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  1. You and I have had enough conversations to know there is no "fun" one
  2. Switch408

    Tanker to Fighter

    Semantics, but it was actually the C-17 guy that was coming from a white jet tour. The 135 guy did a requal in 38s at Randolph, then IFF. Great dude.
  3. Switch408

    Changing/Switching airframes

    One of them was a T-38 IP at the time he was selected for crossflow. The other MAF guy went through a T-38 spin up. One was a Maj select and the other had already pinned on.
  4. Switch408

    2019 Air Force Active Duty UPT Board

    Once you have wings on your chest (RPA or otherwise), I believe the rule is to wait 2 years to apply, and 2.5 years to actually leave the career field. At least that's the way it was when I applied a couple years ago if I recall correctly. Good luck
  5. Switch408

    Chances for Fighter Units?

    Let Mr Buckley be a lesson to some of you younger dudes on these forums. There are always people watching and it wouldn't take a rocket scientist from Buckley to figure out who he is and throw his package (sts) out from any future hiring board for being.... less than a good dude. You may not like the way some of the older guys respond to your posts, but showing a blatant SNAP attitude like the one currently being demo pro'd is a sure way to make a first and only impression. The reality is people that have come before you have created a pretty awesome culture where respect and humility go a long way. So when you're obviously being called out by multiple people, lose the ego and take the criticism. If Buckley bro was smart, he'd do just that. But I'm afraid that ship has sailed my friends...
  6. Switch408

    New SOS in-correspondence

  7. Switch408

    Non-Rated OTS Selectee to Pilot?

    If all you're worried about with regard to applying next year is that you won't get the 2-star to sign an LOR, can you not just ask your leadership to send it up with the understanding that the LOR will be used for an application to next year's board?
  8. Switch408

    Line Up Cards

  9. Thread bump. I'm a few months away from filling out a dream sheet, but I'd love the most up to date info I can find. I'll be selfish and put in a request for things that tend to drop from the 38 side of the house, especially those that haven't been talked about in this thread yet (35s, C Models, etc). Please brag/bitch about whatever comes to mind. Also, drops from 38s have been pretty great lately, but I've been slightly curious as to how the respective B Courses are handling what would appear to be a larger than normal influx of studs (sts). Lastly, I'm a late to rate guy, so if anyone has any additional wisdom to pass on with respect to choosing an airframe, please let me know. Thanks
  10. XL Track Select 18-03 8 x T-38 (includes 2 Saudi, 1 Guard) 1 x Helo 13 x T-1
  11. Switch408

    What are my chances?

    If they are indeed nothing to worry about, I would never mention them ever again, especially to an Air Force flight doc. A quick scan of the Air Force Waiver Guide will reveal that anything more than a single episode of Atrial Fibrillation is non-waiverable for FC1. Seriously, if your doctor has no kidding told you that you have a completely healthy heart and you believe him, do not bring it up when you go in for your FC1 with the Air Force.
  12. Switch408

    Air Force Cruise Videos?

    The sad thing is many of those videos that end up on youtube get thousands of views and probably do better work recruiting than most of the officially endorsed products out there. But that's none of my business...
  13. Switch408

    2017 Active Duty UFT Board

    Once again, this is not confirmed, but a guy I was talking with at a drop night a couple nights ago apparently knows the guy running the board, and he said upwards of 75 slots this year. The dude could be blowing smoke, but you asked if anyone heard anything...
  14. Switch408

    No ppl, but lots of flight hours

    There's no way to know for sure (i.e. I don't know anyone that was on the board), but yes bluedevil is correct that everyone picked up on last year's Active Duty board had a PPL. See below for the source document he's referencing. High PCSM seemed to be another indicator, and good news for you that having/not having a PPL doesn't influence your PCSM, which I would hope is fairly high with that many flight hours. Either way, as with anything, timing plays a huge role in these situations. Good luck...