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  1. Traditional drop nights have already started to go away from what I can tell. They're mixing and mingling classes together, whoever is close to dropping based on their place in the syllabus. Not sure if that's how it always was. 19-08 is the last official "class" at KCBM, should be dropping sometime around February.
  2. Stoker

    How important is visiting units?

    You won't get an interview with a fighter squadron without rushing. I haven't heard of a single person who did. Heavies, depends how desperate they are / how inhospitable the location is.
  3. Stoker

    Just another dreamer

    Just a little joke, when I was applying it seemed like they posted a call for applications every month or two, and they were just about the only heavy squadron I never heard back from.
  4. Stoker

    Just another dreamer

    You're likely in striking distance for fighters, finish your PPL and you'll likely be able to land some interviews provided you show up to the meet-and-greets and mesh well. But you'll be among the less well qualified candidates, at least on paper. Not insurmountable though, and potentially worth spending six months or so chasing that dream before switching to applying to heavies. Get your PPL and you should get a call back from any heavy squadron you apply to (except McDill).
  5. Competition for UPT slots with the Guard and Reserve is pretty minimal right now, people are getting hired by bomber squadrons with ~20 flight hours and a degree in zoology. But if you're set on fighters, a PPL is almost mandatory to be considered by them.
  6. Stoker

    UPT Weight Lifting

    As far as I can tell, the FACT isn't pass-fail anymore. We still took it, and maybe because I'm auto T-1 tracked (Reserve) I missed the memo, but I didn't hear of anyone "failing" or not being allowed to track -38s. Maybe it's behind the scenes consideration for track select?
  7. Stoker

    UPT prep flying with private instructor

    The 11-248 hasn't changed since 2016, but a lot of the maneuvers aren't done anymore (or at least, required in the syllabus).
  8. Question: I'm a reservist at UPT currently living in the dorms, getting BAH for my home location based upon still having a house there while I'm in training. My Guard friend here in the same situation isn't getting BAH, period, much less BAH for where he's paying a mortgage while in training. Does anyone know what reg is allowing me to do this, and if there's any reason it would/wouldn't apply to a Guard student? We're talking something like a $25k difference in pay over the course of UPT, for no reason I can figure.
  9. Solo students are expected to either land the plane via normal overhead, or eject. No ELPs, and we don't practice them in the aircraft. Still have to know the details of an ELP for GK. Instructors and some international students still do ELPs.
  10. Stoker

    Columbus AFB Information

    We just had the biggest influx of new people to the dorms (Academy folks showing up), so it might be a while. I was given the offer to get out about two months after getting here, but they were trying to clear space for the ring-wearers coming in.
  11. Stoker

    The Next President is...

    Taxes should be for the purpose of raising revenue to fund government, not to punish people who government decides have too much money.
  12. Stoker

    The Next President is...

    That's kind of a fundamental misunderstanding of how saving works. Very few people are literally Scrooge McDucking their savings in a giant vault. The estate tax hits productive enterprises that have a monetary value, or stocks that represent capital investments. Even if it's just cash in a bank account, the bank can now lend that money out to people who want to accomplish things with it. The issue with the estate tax is that it's relatively easy to evade, and the incentives to do so are extremely high. People with $100 million estates are paying a smart lawyer to set up trusts and shells to avoid paying much, if anything. Heirs of people with a relatively small family business, say, $10 million, are forced to sell out in order to pay the taxes. You often can't really just sell half of a small company. Even in your farm example, it's not so simple as selling a few hundred acres. Now you don't really have the land to justify that $400k combine you bought, and maybe a fulltime manager just isn't really in the cards... in a few years, your productivity is down so much you sell the rest.
  13. Stoker

    Columbus AFB Information

    You'll have to go to the UOQs first, even if it's full there's a waitlist to get out, so you'd take someone's room and they'd get to move. They're also intermittently letting single students find a roommate and share a base house, pocketing ~$400 of leftover BAH. YMMV. For the UOQs, the beds are Full XLs in case you want to order sheets that actually fit. Don't listen to the UOQ lady if she tells you different. Casual jobs are much less of a thing than they used to be, you mostly don't get one unless you're in the wrong place at the right time. Instead, expect to be assigned as a casual to a T-6 flight room for at least a few weeks before you start academics. The idea is you can study, ask questions, etc.
  14. Stoker

    Alright, light me up here

    Fighter units don't look likely, I'd say you'd have a decent shot at heavy squadrons provided you rushed/interviewed well. PPL will likely do the most to improve your chances, especially as it gives you a talking point about your dedication to this goal.
  15. Stoker


    You should storm through your PPL as fast as humanly possible. If this is something you seriously want to do, spend the $10,000 or so it would take to go to a dedicated pilot mill that can get you done in two weeks. As you said, time is not on your side. There's a 35 year old in my UPT class so not out of the question, but every day you delay puts you further towards the point of no return.