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    Can y’all copy/paste it? I’m paywalled. Edit: Found this: SAN ANTONIO – Editor’s note: This story was published through a partnership between the San Antonio Business Journal and KSAT. The Office of the Comptroller of the Currency issued an $85 million civil penalty against San Antonio-based USAA Federal Savings Bank on Wednesday, citing failures with the bank’s risk management and compliance, according to a news release. The OCC said these issues led to violations of the Servicemembers Civil Relief Act and the Military Lending Act, and that the bank is working to remedy the violations under a 2019 consent order. The fine will be paid to the U.S. Treasury. “The bank has failed to implement and maintain an effective compliance risk management program and an effective [information technology] risk governance program commensurate with the bank’s size, complexity and risk profile,” according to the OCC’s latest consent order. “The bank has deficiencies in all three lines of defense (first-line business units, independent risk management and internal audit) in its compliance risk management program.” USAA said in a statement that it has been working diligently to hire the right expertise and improve its systems, although it has “not moved fast enough to close some gaps,” and that it is working cooperatively with the OCC. “Simply put, we have fallen short of our high standards and those of our members and our regulators. As we grew quickly over the last decade, we never wavered from our commitment to serve members. However, we did not sufficiently invest in the capabilities and expertise necessary to meet regulatory requirements and evolving business needs,” USAA CEO Wayne Peacock said in a statement.
  2. Decent GPA. Good degree choice. AFOQT looks solid. PCSM is good as well. I'm assuming you have a PPL/flying time if you're already at 81hrs? If so, good. If not, you need a PPL. Guard/Reserve - My info isn't current (6-8 months since last interview) per se, but I think you'd be in the hunt with the info you've provided. AD shouldn't be a problem... once this log jam breaks and they start picking people up again. I wouldn't retake the AFOQT. Your pilot/nav scores are what dominates flying applications and boards. Time to start calling/visiting squadrons if you're doing the AFRes/ANG thing.
  3. Well, much as the left’s views fall on a spectrum, so does the right. Personally, I think climate change is another bait and switch, in that like many movements (BLM for example) if you say that you’re against it, you’re “wrong” because “Who could say the climate isn’t changing?/Who thinks black lives don’t matter?” It’s also worth pointing out the history of social movements that brought us to “climate change.” We had global cooling, then global warming, and after both of those kind of failed, they reached “climate change.” I blame Al Gore for killing the global warming moniker, btw. As for the science, excess CO2=bad. That’s pretty universally understood. However, these models being used to project temperatures into the future are a whole other thing. As with any projection, you’ll be fairly accurate in the near term if the model is good. However, farther into the future the durability of its info becomes significantly worse, because no equation can have all future variables included (they couldn’t have seen COVID, as an example). It’s even worse when data is being omitted (see Canada removing nearly 100 years of data) that just happens to result in higher “temperatures” that benefit scientists seeking grant funding. The GAO found a while back that funding for climate change “has increased from $2.4 billion in 1993 to $11.6 billion in 2014, with an additional $26.1 billion for climate change programs and activities provided by the American Recovery and Reinvestment Act in 2009.” I couldn’t find a more recent quote quickly, so that will have to do. Yes, increased funding doesn’t mean it’s bad data. I understand that. However, it does give a potential conflict of interest that we should consider before spending ourselves into oblivion to chase a fraction of a degree in cooling that may or may not impact the future in drastic terms. As for Trump’s policies, he’s been working to increase natural gas production in the US, which has dropped the price to a point that power companies are shutting down their coal-fired operations and using NG, which is drastically more efficient and environmentally friendly. We’re actually providing our own energy for once, and that’s good for the economy and national security... while also removing things like coal ash ponds and slurry fields that polluted rivers and water tables. The Paris Agreement was a bad deal. Obama signed us up for $100 billion a year to a “green fund” that we didn’t control, mandated CO2 restrictions that would have killed jobs, and put us into an unaccountable system where there’s no real way to make an impact, even with that kind of money. The largest polluters are China and India by a massive margin. The Paris deal would have done nothing by contrast.
