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  1. Does diversity equal genitalia or skin color? Asking for a friend.
  2. Copy and paste here or it didn’t happen
  3. Probably the guys who will be generals some day.
  4. Which jacket are we talking about? The ugly new green flight jacket?
  5. Please define major so we can talk at the same level
  6. Anyone ever done this? I’ve heard rumors it’s a thing but have zero experience or knowledge about it. Guess you could say I’m ignorant. Any one heard or experienced it or know of someone who has?
  7. NGB apparently doesn’t have a process to meet congress’s direction from a year and a half ago. They know they are suppose to be back paying for the promotion timeline but aren’t. Anyone else know anything about this?
  8. Guardian


    Duck. I hope that your statement was Therapudic and helps people. Thanks for sharing.
  9. Guardian


    Is this how it’s always been? Seems like everyone I talk to that’s going through a divorce, that the woman is going crazy, thinks she deserves everything, and is willing to bury you to get it. I don’t get it. Why is it? Radical feminism? Societal norms going wrong? Protect yourself.
  10. Guardian


    Congrats Duck. Here’s to finding your passion that has been stifled for years. Hears to getting to be the father you always wanted to be but the BPD wouldn’t let you! Here’s to being free of the BPD active duty Air Force. Cheers to Duck. If I ever see you in person drinks are on me.
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