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  1. Wasn’t this country moved to and founded on not paying taxes?
  2. Yes. We have. But only because we are printing money. So it doesn’t really matter.
  3. Actually there is a right answer. Free and fair market shouldn’t punish those who do well with their talents. Because the rest of the system depends on them.
  4. True. Very true. And sad. I feel like there will be riots either way. Oh wait, that’s already happening.
  5. We are on a progressive tax system. The point of an all sales tax system is to make it fair for everyone. If you want bigger and better things then you pay more. Not because your successful. Progressive taxation of the successful hurts everyone.
  6. Seems like the prosecution’s case is very weak.
  7. The benefit of doing a universal sales tax is not having to do a progressive tax. Luxury to you is necessity to others and Vice versa. Plus most luxury things are more expensive yielding a higher tax take in the first place. The subjective nature of where to draw the line if it becomes a non flat tax then becomes the problem and doesn’t end up fixing anything.
  8. I think I’m not being clear enough. I’m not sure what you are talking about 20 year retirement 40% vs 50%. I’m saying on USA. Gov and dod websites it says the traditional 20 year retirement produces a monthly annuity payment. Not a pension. IRS considers it a pension. That’s what I was talking about with my previous questions.
  9. Not what I was asking. If I didn’t reach a 20 year active duty retirement and miss it by one day but then roll the time spent into my technician job then I don’t think she would get any of that retirement as a technician. Is that right? She would just get a portion of my DSG retirement.
  10. I heard that it’s not a pension but an annuity. Anyone heard that? What’s the difference? Does it matter to this discussion?
  11. What happens if someone gets to 19+ years, takes a tech notion job, and buys back all of their time into the tech job. Is the ex entitled to anything then? When can you retire? When can you collect money? What would that do to your money in retirement?
  12. Just another Eagle? Then why name the E Strike Eagle? Are you aware of the Eagle’s capabilities verses the EX? F was already spoken for. It was supposed to be the two seat and the E was a single seat originally. Also they jumped around with the others. S, I, J, SE, DJ, N, K, SG, and now EX.
  13. Didn’t she bail out rioters? Not saying she did or didn’t say the above. But actions speak louder than words.
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