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  1. That’s the same guy that got canned at dyess?
  2. Let’s just get rid of it all together.
  3. Wow. Fingers strikes again. The lies that this propagates. Let’s destroy all the military airplanes on sticks or airplanes in museums because they were probably flown by someone who at one time might have said something that might possibly maybe might have been something that might maybe have been taken wrong by someone else and construed as offensive. Even though it wasn’t meant that way. Propagating this PC culture is sick. And disrespectful of those who have gone before.
  4. American loves single seat fighter guys with low time. Check there
  5. Just ask your boss. You never know what they will approve.
  6. Thanks for assuming intent again Homestar. I’m going to assume that you are going to make claims for my statements again without retraction or reflection. But I was asking an actual question. Where does the diversity stop. Skin color is as ambiguous of a physical trait as eye color causing a diverse life experience with which a line could be drawn. You state federally protected class as your answer. Should that be it? Should those even be in there? I love Morgan Freeman’s take on it. When are we just viewed as people with different life experiences and abilities. Why have a black history month? You are going to relegate a race’s history to a month? Why? Forced equality of outcome and perceived diversity outcome causes issues. That’s the bottom line.
  7. I’m arguing for equality of opportunity within military standards and reason which is what we currently have. I’m arguing that the equality of outcome that we also have is damaging us. How many diversity groups do we have to make sure are represented? Sex and skin color are the big ones. But why do we stop there? Why not regional, state, hair color, eye color, dialect, accent, parents income, type of school attended. I mean the possibilities are endless and we are making it about individual traits instead of accomplishment and effectiveness. Then claiming that when it isn’t that way there is some sort of systematic racism or sexism or religious bias when there just isn’t. Everyone isn’t a victim.
  8. Completely disagree. The equality of opportunity is to sacrifice some things the military seems appropriate that you are asking for in order to be apart of the standardized military organization. There is the equality of opportunity to join for those willing. Remember it’s still an all volunteer force.
  9. I am familiar with an issue where a Muslim member died as a result of his service an autopsy was required as a result contrary to Muslim beliefs. Since this member joined and agreed to live by the military ethos, then he accepted the military’s decision as a result. This discussion isn’t about denying someone their religious beliefs but showing them a standard exists and if they choose to accept that in order to join then they do that. What about evangelical Christians. They aren’t allowed to practice their beliefs. But we make it ok for certain individuals to practice their beliefs but not others? Pretty odd. Homestar, no one is defensive here. Just pointing out that you were inaccurate and dishonest with your made up narrative which by the way you have yet to retract.
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