as required to apply for rated. As such, I plan on applying for this next board as a non rated applicant on the advice of my chief saying that I can also try to become a pilot after OTS selection and that now would be the best time for me as we have the support of my group leadership and above to get the 2star to sign off on my LOR and that may change by the time the next AD board rolls around because our group leadership will have changed. My question is does anyone know how hard it is, or just what the route is in general that one must take to become a pilot or other rated officer if you have been accepted as a non-rated selectee? Thanks in advance.
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