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  1. Guardian

    Reno Air Races

    Who’s at fault? I don’t know racing rules?
  2. Guardian

    The new airline thread

    True. If I stay 20 it will only be for that benefit alone. Nothing else. As the quality of life ain’t worth it.
  3. Guardian

    Unethical to not disclose checkride failure?

    Low GPA can be because you were doing other productive things. Hooked checkride can be for a dumb little thing or even something not dumb but you learned a ton from it. Lying can’t be tolerated. That would be a big Pass. Just show them you are a good dude and have nothing to hide.
  4. Guardian

    The new airline thread

    Don’t forget all guard ARTs are eligible GS13. You don’t have to be an instructor any longer. Changed 2016. Ngb wide memo. And if you do a comparison sheet when hired you can go straight to GS13 step 7 if you are a senior captain or higher.
  5. Guardian

    What's wrong with the Air Force?

    Dodging the question?
  6. Guardian

    iPhone app inop

    Are we actually talking to someone who can help? Or are we just complaining to each other?
  7. Guardian

    iPhone app inop

    iPhone app. iPhone 6S. On main page where it shows all of the different threads I can see pictures. When I go into each thread the pictures won’t come up. Any thoughts? Edit: 500th post!!!!!!
  8. Guardian

    ?s on logging flight time

    Same. Excel. And you can create master tabs for each airline because they all do hours break down a little different. Once you set up different tabs then input becomes easy because the tabs will automatically format for each airline that you set up. A little of a bear in the beginning but give yourself a few months and it will be easy. If you only have mil records then I recommend sending them off to a cheap ocr service that will input it into excel for really cheap then you can modify as you see fit.
  9. Guardian

    WTF? (**NSFW**)

    Truth isn’t a concept that is determined by the eyes of the beholder or relative. Just because someone attempts to change narrative or vernacular doesn’t make it so. Politically correct isn’t truth. Truth is true regardless of consequences. The sky is blue. The earth is round. Edit: not always a good idea to check base ops after drinking.
  10. Guardian

    The new airline thread

    Fighter guys boost isn’t because they fly less.
  11. Guardian

    WTF? (**NSFW**)

    Is it just me or are there more and more girls out there like this? It’s hard to find a girl that isn’t bat [emoji90] crazy
  12. Guardian

    Upcoming Boards

    IMHO the best way to get a unit to push an age waiver package is for them to pick you in the first place. And for that to happen, they really need to know you. Not just a random package arriving in the mail. You really have to invest time and money hanging out with the squadron and getting to know them and them to know you for a unit wanting to stick their neck out for the waiver. They have to consciously decide that a 30 yr old is a better option than the 22 yr old. And if you guys look the same on paper, the unit will absolutely choose the younger option. Just my guess.
  13. Disagree. Compared to a heavy unit, bombers fly very little.
  14. Guardian

    What's wrong with the Air Force?

    No point. Already know his answer to me.
  15. Guardian

    What's wrong with the Air Force?

    Haha. Makes me feel like part of my job here is done. Wonder if anyone gives the man baseops feed back. Awesome that he asks for criticism and remarks from colonels and above. Keep the feed back coming. Why doesn’t he try to cgo’s and majors? I was just told by a leader within the last week that it is as good as it’s ever been here at base x. And all of the people in the room that had been here at least 3 years felt completely the opposite. I’m sure there are LtCols and Cols that get it. But the one I heard from didn’t have perspective. Anyways. Take that for what you will.