  4. To an extent I get what you’re saying. I don’t think all negative/refuting coverage is “fake news.” But mainstream news has completely fucked away some pretty serious stories. So much so that I have to now spend an hour or so digging through sources to double check them before making a conclusion. The number of times I’ve found BS is very troubling. Best I can determine, people are simply judging the number of outlets saying the same thing and thinking “if all of them are saying it, must be true.” If it’s on the NYT, Washington Post and CNN... then it’s basically fact. We desperately need to get comfortable saying “I don’t know, I’ll get back to you on that.” Or “I heard this, but I can’t verify it.” Instead I’m stuck trying to explain that Trump didn’t say “fine people on both sides” with regard to the white supremacists, while also simultaneously telling another person that Trump did in fact lie about the Portland sheriff endorsement.
  5. Interesting question. Probably when he loses everything. Business is so fluid. FedEx CEO Fred Smith famously gambled the last dollars of FedEx at a casino (and won)... and look at it now. I think the best leg for Democrats to stand on here is the fact that he (allegedly, if the NYT is right) has personally guaranteed loans that could involve foreign parties/banks. That doesn’t look great, and we all know if we did that our TS would be gone.
  6. So it largely depends on how he earns “income” and how it’s set up in a tax-advantaged way. It’s not unheard of for people and companies to have so many losses than can be passed through, that they have a decade of no taxes to catch up. It’s set up in a manner to keep businesses and entrepreneurs afloat, and it’s definitely abused. But everyone does it, so that’s just the game. In his line of work, it’s feast or famine... and the famine is deep. Look at all of the golf courses that have closed post 2009. I can believe he’s losing money every year.
  7. It’ll play like this. People who have never run a business/managed one: “He’s cheating the system, not even paying any taxes! Businesses are nothing more than shells for rich people.” Everyone else who has: (looks around... then down at their 1040) “If I couldn’t write off my losses... I wouldn’t be able to employ x people, pay x each year in payroll/corporate taxes and give people a living.” I swear, running my own business and helping a much larger one was eye opening. People don’t give a shit that Tesla/Snap/Zillow has never made a profit EVER, but God forbid if a major real estate company has ups and downs, and they write off the bad years to help them back to good ones.
  8. Every so often I get on here and wonder if little ol’ base ops has made the troll list in Beijing or Moscow. Today is one of those days 😂
  9. Brownie, it’s a bit ironic... you coming on here and accusing people of not thinking for themselves... when that entire list was created two years ago by a Reddit user named “TrumpImpeachedAugust,” and you just copy/pasted it in here. Unless you moonlight as that guy, in which case bravo. However, I’ll dig through that info when I have more time and get back to you. But let’s be clear. I’d be doing more work than you did to post something that validated your feelings. Just saying.
  10. Interesting. I pulled that quote of Newsome from an interview from Tomi Lahren, where he was a bit more forceful than the Post. But, I think you’re inclined to take a more generous view of what he’s saying. Personally, I think he’s dancing around violence and rationalizing it with unrelated parallels and talking points. Probably have to agree to disagree on this one, and that’s fine. I also wasn’t clear in saying I haven’t seen any rebukes of violence. I’m aware prominent Democrats have given statements (and denials... see Nadler’s interview on the street outside the capital). I was meaning BLM leaders echoing the non-violence/non-looting call. You did link that one Utah BLM guy calling for no-violence, which I hadn’t seen, and props to him. We need more of that. My larger point was that there appears to be a “look the other way” approach BLM on a national basis takes to looting/rioting. I don’t see Alicia Garza and Patrisse Cullors (founders of BLM) speaking out against violence, nor do I see any statements on looting. I do however see BLM Chicago’s Ariel Atkins calling looting “reparations.” Or 1619 Project Founder Nikole Hannah Jones saying they’re “symbolic takings” from a racist system, and that rioting/burning things down “isn’t violence” because they are just “things.” Ta-Nehisi Coates was down with the riots in Baltimore in 2015, but hasn’t said anything about the violence today. Those folks are what I thought you meant by social justice leaders. A politician of any stripe should deny violence in some manner, so their words ring kind of hollow. Not saying something is more concerning. That Wilmington story is a great read, thanks for the share. I’ve actually been where that plaque is going, and had no idea. That said, you realize that the point you’re making is “no other group demographic statistic matters because of slavery” and I just disagree. That’s a golden card that can be laid down from now until the end of time. Statistics don’t look good? Well let’s dig into that. “Nope, it’s white folks’ fault/due