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  1. Hypertension.... get with flight doc certain meds don’t require waiver if it’s only one. I’m on two for my blood pressure and it requires a waiver, that’s because I’m on two. Again check the med reg. Do it early. If you are still AD go DINF now while you still have a pay check. If you need a waiver get it done ASAP. But..... Guard/reserve could require you go through their process which is a pain. Some flt docs are terrible and keep wanting more evidence that it’s under control. So lose weight stop drinking and eat lettuce. Then get your blood pressure checked. with your date you should have enough time. But....Coronas!!!!
  2. I recently finalized (August) my divorce. This ten years = 50% is a myth. So much goes into this calculation including the opinion of your divorce judge. 1. Get real smart on this before you get an attorney. It'll save you some coin. 2. Get an attorney who has some background with this. I was not fortunate enough to live in a military community. So my lawyer had to get educated. 3. The ex and I agreed on using third-party service to determine how much she gets of my retirement. I have been AD and ANG. The service is supposed to figure all the points/rank/marriage time to come up with a figure. 4. It was her responsibility to employ the service. She has not done that yet so maybe she just forgot. But, it is my money so I'm sure she'll remember. I also get to appeal. 5. Also, the divorce is never finalized. She took me to court, post final hearing, to claim I owed her for arrears. Mind you this was all settled at final hearing. So that was a good 600$ out of my pocket. Just get real specific in agreements and budget 10k a year for the first five years to give to your lawyer. If your lucky your lawyer might invite you to opening of his new pool and put your name on the water slide.
  3. There are a number of non-flying, non IMA, gigs out there. I am pretty sure every AOC has a guard/reserve augment component. I was in HIANG with the 109th AOG now 202 (I think). We had a unit in St. Louis that augmented the CAF side of the house in the PACAF AOC. I know Korea and USAFE, and have a guard unit that supplements. The FLANG works the AFNORTH AOC. The commitment when I was in was one to two exercises a year. That covered your AT and UTAs. There are reserve units that supplement AFFOR Staff, the one for PACAF is out of Beal with a Det. at Hickam. Again, I know Korea has one as well and I assume every AFFOR staff has a similar reserve unit associated with it. The guys I know who do the staff gig like it because they get to go to Korea or Hawaii or Germany for a couple of weeks for an exercise, play the role of A3xxx or A5/6/7 SME, and tie in some additional "training days." Makes for a cheap vacation and gets you out of the CONUS. Plus you can always pick up random two week exercises to great places, as a PACAF guy it was the PI, Thailand, Australia, Japan etc. Just avoid the unit that pulled the short straw that supplements CENTAF, unless you like Shaw or the Died.
  4. Rumors abound with H models in guard and reserve that pertain to "is unit getting Js or upgrades to the H models." Deployments - 120 broken in half- every 3yrs. Expectations to deploy depend on unit. Bum pilots seem to be going the way of the dodo. The pendulum has swung to airlines. Trips are unit's leadership choice. Some units fly a ton of trips some don't. If you want hours go strat airlift or tankers.
  5. Eli


    Duck, I already mentioned I am in the middle of a nasty divorce. Here is one more piece to look at that I did not see mentioned - Taxes. I have not lived at the house all last year because she refused to let me come home (I voluntarily left because she felt that was needed to "work on our marriage," I tried to come back after a while). I did not fight her on this to protect the kids. Well she dose not work - actually she went back to school for a second degree (she has one and is fluent in Spanish) and she is claiming food stamps. I don't know how this is possible. So I go to file my taxes today turns out she has claimed all the kids as dependents and I paid for everything last year. So when you get the Temporary court order also out line taxes. I went from a refund to a debt owed. Not all is lost because the IRS will work with you and understand these situations (so their website says). Now I have another time waster to add to my to do list.
  6. Eli


    Best advice I got to keep sane was from my uncle. He went through a nasty divorce. He was always there for his kids. He would tell me "it's not one day longer it's one day closer."
  7. Eli


    No problem. One more; don't mention your retirement let her ask. But get real smart on it.
  8. Eli


