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  1. RonaldRAGIN

    Changing/Switching airframes

    I'm saying send T-6 FAIPs to some 38 spin up course then to IFF and B-course. If their performance, reviews and attitude dictate obviously.
  2. RonaldRAGIN

    Changing/Switching airframes

    I'm talking about those who excel at their job, show initiative and have great flying skill. People who may have been passed up due to manning or some other circumstances in UPT that may have put them out of a 38 slot when they were overall more qualified than people before or after them who were simply luckier in their track select. For example: two wash backs one being a top performer from their class and an international student both from different classes causing what is in effect 2 less spaces for those in the class that received them. What other options are there? What can be done to help alleviate the problem the Air Force is currently experiencing?
  3. RonaldRAGIN

    Changing/Switching airframes

    I'm just curious that if we're so short on fighters why not also take from the top qualified FAIP pool. I'm sure a lot of them would be willing to even incur a longer commitment or wait an extended period to get their training. Seems like a reasonable thing to do but then again I don't have an extensive idea of how the Air Force works on a large scale.
  4. RonaldRAGIN

    Changing/Switching airframes

    I perused this thread over the last few days and saw some people mentioning the possibility of sending FAIPs to fighters. Anyone have any insight on this? Likelihood of them pulling from the FAIP pool to send people to fighters who didn't get picked up for 38s in UPT? Any ideas of preference for T1 vs T6 FAIPs in terms of eligibility and probability of success : qualification? Just curious since I see mostly the MAF to CAF argument here.