to slavery.” I’m not accusing you of saying that, just extending the logic chain a bit. That thinking really only leaves one option, and that’s essentially that “The system is systematically broken, I’m the victim, so let me attack the perpetrator and burn it all down.” It’s an end to the social contract, because it’s a self-fulfilling problem without any introspection or self-criticism. Yep, biases exist. I work hard to check them at the door. I’ve had a few scary interactions with police. My parents also sat me down and had the talk about what to do if pulled over. In every case, it’s a cop drunk on their power. I’m all for talking about police brutality because the data 100% backs that up. Roland Fryer’s study is pretty exhaustive, and it found that blacks are more likely to experience “use of force,” but not more likely to be shot. https://scholar.harvard.edu/fryer/publications/empirical-analysis-racial-differences-police-use-force Brutality is not ok. Let’s have that talk. But groups shouldn’t perpetuate a lie that black people are being shot in streets everyday because of their race. There’s no data showing that. Side note: I only read the abstracts to those studies you sent, but plan to read them in full later when I have time. Idk either why the north south thing came up, so ignore that. There’s a lot of good sounding things with bad ideas floating around. Black Lives Matter (the group) is one. Anti-racism is another. Ibram Kendi coined that phrase and it means something very different than what you espoused. However, I like your definition.
  11. I guess I did conflate the two of them. Maybe it would help to define a “riot?” I’m lazy, so Google says it’s “a violent disturbance of the peace by a crowd.” Which basically means a protest turned violent. I’d argue that’s happened in all systems throughout history, but hasn’t been particularly effective in the US to push change. Other than the Boston Tea Party, what “riot” has caused positive change? Definitely wasn’t Shay’s Rebellion, the Pennsylvania mutiny, or more recently the Detroit riots or the LA riots. In the latter two examples, I’d definitely say it made things worse. Here’s where I think we’re seeing different things. Former NYC BLM leader Hank Newsome is ok with violence: "For a country that drops bombs on people, for a country that incarcerates people, for a country that enslaves people -- to criticize us for vandalism is preposterous," said Newsome. "I think that it is a tool of white supremacy to say if you want freedom, then you get it by protesting peacefully," said Newsome. "Why is it a tool of white supremacy?" he concluded. "Because the white supremacists who built this country never earned anything peacefully. They did it through bullets and blood. And that's the American way." Maybe we can look at this leader saying he’s going to “put cops in their graves.” https://mobile.twitter.com/BrendonLeslie/status/1299896694088388609 I’ve shared a few counter-examples, I’d like to see these social justice folks you mention who are calling for an end to violence. Not being an ass, I literally haven’t seen any and it very well could be my own omission. The argument that the system is racist is based on one thing. Statistical unequal outcomes for people of color, and some of those data points do exist. However, they don’t tell a full picture. Asian-Americans are kicking everyone’s ass in pretty much everything. Do we burn down their businesses? I guess while folks don’t mind them? How about first and second generation immigrants who are black, who graduate from college more often than white people, and have a higher average income than whites? At a certain point, you start questioning the variables put in the equation, not the equation itself. Otherwise, white people are doing a shit job of maintaining a system that only works for them. School choice, reduction in minimum wage, increase in trade school funding, preventative policing... all are things that can sway the end output wildly. Yet are never given a chance... often from black politicians who have a D beside their name. It’s a lot of self-harm, and some perpetuation of victimhood. Poor white people have it as well, but it’s institutionalized to a degree in the black community, which pains me to no end. So much talent and potential wasted... because if they study hard, or do well in school, or get that good job they’re “acting white.” I don’t give a shit what skin color you are, let’s chase dreams together. The ability to do that is why this country is unlike any in history. But instead, they cut people’s hopes at birth by telling them they’ll never be anything because of something they can’t control. Racism exists. Go to a bar in Boston and listen to some of the working-class union guys. They’ll drop the n-word and racial jokes like it’s nothing. NYC? Just as bad. It’s a different kind of racism. They aren’t burning crosses, flying the rebel flag or wearing white robes, but they harbor some of the same ideas. It’s a softer racism on the left. I’ll give you that. I don’t think you’re advocating for violence. You’re just trying to figure this shit out like everyone else. Edit: I see copying/posting from the Notes app makes the font larger and darker. I’m not passively-aggressively yelling, just technology illiterate.
