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  1. So Marx was an idiot? I agree. How does that have anything to do with my example though?
  2. I was the same major and had a mixed experience. Our department had identified ultra-left/marxists, and anyone of a middle to right view knew to avoid those classes if possible. Otherwise our professors were left-leaning but not AOC-types, and some held a few conservative points if you spoke to them during office hours. My stupid ass thought I was special so I took one class with a Marxist anyhow... thinking they couldn’t give me a bad grade if I did the research and work. She handed me a shit grade for good work, looked me dead in the eye and recommended I drop her class if I wanted to protect my GPA. I took her advice.
  3. @FLEA The discussion then becomes... who is responsible for providing the things they SHOULD have? Depending on how you quantify "welfare," we spent almost twice as much on welfare compared to defense in 2019. Clearly, if poverty is still continuing (and becoming generational), then we're not getting much bang for our buck there, and the "War on Poverty," was a failure. So, I'd argue, the answer isn't "mo' money." Qualified immunity wasn't even meant for cops when it was created, it should get a hard look for sure. The war on drugs is a necessary evil to an extent. I think we can all agree to let weed go, but not before we establish a framework to criminalize actions on it (how many puffs before you can't drive, etc.). The rest? Keep it illegal for public safety. No one needs fentanyl, it's killed too many already. But legalizing weed will help reduce non-violent offenses, which definitely does seem to impact minorities more than whites. Policing needs to be re-thought entirely. That doesn't mean "defund the police" though.
  4. The longer I look at the data, the more I think this could be the greatest opportunity for an independent to run in our nation's history. People are getting pissed at the system in general. Protesters for obvious reasons, and everyone else for the ineptitude behind COVID-19 response and not handling the riots. Maybe the Russians can convince Tulsi Gabbard to run, since she apparently works for them?
  5. You say that, but it's being used in exactly that context. See: I've been "checked" for my privilege in a variety of circumstances. All of those times by white people who are more concerned with looking good for others than anything else. It's a way to shut down someone. It's a way to tell someone their life's experiences don't matter. I see what you're trying to say and do by parsing it out, and if that was the extent of its use, I'd be all for it. However, words and ideas are weaponized for political gain and "privilege" is just another instance of that. This girl didn't do anything to anyone. She could have been the victim of domestic violence, raped, abused as a child, who the hell knows. But that guy running across the street, he's better than her because she has "white privilege." We're 100% in agreement here. Shared experiences help make everyone wiser to the world and its ills. It makes you a better person and leader. We'll see. If this turns into a "___ minority group makes up x% of the population but only makes up % amount of CGO's so we need to promote more" kind of logic, then we're barking up the wrong tree.
  6. I have never in my life heard of JLP. I do, however listen to Coleman Hughes, Thomas Sowell, and Larry Elder. Coleman has the most nuanced, and thoughtful take here. If you have time, it’s worth a listen.
  7. She’s not wrong. House seats (and therefore electoral college votes) are still REAPPORTIONED by population. Happens every 10 years with the census. But I think that you know that already, you’re just mad she isn’t saying exactly what you want. There’s a variety of reasons given for the change. Issues with space in Congress (the house floor is only so big) was one that was frequently mentioned. Another was that a majority of population growth had been done in major metropolitan areas... and that if allowed to continue, you’d have very small districts (potentially 2-3 city blocks) with its own congressional member, which could turn US representatives into glorified city leaders. Personally, I’m not for or against the policy. I think at the least we should have to revisit the numbers every few decades.
  8. I saw that. She did say she reapplied a number of times, so I’d think that helped her case somewhat. Did you see that google doc in the FB group? That might have more info as to what more selectees had (more data points can’t be bad). That said, I think it’s fair to say you got shafted with bad timing.
  9. Your application would get a look at any squadron with those stats. Age is the limiting issue. I’d try all the ANG squadrons to see what drops. As for fighters, New Orleans is pretty straightforward in that they don’t like older applicants. I know DC loves a flashy resume, so try there for sure.
  10. Thanks! Academics wise not really? I had a 3.3 in college (BA in Political Science), but I did get a business certificate at an Ivy League school that helped with my job at the time (hint: They just want your money... it’s not that impressive or hard to get into). Volunteer wise I was super involved with Special Olympics for a while, but when I started working multiple jobs it kind of dissipated. PM with any questions or info. I’ll give you whatever I can find to help.
  11. That’s nuts. You’re applying again though? Keep at it, your stats are rock solid.
  12. The recruiter told me that you want to apply for the earlier boards in the fiscal year, as they tend to pick more since they aren't as concerned with funds. Could be false, who knows.
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