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  1. That's very interesting. I guess it just goes to show that we are inclined to believe people who look and act the part (see: Elizabeth Holmes).
  2. The pilot in this incident had 7300 hours in this particular B-17. I think he was likely the most experienced B-17 pilot, ever.
  3. Abdominal fat is highly correlated to health problems later on, and the PT test is first and foremost a healthcare cost management device. If you can run a mile and half in a reasonable time, and have a waist less than 40 inches, you will on average cost the government far less in healthcare. That's it. Push-ups and sit-ups were explicitly added to satisfy people who wanted a "military" test.
  4. When I failed depth perception at MEPS, I had to go get the full eye workup at a nearby base med group before going for my FC1. If I recall correctly, the FC1 and the eye test are technically different screenings... maybe you can get it arranged to go to a nearby base and do the eye work there?
  5. What was illegal about it? Korematsu v. US is still binding law, despite the SCOTUS' efforts to overturn it in dicta.
  6. Stoker

    A toast

    Yes, but given that you can convert a DC-10 into an MD-10 I assume there is at least some level of parts commonality (or else why convert them at all?).
  7. Stoker

    A toast

    No idea, but my uneducated guess is that the common MD-10/11 type rating means that the MD-10s will keep flying longer than they would have if they were a different type, which would in theory keep the supply chain open.
  8. Stoker

    A toast

    It's the cost of a small fleet, though there are still a lot of common parts sources for the -10 thanks to MD-10s and -11s flying freight. The real issue, I think, is that the maintenance was cut during sequestration and now the -10s are in a deep, expensive hole - theyd rather focus on new, shiny planes even if the 46 isn't up to the same tasks.
  9. Weren't the estimated flow times looking like 8-10 years before the current airline crisis? Realistically, if the airlines get back to hiring at a pace to make flows from a regional take less than a decade, a pilot with a year or two of regional time plus military heavy time shouldn't be waiting around for the flow.
  10. It is far more socially acceptable in some circles to spend your late twenties making $6000 a year studying political science so that you can teach political science. Grad school numbers don't indicate intelligence, possibly quite the opposite. "If we were good at life, we wouldn't need more school."
  11. Hey, I passed the last one! CAP isn't a bad thing. It got to the point in my T-6 flight where all but me and another student were on CAP. We all made it.
  12. I have five months of seasoning and then a deployment in short order thereafter. So hopefully I'll be able to get the remaining 100 hours in that time. Depending how how much Corona slows things down, and how long the Federal civilian employment process takes, I may have a couple months of TR-ing in there, but at this point I'd be fine with that. I'm looking forward to taking my first vacation on a date of at least partially my own choosing, in three years.
  13. I'm basically being told not to apply for TDART until I have the 300 hours. They count sim and Other time, so for me I only need about another 100 during the five months of MQT.
  14. Given how the current airline hiring environment is looking, don't expect anybody to be in a hurry to fix anything about the ART program. As far as big blue is concerned, they've solved the pilot shortage. My biggest complaint about the ART is the time off issue. Everyone seems to have grand plans for getting paid from two sources on the same day, getting UTA on top of civil pay, etc., but ask if there's a way to avoid working 12 days straight once a month and people look at you like you have three heads.
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