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  1. Yeah. I would. (None it is wore blues on Monday always). Don’t take that as I liked him or his leadership.
  2. Haha. I’ve already told the story, half of it anyways, somewhere on this site. Bottom line he doesn’t care about anyone other than himself and only when it helps him look good does he care about others. If it’s people he perceives don’t matter even if they are doing a large share of the work while other groups are getting ahead for not reason, then it doesn’t matter to him. We are all volunteers so that gives him the right to say pound sand for 5 years. He’s trash. Not worth of what the Air Force should be. I’d by far and large rather have that one AMC dude from a few years back. Schwartz. Don’t think that I’m advocating for that or that I liked him. Just that he is better than fingers. Schwartz isn’t a leader and has no spine. But at least he owned it. I can live with that. That’s integrity. Fingers has none. Wonder how he got his callsign.
  3. I think I’m going to have myself a going away party for fingers.
  4. Don’t do it. CSO’s are second class citizens int the Air Force. Well pilots are too. But not as much. Plus if you want to fly. Fly. Riding is technically flying. Same same. But different. https://media3.giphy.com/media/C6JQPEUsZUyVq/source.gif
  5. Ive heard the OG is a good dude. Hope he’s some how involved in it being a good place.
  6. Do tell. Who is that and what’s the back story?
  7. Crazy. 104 airframes built and only 1000+ pilots over 60 years. That’s a crazy small group.
  8. Amen. Especially if you find a non TFI unit on a base by themselves. 100% pure gold best thing going. IMHO.
  9. That’s pretty incredible. How many airframes over how many years?
  10. Certified mission pilots or everyone that’s flown/rode inside of it?
  11. How many have flown the beast?
  12. Thank you. Completely serious. I needed that.
  13. I’ve never read into this. What are the details?
  14. I generally agree with you Huggy. This time I don’t. I feel bad for the people of China. Not the country.
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