    That sucks. Im in the middle of a very bad one myself. My STBX just tried to sell our house without me knowing (im TDY right now). She has filed a motion to sell it and sent it to my lawyer. I now have to go to court to stop her (Ill win just another 1G down the drain). She is all over the place. Here is what you need to do: Don't move out its your house. I made this mistake. Stop Drinking until its over. Do not yell at her or touch her. She could try to get an EPO which if you lose in court gets you a DVO. You don't want to take the risk if she wants to be heard infront of the judge Lawyer up and don't be afraid to fire your lawyer mid stream Know that you are not your lawyer's priority they are balancing their practice as well; just find the best one you can that is smart. Get a Tempory Motion (or whatever they call it in Florida) immediatly for: Custudy - NEVER grant her sole custudy, get joint legal & physical Visitiation schedule and time sharing -- I travel extensivley for work I did not get one and the STBX fights me every time I want to take the kids on a trip/have them overnight. I know your lifestyle; for visitation/ timesharing get it written in that you will decide on a schedule by a certian day for the next month. Child support A staus quo agreement -- meaning no depriciation of join assests and additional joint debt. Seperate all joint accounts Cancel all joint CCs Get organized Every email/text phone call goes infront of a judge Get a phone recording app that records every call automatically Fight paying her any maintenance -- research jobs she is capable of getting to demonstrate she can make more than minimum wage. Duck I could go on and on Im 1.5yrs into this because she is unreasonable. Most important Love your kids.
  9. I suppose I was the one who stabbed the hornets nest. I did not mean to do a thread derail of the aviation bonus. It was a response to Brabus. I wanted to provide a first hand account of a guard member who had a choice of UCMJ (due to a reserve commitment) or deploy. It sucked for them. They have a high paying civilian job and does not need the BS of the guard/reserve tasking. However, in order to avoid UCMJ action, they chose to accept the action. Again you always have a choice. I have read this forum since 200? It has provided great insight. Member's views allowed me to make an informed decision to join the guard. I just wanted to provide an example of first hand knowledge of a guard guy being told you will go or UCMJ action. hindsight2020 provided the correct term of why he had to go in the Bonus thread. Their situation might be unique with timing and it may never happen again. The point is it is a tool that leadership will use, and it is an acceptable tool. That might be hard for us in the guard to accept but the reality is we can task a guard guy because of his incurred commitment he is going. The other reality I tried to highlight is that when a tasking comes down leadership can either "shortfall" (don't know if that is still the term as my UDM days are very far behind me) the position or make a list. In my unit they made a list. They made it very clear to us that if you say "no you got to go" they also made it clear to us that they will help us transition to another unit/IMA/points no pay/whatever gig we could find. But if we said no we could not come back if the guy behind us on the list took the job. Our leadership knew everyone was in a sh!t position and they were prepared to help us out. The precedent is set. This board is great and it helped me leave AD. However the Guard is becoming AD-lite. I have my opinions as to why but no solid information.
  10. This ongoing I know the guard has been tagged with this since '14. It is not rumor. I believe it bounces back and fourth between guard and reserve.
  11. My info comes from the few people I know who have done it. They told me about room inspections for the particular commander at the time. They did get extended as to how long I don't remember what they told me, these guys did it in '15. I just gave you your first story of someone who had to go. Might be a rare thing due to timing but it happened. In our unit it might be coming around again and our IPs are not volunteering, nor INs, nor ILs. This hit us in '13,'17 and another might be around the corner. If it happens there will be a serious strain on our unit. But maybe someone will volunteer and their talk is just hypothetical. Although we are about to be down to only a couple of full time IPs. Every other one is an airline guy with over 20. The 9mil is tongue and cheek as there are no Navs in the Afghan community. So why is that position tasked? As far as a shoot out in the ops room it has happened and it is a reality, and they did shoot air advisors, and it was an Afghan pilot. But that was 2011 so maybe things have changed, and its just other vetted and trusted Afghans who commit insider shootings in other advisor units. Either way it is a crap program and all for naught. Their aviation will fall apart as soon as we leave, which looks to be close.
  12. Technically I don't know if ADSC is the correct verbiage. The dude is my crew position. He came off AD to us. Somewhere in that transfer he incurred a commitment to the Guard. In a previous post I had mentioned that "if leadership had to make a list.. . . " well they did for our crew position. One drill they brought us in one by one and asked if we would volunteer. We were told if we said no then we needed to separate, that the TAG did not care about our units ability to maintain the magical C rating. I was number 4 on the list. It would have gone to the sixth guy on the list because the five of us ahead of him told leadership if they gave it to us we would bounce. Mind you there are only nine guys qualified to go. I guess they need an instructor to hold the 9mil at the back of the hajis head when they are on approach so he doesn't pull the whole it is Allaha's will The guy I mentioned said he was going to bounce. Except someone did some research and found out he had to go because of some kind of commitment to the guard. I don't know if he palace chased, I had known him on AD so I am pretty sure he had completed his ADSC. That's all I know. It is a crap deal. the guys that get tagged with it, if they go, have three months of Army and advanced beatings. Then they are on the ground for 180, they can be extended, you are in Kabul wondering if Mohamed 1 or Mohamed 2 is going to come in and shoot up the class that day. Oh and you have an AD commander, one of my buddies who did it from another Guard unit, said the CC loved room inspections. So there is that.
  13. Yup. Our TAG is Army. He loves him some Army. The couple of times he has come to our base I think of Buster Bluth "It's Army, mother!" When the task came to our state our leadership told him if we don't get volunteers, we are going to lose a lot of people. As far as ery we call it your LOAC moment. That's when you show to fly, after taking time off from work, they tell you can't because you have not done PT test/flu shot/Green Dot/. Mind you these are local requirements. Best day is when I saw it with one of our best IPs. No PT test no fly. He dropped paperwork that day. The next couple of years should be fun. Forgot to add TAG did not care of we lost people.
  14. Not entirely true. C130 units are getting tagged with Afghan Air Advisor. We sent three people. Our leadership lucked out that they were volunteers, two of them anyway, one had an ADSC so they voluntold him. It's not just a 179. You have to learn Army, so that is another couple of months. Had leadership had to make a list and start asking -those who said no would have been shown the door. My estimate is we would have lost 20-30% of instructors across each crew position. I'm in a guard unit.
  15. Grabby You at PKWA? If so can I get some gouge about employment opportunities?
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