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  1. This was how it was explained to me before I signed. I guess that means finance is 0/2 so far on getting my bonus payments correct Huh, well let us know what your finance says. Seems like every finance can have a different answer on some things. I did the lump sum as well and received 35k for the following year and the contract amount was reduced by 35k respectively. Maybe I need to go to finance too. When I re-read the ACP wording, it seemed ambiguous about later installments, with only the 35k mentioned so I assumed that was how they were doing it.
  2. With the lump sum option, I believe they do the lump sum first year, then 35k per year for the remaining years until the contract amount is paid. So 35K year two (minus taxes) and so on for the remaining years until the contract amount reaches zero. That would mean the 10 year contract amount would be paid to you in full the first 5-6 years of your contact in 35K yearly increments. Which is actually better for investment. It's confusing wording, but pretty sure that's how it works.
  3. I was a 17 guy at Travis awhile ago and had several friends over at the CRG and have several friends at the CRG now. It's pretty diverse in what kind of jobs are available. Some of the squadrons are set to go basically stand up an expeditionary airfield anywhere. You could potentially deploy somewhere and be running DZs and LZs or possibly be in charge of multiple E's running an LZ. These squadrons are also often tasked with disaster relief. Going into Puerto Rico after a hurricane and getting an airport up and running for example. There's also a pretty big portion of them that run AOCs durin
  4. Definitely look into it more. Your employer is incorrect. The laws for MLOA cover active duty. We had several guys in our C-17 squadron that came back to active duty for 3 years and are on mil leave with major airlines. If you're on hold just waiting for training for your airline indefinitely, I can't see why the airline would have an issue. My guess is the furloughs and bankruptcies are on their way for the airlines unfortunately. Even with bailouts. The flights look so much worse than after 9/11. At least the gas is cheap for them though. Take a look at the link Smokin posted. It
  5. I agree with Brickhistory here. 40,000 people die on highways in the US every year. We don't shut those down, we accept a certain level of risk and try to reduce the deaths. I'm not saying we shouldn't do anything to mitigate risk and try to reduce the curve, but I think history will judge that we were too aggressive on this. That the cure was more dangerous than the disease. Worldwide depression seems very likely with our current course of action. Pour money into the healthcare system and a vaccine with the economy continuing to function and pay for it if instead. I also may be mistake
  6. It will be interesting. I vote we call this new generation "Coronials" and in thirteen years we'll refer to them as "quaranteens."
  7. It sounds like the bonus annual max was moved to 35K in the final bill passed? It's down in section 616 of the text https://www.billtrack50.com/BillDetail/743465
  8. Slightly off topic, but it looks like section 603 is prohibiting the flat per diem rate (75%) after 30 days? Hopefully that's the case and it stays in there.
  9. A buddy of mine and I just did Kobra Kai back in July and would recommend it. You don't get a type rating, but it was quick and got the job done. Day one-academics Day two-you fly and then watch your buddy fly from the back. Day three-same as day two. Day four checkride. There was a lot of information crammed into a week, but they did a great job preparing you for the checkride. I'm currently in RPA's and got an extra ride to warm my hands up on day one, so they're accommodating. All of the students were used to planes with much more automation, but we all were well prepared for the chec
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