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  1. Kiloalpha

    Failed PPL Checkride

    I'll assume you're asking this question with a fighter pilot board in mind. Yep, it doesn't look good. You dropped the ball in a manner that made the DPE feel as if you were unsafe, so he called it a day. That being said, how you handle this will speak a lot about you as an individual.
  2. Kiloalpha

    Seattle airliner stolen and crashed

    I’d guess not much. 9/11 was a leap in tactics for the jihadis. Previously they just landed at an austere airport and demanded things from governments, not intending to kill as many as possible. Only one shot to advance your tactics like that, because once it happens your enemy will do whatever it takes to never let you do it again. If we shot down a plane on 9/12, I think a majority of the nation would understand... despite being very uncomfortable with the idea.
  3. Kiloalpha

    The Next President is...

    I'm a bit more charitable than brick. Simple fixes: We have to establish an actual marketplace for healthcare. How? Start by allowing private insurance to be bought across state lines. Require hospitals and doctors to advertise the cost of their services either online, or in a publicly accessible database where people can shop around. HSA's should be mandatory for everyone over the age of 18, be tax free, have no spending caps or limits, but allow no cash withdrawals (I guess an age has to be given for expiration, but make it very very very old) I mean, you could even give a tax break or federal deposit to your HSA if you can prove that you attended a physician x times a year (incentivize preventative medicine). My end goal would be to move private insurance more towards a catastrophic coverage focus and let doctors/specialists have the ability to operate more on a cash basis (through HSAs and $) moving forward. We shouldn't try socialized medicine until every market-based option is exhausted. In 30 min, I came up with 4 ideas that haven't been tried. Let's start there.
  4. Kiloalpha

    TSgt John Chapman MoH saga

    I actually met Slabinski in 2011-12 at an Operation Anaconda discussion/walkthrough. Most of the stuff he spoke about pretty openly, namely losing Roberts, the involvement of the Rangers and trying to make the best out of a bad situation. In the Q&A part though, some AF staff in attendance asked about what happened to Chapman. He looked very uncomfortable and agitated at the question, glanced at the back of the room (big bearded JSOC dudes with laptops), and we got the "I'm sorry, I can't talk about that" answer. I'd imagine most of the audience was like me, thinking, "wow, that's weird..." but ending it there. Amazing to read that article now and think about what was raging behind the scenes when that question was asked.
  5. Kiloalpha

    Upcoming Boards

    Not a word...
  6. Kiloalpha

    Gun Talk

    Not sure if it has been posted already, but I highly suggest everyone check out https://www.reddit.com/r/gundeals/new/ Basically, everyone posts the different gun related deals they find online. It's potentially terrible for your wallet, but I did find 10 PMAGs for less than 8 bucks with free shipping. Not bad!
  7. Kiloalpha

    Gun Talk

    Used a PSA lower parts kit on my AR build. No problems that I have seen, and I'd do it again. i've heard okay things about their barrels, due to some partnership with an FN factory in South Carolina near them (supposedly, that's what the rumor is). Their full guns? I wholehearted agree with the above sentiment. Not a chance in hell I'm relying on that.
  8. Kiloalpha

    Gun Talk

    HF is a good deal in general, but with those regular coupons/deals they run from time to time... it's borderline crazy how cheap things are. The only HF issue I have had was with a wrench/socket set that I picked up. After a few good cranks on a seized O2 sensor (ended up needing a torch) the wrench broke. Not bent or warped... broke. After inspection it was pretty clear the piece was cast metal, not forged, despite the "forged" logo on the box they came in. They didn't ask any questions on the return, just gave me my money and apologized. So like you said, they do have decent customer service at least. I generally shop at Lowes first, just because it's closer and their Kobalt line has held up really well.
  9. Reading through the posts, I'm somewhat shocked by the JSTARS, but the ACC heavies thing does make sense. Is this a long-term strategy, to make all ACC heavies go through T-38s or are they still going to drop those from T-1s as well?
  10. Kiloalpha

    The Next President is...

    Hardly. More like choosing a) bit of a brawler that undoubtedly needs guidance but when push comes to shove, he's down to throw some punches and reshuffle the cards, because "we're America bit$%" vs. b) quiet, professorial type who judges you for the occasional 'Merica. Because in his mind, we're an illegitimate country founded by white racists. That pointless exercise aside, serious question. You think dropping the A-Bomb on Japan was a mistake? Something that we should have to apologize for almost 60 years later, despite rebuilding the country and spending God only knows how much blood and treasure to make them a first-rate regional power?
  11. Kiloalpha

    Increasing SUPT Commitment

    I’d advocate the exact opposite of what the OP is saying. In today’s job market (airlines and military aside) people are hopping around like crazy to advance... and you want to increase the indentured servitude? Lets think outside the box here and consider cutting the UPT commitment back, instead of increasing it. Hell, talk to an old timer and tell them you’re now locked into 10yrs post winging. They’ll give the “oh Jesus” face and mention how that’s an awfully long time compared to when they were in. Cut the queep, restructure the bureaucracy and reduce the UPT ADSC. Create a culture that makes people want to stay, and place the barrier to entry lower (shorter UPT ADSC) so people can chase a dream without missing 10 years of their lives. Then sit back and watch what happens. I’ll bet you there won’t be a shortage, and you’ll get a much better product. I know, I’m better off winning the Powerball.
  12. Kiloalpha

    Upcoming Boards

    Might be time for an IP ban
  13. Kiloalpha

    Upcoming Boards

    Dude, I don't think he can. Believe it or not, the final list at fighter units is classified. He's in murky waters just telling you online that he has it.
  14. Kiloalpha

    Upcoming Boards

    Can verify. Duck called some folks on my behalf and it made all the difference. He's your guy.