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  1. Which one allows you to claim you are a safety officer on airline apps? Any of them? To include none of them? What if you are the ground safety motorcycle guy with zero classes? What about only going to the commanders 3 day safety course?
  2. Why ruin GA with a 175?
  3. Well it’s just like back in election year 12. They sent a SU25 to shoot at an MQ-1. Shooting at our military equipment and airplanes doesn’t appear to be an act of war.
  4. Whoa. Never knew we had those types of hats in the AF. That’s weird.
  5. No seriously.....what are we talking about?!?
  6. I’m proud to say I have no F$&!’ing idea what you are talking about.
  7. What airframe did said individual wash out of?
  8. RPA CAS (apples) v bomber CAS (oranges) comparison.
  9. Man. I hope the answer is nothing is wrong. It would be the same as a weekend or leave. And what you choose to do during that time given back to you is yours to make. Someone please say that’s the case.
  10. Unless something has changed, NGB directed that all pilots be hired a GS13. The memo is somewhere here on Baseops.
  11. Is this new? I know of a brand new second LT being hired as a GS13
  12. What are we talking about? Sorry for my ignorance. I thought all pilots in NGB are GS13 step 1 or higher for the last 3+ years. Or did that policy go away?
  13. What’s the reference for the increase in AFTP’s?
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