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  1. Ended up selecting 3D1X2 Cyber Transport Systems. Thanks all!!
  2. I'm about to enlist in the Air National Guard and the only cyber jobs available at my base are Client Systems (3D1X1), Cyber Systems Operations (3D0X2), and Cyber Transport Systems (3D1X2). Then there's RF Transmissions Systems (3D1X3), and Spectrum Operations (3D1X4). These last two have a $10,000 signing bonus. I have a BS in Computer Science and have been working in IT for over 14 years. The past 8 have been in software developing. The signing bonus sounds very enticing, but I know nothing about radios, so that would leave Spectrum Operations as a maybe. I'm older and
  3. Spoke to my recruiter and said that to his knowledge that the max age was 33. I told him about AFI 36-2005, but asked if I could print him out a copy of where it said it was mentioned, when I meet him this week. He's going to show me around the unit and fill some paperwork.
  4. I'm mostly worried since I'm so late in the game that I miss out completely any shot of joining the ANG. Either way gonna get some AFOQT books and start studying hard again. I'll be messaging my recruiter on Monday. Will be interesting to see how he'll react.
  5. How much more difficult is the AFOQT from the ASVAB. Don't know much about aviation and am going for a cyber job, those sections worry me.
  6. I was not aware of this... My ASVAB is expires next month. Not sure what to do now... I had gotten good scores in my ASVAB, but it took a lot of studying for a while. I just passed my physical yesterday. I've been many times to the recruiting office and never seen an officer. There only enlisted members there. Going to another recruiting office is out of the question, cause there really isn't. Had the same recruiter for like 3 years. Had to speak to his supervisor (MSgt) last month, since he wouldn't go over my file. Always gave me some excuse. I'm supposed to call him next week to
  7. Recruiter gave me a gave a hard time saying I was too old and stuff.
  8. I'm 37 and about to enlist. My personal mission is to achieve a commission. I know I'm old, but I've heard that it's possible. Does picking the right job matter? I have a BS is in computer science and currently work full time as a system developer. I have worked in a variety of other areas within the IT field (technician, DBA, system administrator, etc.) Currently, from what the web page says that's available are the following Cyber jobs for my base: Client Systems (3D1X1), Client Systems Operations (3D0X2), Cyber Surety (3D0X3), Cyber Transport Systems (3D1X2). Radio Frequency Transmissi
  9. I am considering joining the Air National Guard as an E3. I read somewhere that "If you have dependents, an apartment or mortgage before enlisting you will receive base housing allowance pay." I have a mortgage with no dependents and I'm single. Is this correct and would this apply for guard units while being months in BMT and tech school? I live in a US territory would that be considered OHA? Found this calculator but not sure if it applies to me. If so, would I be entitled to the max "OHA Rental Allowance"? What about "Utility/Recurring Maintenance All
  10. So if I do 180 consecutive days active duty in the federal level, I could have veteran status, but after 20 years of service?
  11. I understand that an Air National Guard member isn't a veteran and isn't entitled to Veteran benefits unless they complete 20 years of service or are called to active duty by the Federal Service under Title 10 I believe for a minimum amount of months. What is the minimum amount of active duty time required to earn veteran status and what other ways can an ANG serviceman become a veteran? Is veteran status awarded after the honorable discharge?
  12. Neat! Thanks! Was supposed to get an appointment for MEPS this week, but the partial shutdown kinda' set it back a bit. BTW, What is MEST?
  13. Also says in the FAQ page to become an officer: "If selected, you are required to complete the Academy of Military Science (AMS) Officer training program prior to your 35th birthday." That being said I've heard about older people in OTS. Maybe a waiver. Gonna' try my darndest to get a comission.
  14. Sadly, I'm too old. 37.
  15. I'm considering joining my local Air National Guard and have a couple of questions regarding initial pay. I have a bachelor's degree. I understand that I would go in as an E3. Since everyone in BMT is an airman (E1), would pay be as E1? If so, would E3 be sown on and E3 pay be at or after Tech Scool? Is there retroactive pay? Also, I've seen some airman drill before going to BMT, would pay then be as E1 as well? Who actually pays during the trainings: the federal government or the state? Bonus question... I have a full-time job and since I'm voluntarily joining the ANG, are they legally b
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