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  1. So does that make it advantageous to test when Academy cadets are -not- ? Seems to me, that pool would be more competitive.
  2. Got this question in my email and couldn't answer it: Does anyone know what group the AFOQT scores are "percentiled" against? Is it that current crop of test takers (ex: all test takers in Fall 2016)? All takers who have ever taken that same test form? Some other subset? I know the old Form S scores were re-centered on fall 2014 scores. I am wondering about the scores for new test takers. Thanks.
  3. reticulous


    State by state, as far as deer. I still remember the legal wording from my accident in CT 15 years ago: "in cases where only one driver is at involved, that driver is assumed to be at least 50% at fault." Now in my case, I hit a stationary object, so that definition seemed pretty charitable.
  4. So, update: Thanks for all your help and suggestions. My SQ/CC, OG/CC and Wing/CC all lobbied the porch to keep me in the Viper (and keep the WIC door open), but it isn't looking good: short of a miracle, I am still headed to IFF this fall. On the up side, my RNLTD isn't until mid-October, and my losing SQ says they will try put me through the IPUG before I PCS out of here. So that is a pretty nice consolation prize, and I am very grateful for everything they have done to help. Question now is: when am I eligible to get back in the jet, and does the clock start before or after I finish IFF training? If I get to Sheppard in October 2016 and am in training until January 2017, when do I have enough TOS to start asking to get back to the Viper? Thanks, all. (Sorry, this is probably better suited for the Fighter Assignments thread, but I wanted to update those here who have counseled me so far.)
  5. RNLTD October 14. Other guy in my squadron headed the same place, RNLTD August 8.
  6. Anyone else gotten a RIP yet? Still not totally sure of my assignment, but wondering when I might be packing up here. Do you normally get at least 60 days between RIP and RNLTD, or is that just a guideline?
  7. Thanks. I took your advice and asked around my unit. Local Sq/cc and Og/cc willing to make calls. Og/cc says Wing/cc probably will, too. It is a long shot now, I guess, but I want to go down fighting.
  8. Still crickets here. Another weekend...
  9. Thanks for all the feedback. Sorry to be dumb about this, but are you guys joking about the 7-day opts? I would gladly go anywhere to stay in the jet. I just really don't know how this whole process works and (probably my fault) haven't gotten as much guidance as I clearly should have. In fact, I was explicitly told by my boss that I shouldn't worry about volunteering for Korea, to stay in the jet. Otherwise I would have gladly volunteered to go there. Anyway, if this isn't a joke, how do I go about trying to grab one of the 7-day opts? Is there a chance they are still left? Thanks again, bros. For the reality checks, too.
  10. Chances at WIC dead? I'm finishing up my first tour in the F-16, but just got shunted back to 38s for my next assignment. I was ENJPPT, DG of the B-course, and did well here (4FLUG a year ago) but I guess SH and it sounds like this was a terrible VML. Is weapons school off the table, now?
  11. Sorry, man. That sucks. Where are you going? Do you think assignments are still in flux, or just a paperwork backlog?
  12. Confirmed. Your minimums (for any commission) are 15 Verbal, 10 Quantitative. On top of that, for Navigator/CSO you need a Nav composite of 25, a Pilot composite of 10, and a combined Nav + Pilot composite of 50.
  13. Thanks, Hoss! Now about Homestead: The area around Homestead is okay. Coral Gables, Doral (about 20 minutes away) and Miami Springs are nicest, more expensive, and have the best schools. Avoid Hialeah (which would be a hike, anyway). Kendal has some nice parts and stuff to do. Dadeland has a World of Beer. If you want to be close to Homestead, try to stay East of the Interstate.
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