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  1. Second swamp yankee. And I’m going to be forward for a second. If your demeanor in writing is like your actual demeanor then you aren’t going to get a waiver like swamp talks about. You’ve got a confidence problem. I’m not talking about being cocky. I’m talking about being confident in your position in life. Trying your hardest. Working at something and if life ain’t fair and it doesn’t go your way, figure out what way you are going to make life go for you. Anxiety and worrying at this point aren’t going to help you. Focusing on the problem. Figuring out how to overcome and giving it your
  2. Hmm. Ok. Let me restate to make sure I understand. I will investigate. You are saying since you accepted a 3 year controlled tour is that what you have to go by or since you hit 20 half way through (in my example) can you just retire? Does that reflect your question? Confirm active duty? Ah yes. Skills bridge. Seems like a cool opportunity.
  3. Also, leave reg has all that info about leave/PTDY etc. not sure if any of that answers your questions. If you already knew that. Or if I am just barking up the wrong tree.
  4. SLACK. From what I understand it works normally. Save leave and use it as terminal. I believe for overseas you get 30 instead of 20 days for permissive TDY for job or house hunting. Also there is a program that you can spend your final six to 12 months (I think) prior to retiring as a paid (by the Air Force at your rank/grade and time in service) in a job as an intern. I forget the name of the program or if it’s open to officers. But if you aren’t about airlines and want something else this might be a really cool option to get on the job training on the AF dime and the company you go to work
  5. NGB doesn’t require it per their own regulation. I know of such a state that requires ADSC to promote and have a particular individual, from the wing CC level, a DNP. Guess what. That individual promoted anyways. Not sure what happened. But it did.
  6. Depends on your unit and states policy. Official regulatory NGB guidance is that it isn’t required for at least ROPMA (7 year boarded promotion) not sure about AGR/Tech/ promotion vacancy.
  7. I’ve heard of an AD guy taking VSP then joining reserves, taking a signing bonus and a pilot bonus and was doing the exact same job but for substantially more.
  8. Can the Roth tsp or regular tsp be moved prior to separation/retirement?
  9. Best plan if you have the means is max out TSP and IRA. Either flavor, Roth or traditional. Priority towards Roth if you don’t need the tax benefits. Looking at 19,500 for TSP and another 6k for IRA.
  10. Technicians / GS / civil servants can get matching. Vanguard brokerage opens the stock market up to your Roth IRA where TSP has your choices pretty limited. Not sure what the rules are on when you are allowed to transfer money from your TSP
  11. I think you can transfer from TSP to traditional IRA then move that to Roth IRA with the penalties. And even move it back to ROTH tsp if you like.
  12. Guessing it will still be denied based off that comment as the pilot crisis has not been solved by covid.
  13. Not aware of Reserves rules. AD used to be a hard no. Guard is a yes and it’s written in to the contract how to get out of it. Edit. The above was just answering if it’s possible to get out of the bonus. As for PC, I’m guessing that AD won’t let you out. But my info is very dated.
  14. On a completely unrelated note, what base are you at?
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