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  1. Kiloalpha

    Hurricane Michael

    Username checks.
  2. Kiloalpha

    The Next President is...

  3. Kiloalpha

    74 More Squadrons?

    Translated: "This year, instead of finding people who actually deserve to be promoted, I am pulling the SECAF card and forcing them to find and promote people based on their sex, gender (cause they're not the same thing, apparently), religion and ethnicity. Why? Because I said so. That's why," James said."
  4. ... and here I thought I got f-ed over during my path to PPL. Here's the deal. Unlike some on here seem to think, part 61 is your best bet for PPL. I started 141, realized that it was nothing but a $ mill, (chief pilot was always required for mini-checkrides, but mysteriously... couldn't put me on the schedule) and transferred to 61. Grass was way greener, CFI was incredible (we're still buds) and I got out a lot cheaper than I would have in the 141 arena. YMMV As for your DPE, dude sounds like an asshole. I know you're relying on the CFI here, but c'mon man. That many failures in a row and you're still paying the CFI and DPE? First I'd take a ride with another (well known, well rated) CFI. It won't cost you much, you can log the time, and see if you can't get his opinion on where you stand. Sorry that you're going through all of this, but it sounds like a worst case scenario of you not wanting to take charge of the situation, and two f**king idiots who are taking you for a ride.
  5. Kiloalpha

    Upcoming Boards

    Occam’s Razor applies here. I’d send the resume like they ask, but also call/email saying that you’re willing to send more.
  6. Kiloalpha

    Upcoming Boards

    Got a call and e-mail from Michigan this morning.
  7. Thread Revival. Anyone with more than 20-30 posts used their consulting services and liked the feedback from hiring units? @Hopefulflyer389 or @mb1685
  8. Kiloalpha

    Retake TBAS for better PCSM?

    Based on that picture, I'd just fly as much as you can between now and then to get the hours based PCSM boost. Some of the biggest jumps in PCSM happen early (20hrs for 4 points or something crazy).
  9. Kiloalpha

    Retake TBAS for better PCSM?

    That link is dead for me, but I agree on not pushing for a re-test without sufficient study. If you are in the hunt for the UFT board (numbers wise), then I'd focus my attention on sharpening everything else that goes into that application.
  10. Kiloalpha

    Retake TBAS for better PCSM?

    Not bad. Retaking the TBAS is a much bigger gamble, so that’s totally going to be up to you. If you retake the AFOQT and score in the high 90’s, you’ll see a slight bump in your PCSM. If you’re looking for a huge bump, you’ll need to retake the TBAS and/or get a lot of flying time.
  11. Kiloalpha

    Retake TBAS for better PCSM?

    The AFOQT isn’t flying related, it’s like the SAT, so currency isn’t important. I’d definitely retake that and aim for the 90’s. What would your PCSM be if you had 200+ hours?
  12. Kiloalpha

    The Next President is...

    Let's not conflate the drastic changes in technology and global trade between those time periods with your desire to say "See! Socialism did that!"
  13. Kiloalpha

    The Next President is...

    The classic "socialist" examples of schools, buses, trains, roads, police, etc. are almost all public goods that are administered and funded at the local level. It's the lowest form of government, and as a result, has the closest link with the people. As the population grows however... the locus of control gets farther and farther away. We see this with our federal government vs. state vs. local. This realization is exactly why we have the three governmental systems to begin with. Local governments are designed to handle local needs like water/sewer/police and fire... key goods that are building blocks for people and a functioning marketplace. The state is expressly designed to monitor those cities, help them engage in a market system (maintain roads and rules between them) and work with other states to maintain a larger market. The federal government was designed to monitor and regulate the states in a similar fashion, while tacking on the role of national defense and foreign policy. Three tiers. Three levels. Three powers. All designed from the beginning by our founders to give the stakeholders (us) someone to turn to, but more importantly someone to oversee them. All of that to basically say no. A local government providing a service to its citizens (who can go to another city if they don't like the way things are being done) through taxation isn't socialism. It is socialism when the Federal government mandates that you pay a Social Security/Medicare tax, but refuses to give you the ability to opt out (and keep your money).
  14. Kiloalpha

    The Next President is...

    They all come down to “... but Europe does it!”, “racism” and “inequality”. Life and nature is pretty damn unequal. I’m not as tall as I’d like, I’m not as attractive as Brad Pitt and I’m definitely not married to Kate Upton. Therefore, I’m oppressed. Is it the state’s responsibility to remedy those issues? Using their logic, it should be. The whole thing is an absolute joke.
  15. Kiloalpha

    The Next President is...

    Socialism is Communism-lite... or Marxism 2.0, depending on how you read Marx. Socialism calls for putting the major means of production in the hands of the people, either directly or through the government. Socialism also believes that wealth and income should be distributed (or re-distributed) as equally as possible. Who would do this (re)distribution? The government, because they say it has a responsibility to make society more fair and just. A Socialist becomes Stalin when he decides to outlaw private property. That's it. As for conflating the two, I'm not? I feel like we're agreeing on the difference between socialism and social policies.