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  1. Kiloalpha

    The Next President is...

    Hardly. More like choosing a) bit of a brawler that undoubtedly needs guidance but when push comes to shove, he's down to throw some punches and reshuffle the cards, because "we're America bit$%" vs. b) quiet, professorial type who judges you for the occasional 'Merica. Because in his mind, we're an illegitimate country founded by white racists. That pointless exercise aside, serious question. You think dropping the A-Bomb on Japan was a mistake? Something that we should have to apologize for almost 60 years later, despite rebuilding the country and spending God only knows how much blood and treasure to make them a first-rate regional power?
  2. Kiloalpha

    Increasing SUPT Commitment

    I’d advocate the exact opposite of what the OP is saying. In today’s job market (airlines and military aside) people are hopping around like crazy to advance... and you want to increase the indentured servitude? Lets think outside the box here and consider cutting the UPT commitment back, instead of increasing it. Hell, talk to an old timer and tell them you’re now locked into 10yrs post winging. They’ll give the “oh Jesus” face and mention how that’s an awfully long time compared to when they were in. Cut the queep, restructure the bureaucracy and reduce the UPT ADSC. Create a culture that makes people want to stay, and place the barrier to entry lower (shorter UPT ADSC) so people can chase a dream without missing 10 years of their lives. Then sit back and watch what happens. I’ll bet you there won’t be a shortage, and you’ll get a much better product. I know, I’m better off winning the Powerball.
  3. Kiloalpha

    Upcoming Boards

    Might be time for an IP ban
  4. Kiloalpha

    Upcoming Boards

    Dude, I don't think he can. Believe it or not, the final list at fighter units is classified. He's in murky waters just telling you online that he has it.
  5. Kiloalpha

    Upcoming Boards

    Can verify. Duck called some folks on my behalf and it made all the difference. He's your guy.
  6. Kiloalpha

    Upcoming Boards

    Fort Worth, I'm unsure. U clearly know about Buckley already... Try your connections. Can't say I know anything about Mass. Kid got picked up at Fresno, I think. You might try calling DC, they're only inviting people who e-mail and ask for interviews. Or, try calling their ops desk. That works too. Unlikely that South Dakota hires anyone not already enlisted in the unit.
  7. Kiloalpha

    Latest Movies

    Awesome. I’ll have to give it a watch. Thanks for the info.
  8. Kiloalpha

    Latest Movies

    Anyone seen Super Troopers 2? Curious if it can live up to the first movie...
  9. Kiloalpha

    The Next President is...

    Wilt Chamberlain right? The dude who played for the Lakers and Harlem Globetrotters? This was when he signed his contract and told the world how good he would be.
  10. Kiloalpha

    Pilot Shortage Deepens, USAF is SCREWED.

    As in... we’re stopping the production of Eagle pilots? I know they had the maintenance stand down, but I thought that was over with. Not to mention Congress appropriated some money for the SLEP, so I thought things were looking up?
  11. Kiloalpha

    Upcoming Boards

    Fuck off already.
  12. Kiloalpha

    Japan to Front Cost for F-22 Restart?

    Agree wholeheartedly. Although, I have a suspicion that the 6th gen F-X winner will just copy what LockMart has done with the JSF. So much money and influence at stake, why wouldn't they market it similarly or at least plant seeds in every state and across the world to guarantee revenue? The days of "____ platform was designed, tested and fielded in 200 days" is long gone. The military industrial complex might as well be congress. Slow, controlled by money/power... but occasionally create some things that we all like and agree with. Glad to know that you're a capitalist, Clark. Here's a question that is interesting to think about... To what degree does the US DoD own the plans/rights to its own material? I ask, because imagine this scenario for a second: Trump/Abe agree to a deal based on the speculation in the article (Japan funding the startup). Trump tells Lockheed they need to either make space to create the new Raptor, or start a whole new manufacturing plan to find capacity. LockMart says they can't do either because they're focused on the JSF, and it would take too long (in Trump/Abe's opinion) to make that space available. So... Trump gives the F-22's plans to Boeing and tells them to get cracking. Lockheed wins somewhat (but also loses, admittedly), because they still get to supply parts/materials for the project and keep the JSF on time/plan. Boeing wins because they're back in the game, and they have the manufacturing slack available to take the project. I only ask, because I know in the past the DoD has "taken ownership" of plans/licensing. The M4 is a recent example, where they moved the production from Colt to FN Herstal once the licensing expired. Not sure how that works for aircraft.
  13. Kiloalpha

    Japan to Front Cost for F-22 Restart?

