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  1. Just took the AFOQT, and the advice HiFlyer gave you is spot on. Enjoy college, get involved with different groups (Frats, club sports, etc.) developing life skills and learning to network is the biggest advantage college can give you. I'm sure there will be a local mom and pop airport near you, try and get a job at the FBO. Get around aviation in general, there is a lot to it most people are not aware of and it can eye opeing. Good luck.
  2. Looking for some help/ advice here in regards to flight hours not logged in a "Log Book". Just got off the phone with the TBAS administrator at Robbins AFB. He told me to bring my log book with me the day of the test, explained to him I could bring a CAFRS (system the Army tracks flights in) print out with all of my flights. He seemed a little skeptical as to whether or not that work. So my question is, am I over thinking this and just present him with the CAFRS printout, or get a log book and go back and put all my flights in? Thank you in advance for any assistance.
  3. Not sure on your age, but from what I have gathered on this forum, units will hire someone over 30 on a case by case basis (not sure on how being a Major messes with a units MTOE though) I do know you will not have to go through UPT if you decided to go to a Helo unit. Which would make being 30+ not an issue. Couldnt agree more on wanting a lifestyle change from the Army. It's endless the amount of crap that comes down and control every echelon of leadership wants on the lower levels. Currently with a unit that was effect by the hurricane, and AFTER the governor declared a state of emergency for the state it was decided we should move A/C. Like are you kidding me.
  4. Going through the same thing now brother. PM me.
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