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  1. JRBac. No one here is advocating harassment or assault. But truth and justice for everyone. People are saying that it has to be more than just he said she said. That’s it. No ill intention to not believe a victim and protect a friend. Nor should it be innocent until accused. There has to be a fair equitable process in these events for all based on truth and evidence. Not what people over heard at a bar. Sounds like everyone here wants to make sure who is the victim and who is the aggressor as it seems some in here have Victims of abuse or harassment close to their heart. And others might have been victims of false accusations or wrongly accused or victims of the cancel & #metoo culture. Truth and justice. That’s it. No one should be held accountable for something like that when the only thing brought forward on this chat has been saying someone touched my butt and someone else saying me too. There has to be more than that to it.
  2. Ok. So the report stated what was said to a group of people. What else?
  3. answered already. No more just victim believing with out strong corroboration.
  4. Evil Eagle. What airline? Stats?
  5. I’d only believe it if there were evidence apart from the supposed victim. Not just talking one more persons say so. People have been known to lie before for anterior motives. Not drawing a conclusion in either direction. Just saying I hope there was more than just say so that tarnished this guys name.
  6. Would love to hear that as well as your contrast with a commuter you may know. If that makes sense.
  7. Don’t believe everything this CSAF says. He doesn’t care about the individual. Just the service.
  8. Thumbs down button coming?
  9. Thanks for sharing. That’s a shock. Prayers for him his fam.
  10. Had a buddy ask me about divorce law and the Obama federal change to it. Didn’t know how to answer. Figured there were some people in the know on here that can help. He got divorced prior to : http://apgnews.com/community-news/legal-note-divorce-military-pensions/ passing. So his divorce says he is suppose to give her 50% of the days married while in the service. Then that percentage carried out over his whole service. For easy math if they were married for 10 Years of service and he served 20 and retired she would be entitled to 50% of 10 years which would be 25% total of his entire service worth of retire pay at his retired amount. The new federal law passed says that the divorced spouse’s share freezes at the rank when divorced. So if he was a captain when divorced then a LtCol at retirement she only gets 25% of 20 years at the captain rate which is less than the above method. Since he was divorced prior to this law does it negate it or when he retires will this be the rule they are suppose to go by? He is going back to court and needs to know if they need to spend the effort and money in getting the divorce decree changed to match the federal law. Any help is appreciated. Thanks and Merry Christmas.
  11. I doubt they will ever be used to nurse in but pump. Kids ain’t coming to work with them. And how many people does this affect over what span of time. Very few for a short time. Unless your General Chang and nurse till you’re 48 months.
  12. Going to say without a doubt NO. Never is it ok for any enlisted to TELL an officer to take out the trash. It could be the chief master sergeant of the AF telling the newest butter bar and it wouldn’t be okay. That dude has served one day and the CMSgt of the AF likely over 30 years. And the butter bar still out ranks him. Doesn’t matter if the commander told the MSgt to deliver a message to the captain. That’s the commanders fault for involving the MSgt. Enlisted don’t speak with authority from officers to officers. Superintendents are some of the worst offenders of abuse of perceived power over officers or throwing officers under the bus to fellow enlisted. Needs to be shut down in a hurry Is it okay to ask? Mentor? Advise? Resounding yes. This is a symptom of organizational break down and poor leadership. A simple one on one correction could be made with said enlisted. Don’t make it a public event of criticism. May sound like a rough position but we ain’t the civil air patrol or the scouts. There is rank for a reason. Please provide context.
  13. Doubt it. Especially since they recently made it mandatory for nearly every building on base to have a breast feeding room with a bunch of amenities and it can’t be the bathroom. Took away a lot of office space for buildings that couldn’t really afford it and they aren’t used. Just more social justice warriors creeping into military life weakening it
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