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  1. pmpt

    Low PCSM?

    All responses very much appreciated. Anyone have any idea however what 'weight' the TBAS holds in PCSM calculation? Long story made short I did the TBAS directly after the AFOQT with little sleep. I've nearly aced the Navy's version which is very similar. The Navy gives an actual score back for the hand/eye portion though. No idea how much of my less than stellar PCSM is accounted for by the TBAS rather than lack of flight hours ... In any case. Thanks boys.
  2. pmpt

    Low PCSM?

    Also, would it behoove me to do the TBAS again?
  3. Hello, I have taken the AFOQT and TBAS. My AFOQT scores were 90/89/87/93/72. My PCSM was 65. I have, 2 flight hours (intro flights - was in a tough spot financially for awhile but wanting to go back and do more). 2 principal questions: 1) is this PCSM crap? I have no idea what the scale is; and 2) while I'm sure it's recommended, would getting more flight hours/ a PPL be dispositive or decisive on an application? I understand that for ANG it is likely to be, but for the active component? Thank you.
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