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  1. Sweet argument from authority! “It’s widely accepted, so you should accept it to.” The ole ask your kids if everyone jumped off a bridge would you in reverse and for adults.....come on pcola....you’re better than that.
  2. Whoa whoa whoa!!!!!!! Fingers says the pilot crisis is solved. What you are saying is completely against that. You need to cease and desist to the good order of the AF.... asking for a friend
  3. If you trimmed up would you look more professional and portray a better image of those you affect in your military capacity?
  4. No one is body shaming. From what I am reading people are calling out people for what appears to be inability to meet professional required standards. And possibly because of being a woman some automatically get offended. Everyone wants equal treatment. We call out men who seem to be exceeding standards. Well even though the physical standards aren’t equal, when someone calls out someone else it isn’t body shaming or anti feminism. People who say it’s body shaming don’t understand there is such a thing as objective truth. Or don’t want there the be objective truth. Bottom line, said individual doesn’t look to be in professional standards.
  5. There is absolutely something going on. If people are thinking about this unit I would stay away until a Tag down leadership change happens. As likely just like innocent until accused in another forum possibly rings true in this one.
  6. Anyone have an opinion of ole fingers?
  7. No real idea. Just rumors. Morale high. Unit doing awesome. Awesome OG. Something happened. OG fired. Pilots are revolting. Lots of people upset at wing king.
  8. What’s going in Kansas? I had some buddies wanting to get into that unit and when I asked recently about it they said everyone is running for the hills over there and that the place is imploding from something going on over there from the TAG down. What’s up?
  9. Anyone have a picture? A lot of times you can just see “it” in the eyes
  10. Which one allows you to claim you are a safety officer on airline apps? Any of them? To include none of them? What if you are the ground safety motorcycle guy with zero classes? What about only going to the commanders 3 day safety course?
  11. Why ruin GA with a 175?
  12. Well it’s just like back in election year 12. They sent a SU25 to shoot at an MQ-1. Shooting at our military equipment and airplanes doesn’t appear to be an act of war.
  13. Whoa. Never knew we had those types of hats in the AF. That’s weird.
  14. No seriously.....what are we talking about?!?
  15. I’m proud to say I have no F$&!’ing idea what you are talking about.
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