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  1. Man. I hope the answer is nothing is wrong. It would be the same as a weekend or leave. And what you choose to do during that time given back to you is yours to make. Someone please say that’s the case.
  2. Unless something has changed, NGB directed that all pilots be hired a GS13. The memo is somewhere here on Baseops.
  3. Is this new? I know of a brand new second LT being hired as a GS13
  4. What are we talking about? Sorry for my ignorance. I thought all pilots in NGB are GS13 step 1 or higher for the last 3+ years. Or did that policy go away?
  5. What’s the reference for the increase in AFTP’s?
  6. What’s the reference for the increase in AFTP’s?
  7. I heard rumor that in the last military budget from 2018 (I forget that things acronym) that Congress okay’d federal promotion dates to be back dated to the state promotion dates allowing back pay to be retroactively warned for E7’s and up and O4’s and up. Has anyone heard about this? Is it true? If so how does a guy get his federal recognition date back dated so you can get paid?
  8. I’m not an airline guy. I hear people say that taking mil leave from the airline or taking off time from the unit to work at the other or something else is bad for everyone else. What I want to know is why? And are there rules against doing what they are doing or is it perfectly legal and just makes everyone else work more or something negative? Not made up my mind on the topic. Just don’t understand the angst either way.
  9. I agree. When our networks are routinely down and we can’t even do the basic functions of executing the mission let alone the more complex ones, I would agree cyber will play a huge role because nothing works.
  10. Hey guys. This has been a topic of late for some of the guys in the unit. 1.)What things can you get VA disability for that don’t hurt your FAA flying or medical? 2.) how do you know what you are eligible to get? 3.) some people have said that whatever you get from VA takes away from retirement pay. However that benefits divorced guys because for example if you are getting 1000 in retirement and 300 of it is considered VA then only 700 of it is able to be considered for divorce pay? I.E. if she gets 50%, she gets $350 instead of $500. So that’s more money in your pocket 4.) so I guess it’s all about maximizing VA without hurting your faa medical or airline ability to fly while reducing the amount of money you pay out to the ex. Any help would be appreciated.
  11. I thought frat was only against the rules in active duty?
  12. Are you a recruiter? Sounds like something a recruiter would say.
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