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  1. Did these people have apps that were obviously easy to reject or were they middle of the pack apps?
  2. Here we again, another person to say the era of fighter jets are over. I just wanna hear what the real pilots here have to say about this? https://www.cnbc.com/2020/02/28/elon-musk-says-the-fighter-jet-era-has-passed.html
  3. It seems that some ppl here think if you even remotely understand the possibility that you won't get fighters then you have the "wrong attitude". Lol. Let's just all go in with blind optimism shall we?
  4. Just to help with a dose of reality. Persistency is indeed a very good trait to have. But we've all met many great dudes who have interviewed countless times and did not get the fighter slot they wanted originally. But they did still end up flying in the end. And thats what we're all here for. To fly and serve.
  5. My pessimistic insecurities are buried under my optimistic username.
  6. They will most likely email you whether you were selected or not.
  7. Ah got it. I see. So May 4th is now interviews week and not visits. I'm slow AF understanding today
  8. So visits and interviews on that weekend for SC? Am i missing something?
  9. It could be worse. I've seen a few dudes (and gals) that have interviewed dozens of times and never got alternate.
  10. I think i heard couple guys got interviews to OK didn't visit either. So i'm thinking they must've had something on their resume
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