    Good point, that’s a viable option as well. Personally I’d love to see a Black Widow flying under an allied banner, but the bill for getting that up and running will probably be a lot higher than simply pulling the F-22 tooling out of storage and getting suppliers lined up. Wonder how much T&E would have to be done to make the F-23 a reality in 2020? What sucks is that we’re basically going to handicap ourselves waiting for the NGAD... instead of seizing the opportunity to buy a 5.5 gen Raptor off the backs of the Japanese. All because of the JSF and the MIC. Sounds like it could be a repeat of the Marines not getting in on the Rhino buy, because the JSF was supposed to be coming.
  14. Just saw this. Implications could be huge, if Japan is willing to pay the tooling/restart cost for an F-22A while we bring online an upgraded F-22 as a result. The question is, will Congress/CSAF/DoD ever be able to tear their eyes away from the F-35 to seize the opportunity? Lockheed Should Restart the Raptor Line If Japan Wants An F-22-F-35 Hybrid Geopolitical trends, security concerns, and industrial and combat aircraft capability needs, could give birth to an American-Japanese Raptor 2.0. By Tyler Rogoway Osakabe Yasuo Reuters has published a report that came as little surprise to us at The War Zone regarding Tokyo's interest in having Japanese industry work with Lockheed Martin to develop a semi-indigenous fighter that combines the best attributes of the F-35 Lightning and F-22 Raptor. The Reuters report states in part: USAF Although Japan has put forward notional Raptor-like designs, what they could also be talking about here is merging the higher kinematic performance and low-observability of the F-22 with the F-35's smarter attributes—including updated avionics, mission computers, and sensors—as well as new lower-maintenance skin coatings. We at The War Zone have posited exactly this, writing the following in a 2016 article dubbed 'Just Allow The F-22 To Be Exported To Japan Already': Fast forward a couple years and the F-35 program has progressed past the point of no return and President Trump is looking at pretty much any opportunity it can to boost sales of weapons to allied nations. With this in mind, the chances of such an initiative actually happening have increased dramatically. The biggest question is does Japan have the financial capacity to take down such an expensive project, especially considering other new competing priorities. These include everything from acquiring a cruise missile, to setting up Aegis Ashore ballistic missile defense batteries, to fielding F-35Bs on its helicopter carriers. The $366M Mitsubishi X-2 technology demonstrator took its final flight last year after a relatively short life. Apparently, technical difficulties impacted the program and it was clear that Japan would need a deep foreign partnership in order to field a stealth fighter that could also benefit Japanese industry: What's also new is that the USAF has completed a study that looked into what it would cost to put an updated F-22 back into production. The basic findings were: -Approximately $50 billion to procure 194 additional F-22s -The total includes an estimate of approximately $7 billion to $10 billion for non-recurring start-up costs and $40.4 billion for aircraft procurement costs -An estimated cost of $206 million to $216 million per aircraft (the last F-22 produced had a unit cost of $137 million) That cost may be too high for the USAF to stomach, but for Japan, it's highly unlikely they will be able to field something superior to an updated F-22 for anywhere near less. It's also likely that once the U.S.-specific politics of putting the Raptor back into production are removed from the equation, the cost of doing so would drop. Lockheed Martin Lockheed just rolled-out Japan's first of 40 F-35s on order. But if Japan is willing to buy an updated Raptor instead of developing a near identical but still unique design, clearly doing so would present a mutually beneficial opportunity. If the U.S. would become a minority stakeholder in an F-22 production line restart of sorts, with the intent on buying a number of airframes to bolster the USAF's undersized and cherished F-22 fleet, then the opportunity could work out for both parties. Once again, the F-35 lobby will be strongly against such a move even though the F-35's future is now assured. Any fighter dollar given to another program is one less spent on it, but the possibility that the USAF could acquire a Raptor 2.0 of sorts without bearing the vast majority of the non-recurring restart and development costs is an incredible proposition. If Japan is looking to buy a couple hundred fighters and the U.S. was to add onto that order, the unit cost for each jet would plummet as well. As for Japan, it would benefit by realizing lowered unit costs, technology transfer, and also by being a key supplier for certain components of the jets built for both Japan and the United States. The potential to export the jet could also be an added benefit, but this would likely be curtailed by the U.S. in order to protect F-35 sales abroad. But above all else, Japan will be able to lower its risk substantially by buying into an existing and proven airframe, improving upon it, and will benefit from the full backing of the U.S. government and industry in doing so. USAF Don't think for a second that Japan is not willing to pay through the nose for a semi-indigenous modified fighter design with deep industry offsets. The F-2 ended up costing nearly the price of an F-35A today, and even then its radar proved to be highly problematic. Japan could have bought late-block F-16s for nearly a third of the price of each F-2 while realizing only minimal negative impacts in terms of some capabilities. Also, keep in mind Donald Trump's extremely close relationship with Prime Minister Shinzo Abe. Approving Japan to get 'the very best' while also lining the pockets of big defense contractors seems like a very attractive proposition for Donald Trump. And it seems pretty clear that when it comes to weapons export to Japan, Trump is willing and ready to give Abe what he wants. We will watch how this story develops closely, but if the Pentagon was smart, they would embrace an upgraded F-22 restart with Japan, and if Tokyo is willing to foot the majority of the bill for doing so, the USAF would be nuts not to take advantage of it.