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  1. Marty - Trident Home Loans

    VA Loans

    Thank you Sir! Elena is truly amazing and she is one of my 3 processors dedicated to the baseops team that I setup and that Jon is leading. We want each of you to get the best service/rates possible because that’s what we’d want for our families and you guys deserve nothing less. Vets/pilots taking care of fellow vets/pilots...you guys are the best clients we get! Thanks! Marty
  2. Marty - Trident Home Loans

    VA Loans

    Thank you so much! Low stress, great rates, and the best service is what we’re always shooting for. We’re glad we did that for you! Let me know if you need anything in the future! Marty
  3. Marty - Trident Home Loans

    VA Loans

    Super excited for my team to win this! They work so hard and deserve all the credit!
  4. Marty - Trident Home Loans

    VA Loans

    In general I’ve been doing 3.875 on 30yr VAs in FL last week with no lender fee. Every loan is different so I’d have to run a quote to get exactly what you’re looking for. 15yr VAs were about the same last I checked, might be able to get down to 3.75% on a 15. The refi market is pretty dead these days with rates rising, but if anyone is sitting 4.5% or above it’s still viable. Marty
  5. Marty - Trident Home Loans

    VA Loans

    Great news! Last week we were successful in getting approval to use first year pay for airline new hires vs training pay which is significantly lower. It happened that the underwriter working a file was an army wife who went above and beyond to speak directly to a high level admin official who was married to an airline pilot. They saved the documentation for future use for Delta Pilots specifically but other airline new hires will also benefit. The documentation is specific to VA loans but we should be able to do the same for conventional borrowers. This will give you more buying power since training pay isn’t an accurate gauge of what a 1st year airline pilot will make. Training pay shouldn’t limit the house a multi-million $ career airline pilot can afford. I’m also happy to announce I’m bringing on Jon as a loan originator on Monday. He’s a 13yr AF AC-130 evaluator pilot who is currently transitioning to the airlines and will be a reservist at AFSOC HQ. I wanted you guys to have a younger AF guy who’s more in touch with what you guys are going through vs just an old Navy guy like me. I’ve given him the latitude to give “owner” rates/pricing so nothing changes when you work with him. I’m not going anywhere and I’ll be working hand and hand. As always keep the questions coming. Jon and I will work together to make our service even better for you guys since that’s what you deserve! Cheers! Marty
  6. Marty - Trident Home Loans

    VA Loans

    BLUF: Shop around Had a long time client of mine ask for a home insurance agent recommendation today. His current agent was quoting $3K for a new policy and one of the guys I recommended was able to do the same exact coverage for $1.9K. I've seen this type of thing play out in every aspect of a real estate transaction. We try to always get people the best deal on third party items, but that's not the case with every lender out there. A lot of time it's just path of least resistance...general contractors are notorious for this with purchasing, but it applies to home inspections, title work/title insurance, home insurance, real estate agent fees, etc. I'd highly recommend you always shop around for all third party services and don't let a lender or realtor push you in one direction. You should be getting three recommendations for any service you need if you ask a lender or realtor. Beware of the classic referral trick in real estate where people just just recommend their friends who will then refer back to them in return even though the client isn't getting the best deal...it'd make you sick if you knew how common that practice was. No one cares more about your money/family's financial health than yourself. Marty
  7. Marty - Trident Home Loans

    VA Loans

    Thank you Sir! Jen is awesome and Rachel’s military wife gene just kicked it automatically when she heard your wife was hospitalized. I honestly just sit back and watch the magic happen. All their initiative. We certainly appreciate everyone’s business. Your business has enabled us to give back a lot to the community this year and we look forward to serving even more people in the future! Marty
  8. Marty - Trident Home Loans

    VA Loans

    Thank you! Our goal is that you walk away happy. If things go sideways let me know early so I can fix it and make it right. Buying and moving are huge stressors and we want to alleviate that stress anyway we can. We’re not always perfect but we will always try to make it right whether or not we are the problem. We’re here to serve you because you guys are the truly the best clients and the top 1% of Americans! Marty
  9. Marty - Trident Home Loans

