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  1. Rocked it Flea! Personal opinion. Trump is the best president we have ever had. By leaps and bounds. And he doesn’t put up with drama or victim culture. Which is why the current mix of politics is so explosive. Because there is a lot of that on the left right now.
  2. Preferentially pick someone based on genitalia or skin color and not ability for the appearance of equality or inclusiveness..... I’m not sure. That’s a tough one.
  3. Holy cow Huggy. And I’m sure a heap of civi time too since retiring. Glad you are back.
  4. How many hours you have now huggy?
  5. Thanks for the words. I appreciate it. I’ll look to praise more in public and criticize in private. Open to listening to how better to make my points and not letting my own personality get in the way of the facts. Let me know.
  6. Oh. You deleted your Japan post....ok.
  7. First google post search. “Supreme court The Constitution of Japan guarantees freedom of expression and the Supreme Court has stated that freedom of expression is particularly important in a democratic nation such as Japan. However, this freedom may be restricted for the sake of public welfare to a reasonable and unavoidably necessary extent.” Who gets to decide? The government. It ain’t free bubba.
  8. In response to your final statement, feel free to do whatever it is you are claiming I do to you in return to me. Thanks for admitting that the US has the best freedom of speech in the world and is unparalleled. We didn’t need to waste this much time to get to this point. But thanks for the agreement and opportunity to change your mind.
  9. You quote your own counter argument. It has to be “from generally accepted sources.” Hence not freedom of speech. I have proven that your statements now of Canada, new Zealand, and Germany (but to be fair you proved Germany without any research on my part) do not have freedom of speech as free as the US. Next.
  10. Yep. You’re right. I wasn’t specific enough with my statement. You can’t blame me for you being wrong though. Blame speak or shifting blame is common for those who can not use civil discourse well. So now you have made a claim that it’s almost indistinguishable from many other nations. What nations and how is it indistinguishable? You made the claim. So now you must back it up. (I’m guessing you know I completely disagree as no one in America has been fined or jailed or threatened under the law with either).
  11. Dude. Nice. Thanks. Super appreciate you taking the time to answer and provide discourse. I agree with a lot of what you said. However I am trying to change your mind. I would like to see the individual examples you speak of and the details behind the jail or punishment. I also don’t see any evidence (maybe yet) of systematic racism. Getting called on the cops based on skin color is how you feel things went down. Did you go back and ask? Is it the truth? Let’s assume for this argument it is. Ok. So two people called the cops. How many white people are there in the country. I just get the feeling because of isolated incidents of a couple of people that all (white) people are getting biased and prejudiced against. Isn’t that what we are fighting against? So I challenge all people that think there is a systematic problem to try and identify it and put your finger directly on “it”. And if you can’t, then maybe it’s at a micro or individual level and those are the levels that need to be addressed. Not by calling all or most whites people racist. There are some good arguments out there how blacks and some minorities are actually racist and receive the privileges of this society more so than majorities. Any thoughts on that? People being persecuted for a trait they can’t control? (Race, sex, age, etc). Isn’t that racism at its very core? Do things like this exist on all sides? Why can’t we focus on the measure of the individual instead of applying the crimes or mentalities of one or few to the many? Dude. I really appreciate you engaging. I’m glad to find someone that will sit and talk and not get emotional without thought. Thank you.
  12. Good thing they were all identified as such as you state above. Great point. And glad to see that it happened that way.
  13. What behavior? And how much of the fabric? Are you implying the fabric of America is racist?
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