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  1. At some point you have to escalate. The drone being shot down, the tankers being hijacked, the embassy being stormed... not to include the blood list of service members killed at the hands of Iran-based proxies. The question is whether this is the right escalation. Side note, this really puts a wrench in Iraqi-US relations, but that was coming when they were working with the group that ended up attacking the embassy (allegedly).
  2. Thread revive... what’s everyone’s thoughts on this? https://apnews.com/5597ff0f046a67805cc233d5933a53ed Twitter and Reddit are a cesspool of anti-American sentiment reacting to the news.
  3. I second those comments. I have these, and they’re a tenth of the price of the set in the above comment. HOWEVER, you will need to add gel cups to the ear pieces on these to make them worth it. I bought these, (supporting made in USA/vet owned business) and it turned those from terrible to pretty amazing and comfortable. Not bad for less than $100.
  4. This is a very good point. However, the food industry has been living in a sheltered economy for a long time, with illegal immigrants working as insanely cheap labor, and farm act subsidies keeping the market costs for certain crops over-competitive internationally. Corn in particular, ever since GWB’s wonderful ethanol idea, has been the definition of a boondoggle. That ear of corn in Walmart should be at least triple the price, but due to insane subsidies and cheap labor it remains that low. Not to even get started on how the blended fuels are worse for engines... Ted Cruz, even with his dad having assassinated JFK, was right when he stood in Iowa and told the corn farmers to their faces that those subsidies need to end.
  5. What’s amazing is that everyone in the US can kind of “feel” it coming. Talk to blue collar or middle class folks and they’ll tell you that things are good, but something just feels odd about the growth. So, they’re not expanding as much, and they’re saving more. The saddest part is this isn’t a Republican vs. Democrat thing. It’s both sides, just doing what’s politically advantageous. We don’t have anyone trying to rein in the Fed... because who could? They’re extra-governmental.
  6. Gotcha. Thanks for letting me know. I wasn’t sure if there was some “has to reach x rank by x age” regulations.” They probably take care of that with the whole “up or out” system?
  7. Well, after years of chasing ANG fighter squadrons around the US, I'm looking at the AD option. The downside is that by the time I finish the whole AD onboarding process and make it to UPT, I'll be 29 years old. I'm curious if you guys have some insight into how that will affect me in my career, how/if it will impact promotion, opportunities for me down the road, etc. I fully expect to be an old dude among younger guys, but I'm more concerned with the AF trying to put me in a corner for my career because I don't line up with the typical timeline.
  8. We're talking past each other on the polling thing, I think. Internal polling done by campaigns, and a significant number of major polls will refine the "registered voters" pool to get a better hold on how the public feels. Why? Because the number of registered voters who actually vote in the US is pretty low, so they want to make sure they're polling someone who actually might vote. All I was saying is that most of the time they narrow it down by voting in previous elections. I'm 99% sure Politico does that, and I'm fairly sure Fox News did, but just said they asked "registered voters" which is true, but it doesn't give away their secret sauce recipe of which elections they use to determine who. Maybe not in the poll you mentioned, I'm just speaking from personal experience. Also, fair point about them polling independents and Republicans as well in some polls. That complicates things somewhat, as some states are closed primaries, meaning republicans couldn't vote for a democrat even if they wanted to. Mayor Pete is prime VP material, I think. Kamala should be second on that list. I cut the cord, so I'll be spared from the endless campaign commercials next year... thank god.
  9. Fair point. However, she’s had two major roadblocks to her success. One, the DNC actively kept her off the stage by manipulating which polls were used for admission, and have cut off major donor fundraising as punishment for attacking Kamala. Two, the polls being done (you mention 2%) are typically done with voter rolls of people who have voted D in the last 3-4 presidential elections (aka “highly likely voters”) which means you’re asking the deepest blue folks how they feel, not the rest of the Democrats. Her value is giving them a moderate base and hoping the rabid left still hates Trump enough to vote for her as a FU to him. Plus, she strikes me as the type of woman who wouldn’t hesitate to rub Trump’s face in his lack of military service/sporadic foreign policy decisions... all while wearing a smile. That’s dangerous. Trump could attack Hillary because she’s basically a man. The public will react differently when an attractive veteran woman stands there. For the record, I don’t agree with her foreign policy at all, and I don’t like that she’s embracing SJW stuff. But her answer on impeachment shows she’s rational and smart. It’s not completely outside the realm of possibility that I’d vote for her, but it would take some interesting circumstances. TLDR; she attacks the problem of winning by starting in the middle and growing outward. Warren/Biden do the opposite. For anecdotal reference, several moderate Democrats that I work with and know say they wish Tulsi would have a chance, but they know the system will pick a old white person instead. I also know never Trumpers who would love to cast a vote for her, but will either hold their noses and vote for Trump (but telling no one) or just skip the Presidential election.
  10. The great gamble is whether the moderate Democrats can gather behind Biden/Warren. Several swing states are showing Democrats losing registrations, with independents (and some republicans) gaining ground. NC is hemorrhaging registered D's in several areas, and seeing a lot of first time voters, just as an example. Large portion of those are Eastern NC blue collar Democrats who saw the textiles vaporize after NAFTA. You tell me who they're registering to vote for... If it's Biden, Trump wins in a "biggly" way. If it's Warren, Trump wins, but not so "biggly." If it's Gabbard? It'll be a good fight and he'll lose by a large (historically) margin. If it's Buttigegggg, Trump wins. The ultimate irony is that Tulsi would wipe Trump off the map, but the Democrats are too preoccupied with Socialistic posturing and nonsense to notice it. She's been my dark horse in this thing from day one, and that's before Hillary said she's a Russian operative!
  11. Heard on talk radio that she's autistic/has Asperger's and didn't believe it. Apparently, she really does. Her parents should be charged for exploitation IMO. https://www.nbcnews.com/news/us-news/people-asperger-s-role-model-emerges-greta-thunberg-n1058276
  12. Young single guys live in AC. Older pilots in suburbs around the base. Decent contingent of the guard pilots reside in Philly and commute. For your purposes as a TFI guy, I’d probably shoot for the areas around AC. There’s some decent neighborhoods near there. Least, that’s what I remember hearing. YMMV.
  13. https://www.washingtonexaminer.com/washington-secrets/pew-91-democrats-see-violence-next-in-war-of-words “Nearly 8 of 10 Americans told the Pew Research Center that supporters for both sides could “act” on the politically charged rhetoric with violence. It was higher for Democrats, 91%, than Republicans, 61%.” That’s the thing. The right, despite its flaws, appears to understand and respect the electoral process. If Trump loses, they’re not going to go Antifa on everyone. They’ll likely hope Congress acts as a backstop, and if they’re not sure about the legislature, they’ll get super active and vote in large numbers in two years. Historically, this has happened a few times. In an election year with mild D turnout, you get the Tea Party wave, for example. The Democrat party has embraced a victimhood/cry wolf mentality that has given them incredible political and psychological power. However, they’re learning that they can’t control it in today’s social media/SJW world, as it’s a chain of thought with no rational conclusion. It’s an infinity loop of oppression olympics. My forecast is the Dems tear themselves apart... and that will end up being a peaceful process, or a drastically violent one. We’ll either see a lot of Weather Underground/Bill Ayers domestic terrorist types, or a highly visible shouting match over who is the true Democrat party. Option one will test the republic, namely posse comitatus and the power of the IC. Option two will cause a nationwide shortage of popcorn. So, stock up on corn and ammo?
  14. You check out the free materials on the actual AFOQT/PCSM website? I’d start there...
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