    VA Loans

    Thanks Serena! My team makes it happen...I just fly and talk on the phone. For anyone moving to Hurlburt, Eglin, Duke, Whiting, or PCola Serena is a must for your realtor. I’ve worked with a lot of realtors and she’s got it figured out. She’s retired AF, her husband is about to retire and is interviewing at my airline soon...great people who aren’t in it just for the money too. Hard to find people in real estate like that. He was an IP at Whiting and she was at Hurlburt so they know the area and are living right outside of Hurlburt. Great people...let me know if you want her contact info. Marty
  10. Marty - Trident Home Loans

    C-130 down near Savannah, GA

  11. Marty - Trident Home Loans

    VA Loans

    I would assume so unless it’s old hard wood that was covered up by carpet. The VA inspector is looking to see if the house is livable and safe. Torn carpet could also be a safety factor for the inspector. I’ve seen guys just pull it all out and paint the slab but that might not work in your situation depending on the subfloor. Another option is get a quote for the new carpet you want, add in the carpet cost to the sale price and have it paid for by the seller now. They get the money back at closing and seller concessions like that are allowed. Then it get installed before the reinspection so you get the final cleared to close. You can have your underwriting approval before the carpet work starts so the seller knows that you will actually close and isn’t going to waste his/her money. Marty
  12. Marty - Trident Home Loans

    VA Loans

    Yes, the VA won’t allow bare concrete. Need to either replace the carpet or paint the concrete. You can have them do the inspection, fail you, give you an itemized list and tell you exactly what they’ll accept then do a reinspection after you do the bare minimum to pass. If the carpets are the only issue then just paint the concrete. I’m not a VA inspector but I’ve definitely seen plenty of these scenarios play out. Hope that helps! Marty
  13. Marty - Trident Home Loans

    VA Loans

    Sounds good, looking forward to chatting more. I’m happy to answer anyone else’s real estate, airline, owning/starting a biz or having a second job while flying for the airline type questions. Maybe you guys saw it in the news but the 10yr treasury bond broke 3% for a bit and is hanging right around there still. Since the 10yr and mortgage rates go in the same direction we’re seeing 4% on 30yr VAs and 3.875-4% on 15yrs right now and I don’t expect to see it go down much if anything. The market is strong and we’re seeing more global stability so that typically pushes the bond up higher and mortgage rates will follow. Lock sooner than later and jump on any dips. Marty
  14. Marty - Trident Home Loans

    VA Loans

    Lots of planning goes into getting what you want at the right price, but it's awesome when you're living in your dream house. Def start with plans and specs then bid with 3 builders. See what they've done in the past and what their previous clients had to say about them. Every builder has a different overhead that they put on everything from a small nail through all the big stuff. The markup can get pretty crazy depending on how much the builder thinks he can make off you. They even markup labor costs...i.e. if they have someone working for them that they pay $15/hr they'll charge you $30/hr. Getting quotes from multiple builders can keep them in check especially if the home is very custom. Also check on their timeliness to complete past projects...last thing you want is to get the house 6 months after you needed it. I'd also try to buy as much of the materials as you can...the builder has no incentive to finding deals/sales. You could go to lowes and save 10% automatically plus any sales you find. You'll save a ton of money if you can do the purchasing. I've worked a deal in the past where I buy materials and the builder just charges me a 10% install fee. He was a prior AF officer who had his general contractor license so he hooked me up. There are also a lot of financing options from buying the lot then doing a construction loan which turns into a VA at completion to doing a builder financed which just closes like a normal VA. There is a ton more to talk about on this subject so feel free to call or email me anytime. Marty
  15. Marty - Trident Home Loans

    VA Loans

    Thank you! Jennifer is awesome as is the rest of my employees! I get to do the fun part of talking to pilots all day and sharing war stories while our 17 processors/licenses loan officers do all the hard work. They are truly what makes the company great! I just closed on some land in Gulf Breeze FL which I’m developing then will be building on. I’ve built 8 houses from custom to tract over my life and done almost every type of loan out there which has brought a lot of success and failures along the way. Let me know if you have any real estate questions outside of just mortgages or I if can provide any education that’d benefit the group. I’ve been in this game for a while and have plenty I can share...just need to know what you want to know. Marty