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    AFOQT Instrument Comprehension

    barron gets it wrong still unfortunately ;\
  2. Hey All, Does anyone know of a good book or resource to practice instrument comprehension for the AFOQT? I have 3 different test books and they all have the outdated version of the the instrument comprehension visuals. I.E where bank is opposite the black arrow where as now the AFOQT uses an actual attitude indicator so the arrow indicates your actual bank. I know how to read these for sure but I want to just get a feel for how fast I can read them in a timed environment.
  3. Hey Tgonzo29! Do you have dates for when your going to OTS then on to UPT? It seems like from acceptance to UPT is a pretty substantial amount of time and I was wondering if you could confirm that?
  4. Thank you both for the advice! I've actually just gotten off the phone with a flight school and will be aiming to finish up my PPL by mid February just in time for some ANG boards! On a side note my recruiter is always super busy and appointments need to be made at least a month in advance with him and thats after a few emails. Is there anything I should get cleared up ASAP? Seems like a fantastic guy whose just got way to many people to work with!
  5. Thanks for the response GDAL! Definitely already setup my plans for a PPL. Would you say an online ground school is sufficient for the AFOQT or is the general consensus that an in person ground school is better overall? Would love to fly for the guard or reserve but I honestly want to fly more than anything. Is AD that poor of a gig over the ANG / AFRES?
  6. Hey All, Long time lurker but first time poster on the forum. I'm looking to get advice on improving my chances, study materials, and anything you wonderful people could maybe offer for someone in my position! My Background: Occupation: Full time student (Senior Undergraduate in Mathematics) / Part time data scientist GPA: 3.4 Current Work experience: Formal Math research, 2 x internships in data science, 1 current part time position in data science, 1 job offer to be a full time data scientist post graduation General experience: 1 year in ROTC where I was top 1/3 of my class. Medically DQ'ed because of medicine I was taking my freshman year of college. I'm cleared now! Leadership: Leader of the aviation club here on campus, Leader of a multicultural club on campus, and also an officer in a finance club on campus. Volunteer: Volunteered with habitat for humanity, Friends of Trees, Red Cross, and Kaiser Permanente [However I don't have any consistent volunteer hours with any one organization] AFOQT: I believe I got in the 60s for Pilot and Nav for my first AFOQT. I'm definitely going to retake this and would like some advice on studying! PPL: Currently working on it and want to be done by march but have to pay for this and school so it's a little hard to balance funds. Aiming for April Board date and also open to the ANG / Reserves. Also note I am open to anything fixed wing and just want to fly anything in the Air Force! My first few questions are is my GPA to low to be competitive? Is it bad I don't consistently volunteer with an organization? How many flight hours should I aim for? What are some study materials I can use for the AFOQT that I plan on taking next year? What can I do to improve? Please be as brutal and honest as possible. I want to do every single thing I can to improve my chances when the April board comes up! Thanks for all your help!