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  1. You might in theory not need an age waiver if you get picked up by a Reserve unit, they've been somewhat quicker lately getting people into the pipeline (I've seen as little as seven months from squadron interview to UPT, and I think they're continuing to shorten the wait). You will likely get an interview with any heavy squadron you apply to. My guess is that fighter squadrons are a long shot, they're loathe to do waivers and seem to dislike hiring older guys who are, in their experience, less likely to successfully make it through all the required training. I wouldn't go crazy pursuing more "senior" letters of rec. A captain who knows you well and can speak to you personally is far better than a general who signs a form letter.
  2. Anyone know where the TDART (new hires off seasoning days) will fall? I thought it was supposed to be GS-9, but OPMs tables start at GS-11.
  3. IIRC, there's a legit thing for civilian applicants where the medical system can't handle you processing through applying to more than one component at once. But if you're already in, should be a non-issue. If you're competitive for a Reserve slot, why waste time on a long-shot at AD?
  4. I think both KC-10 squadrons at McGuire do them every six months or so, but it all depends on the need and the budget.
  5. He's not necessarily wrong, he's just 24 hours late... Boeing stock already suffered its dip by the time he posted that. It's the problem with any random individual trying to pick stocks based on not-really-inside information... by the time you make a purchase, you're far behind the guys with special computer systems designed to reduce delays by a few milliseconds who do this for a living.
  6. She is running for office, though, in a state she just lost, against a much better candidate than she lost against. Her story on this incident is going to be extremely powerful ammunition for her.
  7. I'd probably wear a pair of khakis and a button down shirt or polo. Not too casual, not to formal (unless it's a meet-and-greet as part of an interview, definitely wear a suit for the interview). Some people bring a bottle of liquor as a gift / compensation for putting up with your questions all day. Seems to be more of a thing in fighter squadrons, and definitely not mandatory or even beneficial in all cases.
  8. If you look up the actual job posting on USAJOBs (https://www.usajobs.gov/GetJob/ViewDetails/516960200), under the qualifications section, it says UPT grad gets you GS-9, 300 flight hours in MDS gets you GS-11, 750 gets you GS-12. I'm not sure if that means you have to have that number of hours in your actual aircraft, because just below that it says student pilot and simulator hours are creditable. I got hired by a Reserve unit right around the time that 5 year ART contract thing popped up, as far as I know it went away, at least I haven't heard anything about it.
  9. You're correct re: Reserves and living in the dorms, I'm collecting BAH for where my wife is while living in the dorms (without any BAH deduction). You'll get Vance BAH from Day 1, and in a month or three you'll start getting BAH for wherever your family is, plus the difference retroactively.
  10. Correct. You'll have a brief meeting with a flight med doc, and you'll have an eye exam that's slightly more involved than what you'd get from a visit to a civilian optometrist.
  11. I always wonder if it isn't awkward unloading and storing (or loading and donning) a firearm in public. Seems like not something I'd want to be doing out of my trunk right outside the base gate.
  12. It's definitely possible for a Reservist to FAIP, one prior Nav did it a little while ago. He was unsponsored and wanted to stick around, apparently.
  13. FYI, some squadrons apparently look at your 201+ hour column anyways, rather than your official score.
  14. I guess I do because the answers I read on here were very valuable to me when I was applying to units. Passing on the favor seems fair. Not everyone is fortunate enough to have a ton of contacts already in who can help them out. Ironically, given the title of this thread, one thing I wouldn't have had a clue on is the importance of visiting the squadron while applying. That's not a necessarily obvious thing to those coming from a non military background.
  15. Yeah, you should be an easy pickup for any Reserve heavy squadron. What FDNY said about it being quicker for the Reserves than Guard is true.
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