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  1. Agree to disagree. There is actually evidence. Before there isn’t. Single witness testimony without evidence isn’t evidence. Anywho.....what policy would you like to discuss?
  2. Oh and the director of National intelligence this morning shot down that it’s a smear campaign. Edit. Why isn’t Adam Schiff in trouble for his lies and mis information? That should seriously be answered.
  3. I don’t think you’ve read anything about what is on the emails. They tie his dad directly to the money. And the emails have been verified by people who were on them. Might want to go read about them and then second guess your non fact based trolling. When you get called out you pivot to something else. Address what’s in front of you. Then we can talk about people paying to stay at a resort.
  4. Doesn’t make any sense. If it wasn’t worth it you wouldn’t have posted anything. It was still worth something to you. You hit reply.
  5. Straw man. You made up a narrative about republicans, claim to know what they believe or are doing in Oct (which facts don’t support) and then spout some drivel based on it. Now that’s the (leftist)reporting the country is used to! On a side note, it’s been independently verified to be his laptop. And if it wasn’t his, why did his lawyer contact the man who had it asking for it back? Yeah. Pretty mysterious how the left leaning FBI won’t produce it. I agree. Trump relinquished control of his business. And who would you rather trust,someone who is losing millions just to be president and do the job. Or someone who is wanting to be president and has done been in government for 47 years and used it to make money. Super shady.
  6. Late work has nothing to do with academics. It’s a non academic factor to turn your academics in on a predetermined timeline. What other rationales could be drawn from this?
  7. I seriously don’t understand how the media is not coving it or keeping it under wraps that Biden is directly connected to pay for play scheme with two enemy foreign super powers. And it’s been going on for a long time. At the very least massive fraud sending his son in Air Force 2 to go make some dolla bills. Doesn’t seem like liberals and Democrats really care about morals and laws. Just....”orange man bad!” It doesn’t seem to matter all of the good things a president has done, if he doesn’t talk in the manner you think he should, then he’s bad. Get him out.
  8. I wouldn’t. Feel free to donate more money to the government if you want. Don’t steal mine slack line.
  9. He’s saying that he’s tired of the liberal mind set. The one that creates lazy, self interested, victim hood, virtue signaling, making up facts, rioting when I don’t get my way and call it a protest , everything must be equal but I need to be more important than most everyone else type mentality. Same kind of mentality found in today’s feminism also. Being a CC ain’t what it used to be because of people like that. Thanks for your post. Hope you feel better.
  10. I’ve had this experience. And the some of the worst parts of it were being also called racist by not only blacks but white people too just because of the color of my skin. I didn’t say anything during the meeting. Several people threatened to quit after and the person running said do whatever they thought was right but that this wouldn’t stop as it was coming down from the highest levels. Meaning the former CSAF and our exceptionally racist, biased, and bigoted former CMSAF.
  11. Rocked it Flea! Personal opinion. Trump is the best president we have ever had. By leaps and bounds. And he doesn’t put up with drama or victim culture. Which is why the current mix of politics is so explosive. Because there is a lot of that on the left right now.
  12. Preferentially pick someone based on genitalia or skin color and not ability for the appearance of equality or inclusiveness..... I’m not sure. That’s a tough one.
  13. Holy cow Huggy. And I’m sure a heap of civi time too since retiring. Glad you are back.
  14. How many hours you have now huggy?
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