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  1. Thank you for the advice! I don't know too much about the reserves, as I have just been looking into the ANG. But for the ANG, it sounds like the best plan is to continue studying for the AFOQT, try to get some flight time, take the AFOQT, then apply to a few different units. Are any of you currently ANG pilots? If so, any recommendations on great units? I'm currently in the Denver area, but would be willing to relocate.
  2. First off, I know there are quite a few threads like this one, so thank you for reading mine and helping me out! Here are a few things about me: -25 year old female -5'6" - fairly athletic -3.89 GPA -Taught health and PE for a couple years, then moved into the training field in the aviation industry -No flight time, but have been studying pilot books, videos and could start PPL training if needed -Highly motivated and dedicated personality - worked full time during college to pay my way through -Haven't taken the AFOQT yet, but have been studying! I have my sights set on being a fighter pilot for a few different reasons, but would just love to fly in the military period. I've also read that flight hours are not required, and sometimes not even preferred. However, I've read in multiple forums that this is greatly beneficial. Also, have any of you called/emailed/visited a unit before applying? So, with all of this said, what would your suggestions be for next steps, and making myself as marketable as possible? Thanks again!
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