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  1. bigdreams

    Upcoming Boards

    Wait 'till end of day
  2. bigdreams

    Upcoming Boards

    Anyone hear interview notifications lately?
  3. bigdreams

    Upcoming Boards

    Plenty of folks have literally a 30+/1 rejection/interview ratio
  4. bigdreams

    Chances for Fighter Units?

    With the number of apps that Buckley will surely be getting, i'm sure this will be an easy one to throw out. Good to know that there really are fake ppl out there at the meet and greets but then are complete jackasses and keyboard warriors outside.
  5. bigdreams

    Chances for Fighter Units?

    It's too late already for him. Duck's got it taken care of i'm sure.
  6. bigdreams

    Chances for Fighter Units?

    It's funny because based on the scores you already posted on your very first post on another thread of trying to get into Buckley, it would be very easy to figure just exactly who you are if i was apart of the hiring board for Buckley that has met you at the meet and greet. Remember, be careful what you say/post on ANY social media. That includes this forum. Edit: and now that you put out your "legacy" connections out there, that just solidifies who you are. Goodluck at the next-next Buckley board.
  7. bigdreams

    Chances of a Fighter Slot

    Everyone who actually wants the job (which is 99% of the ppl that interview) ask for feedback. Asking for feedback is & should be standard. And when you ask for feedback, don't expect to hear the magic words on what will get you the job on the next interview. Most of the time, (unless your interviewing skills are legitimately poor to subpar) your feedback will sound a lot like a high school date rejection: "we like you a lot but we liked this other dude better." And this really is because every unit is different (as what literally everyone knows already at this point) and some units will mesh with you better than others. The main thing is (insert generic inspirational quote) don't give up and keep interviewing. It will stick sooner or later.
  8. bigdreams

    Chances of a Fighter Slot

    There have been people with similar scores to you that interviewed once while others have literally interviewed 14 times before they got a UPT slot. It all depends.
  9. bigdreams

    Seeking Feedback - chances for Pilot or CSO

    Scores are way on the lower end. But the other things on your resume are great.
  10. bigdreams

    Upcoming Boards

    Anyone hear from 125th FW in jax?
  11. notifications went out last week already.
  12. bigdreams

    Just took the AFOQT.. retake? Help!

    Decent pilot. Everything else is pretty low. Your pcsm should be pretty decent though with the amount of flight hrs that you have. Try another study tactic for your retake and get other scores up. They dont need to be scholar scores, but atleast get them above 50's. Focus on getting the pilot and pcsm score high.
  13. bigdreams

    Upcoming Boards

    Anyone hear from 148th fw yet?
  14. Someone already made a site some time back with ALL units (Reserve + Guard) that are hiring. https://afpilotjobs.com No need to pm anyone or exchange emails.