  12. No, I mean they’re actually Democrats. Sadly I have extended family that fall in this category (racist Dems, not the Klan). Vote D every election (except Obama... of course) but would lose their shit if their daughter dated a black guy. Next time you’re in SC, let me know and I’ll point you in their direction. This guy in KY sounds like a real winner. Probably jerks off to portraits of Betsy Ross or something weird. I felt that link gave context to the reply. Anyhow, you asked me an honest question, I gave you an honest answer.
  13. That’s fair, and I’d agree with the sentiment. However, I don’t think people burning stuff while carrying signs with the hammer and sickle and communist party fist are right-wing... so it’s not a stretch to say there are more Democratic-affiliated voters and groups involved. I felt like it was a fair question, but I can see what you’re saying in response. The Republican Party has southern racists in its ranks, no doubt. But the Democrat party has racist Yanks in their ranks as well. They’re just harder to spot (more teeth, clean shaven, drive a Prius, etc.). I think the return question is misleading in that you’re referring to Charlottesville, an event in which Republicans in general (and the President, but let’s not make that the sticking point) condemned almost immediately. Since then, when’s the Klan burnt down businesses and attacked cops? I’ll also offer a parallel. If Republican politicians and pundits were actively soliciting non-profit funds to get the violent racists in Charlottesville out of jail by paying for their bonds... Do you think that’s a step too far? Would the media cover that? Because that’s happening right now with the rioting and they haven’t so far. Harris has supported them, and the Biden Campaign staff has donated to them. Not a peep in the regular media. Agree completely on the idea that people relying on media is a problem. But the reality is that most people won’t take the time to dig into things and make up their own mind. I have family members (and a significant other) who want to talk about issues with authority after reading one article or listening to a podcast. You simply can’t. Just as an example, I have spent a considerable amount of time clearing up false info on the Breonna Taylor case. On the right I’ve heard everything from her boyfriend that shot was a felon, to she had an arrest warrant out for her when the shooting happened. On the left, she was in her bed and they killed her, they didn’t knock and announce, and one of the cops was under investigation for being dirty. Im sure Fox News puts Trump’s words in a better light than MSNBC, but that doesn’t change that there’s a pretty clear denial going on by networks to say these riots and violence aren’t happening, and if they are... it’s rare. Or they’re just upset, and who can blame them? That’s a dangerous form of gaslighting. Yeah, I’ve heard that comparison before and it kind of feels right, but on examination doesn’t work. The Boston Tea Party was done in a targeted manner. They were fighting the Tea Act, so they went and threw a shipment of tea in the water when no one was looking as a form of protest. They didn’t burn the ships. They didn’t attack the captains. I don’t see the relatability in looting a Foot Locker, or a Target, or burning down a random bar on a street. The looters today are saying “who cares, they have insurance.” It’s not targeted. It’s just advantageous folks looting to take things, and burning down places of no direct consequence. Vastly different to 1773. There’s a bit of virtue in some colonists who have warned the Governor in Boston to remove the last ship of British tea... but refuses... so you go and toss it into the sea instead. I don’t see the virtue in torching a random car park. I don’t see it in forcing customers at a restaurant to leave by flipping tables or making them chant your slogan. I sure as hell don’t see it when they’re looting a store and carrying out 65” TVs because “this ensures people eat tonight.” Sure, that’s why the grocery store isn’t touched. POC have a right to be upset, but they’re hurting the wrong people. Democrats have ruled the urban areas which contain the vast majority of them, and what’s that given them? No school choice, a lack of entrepreneurial opportunities and a decaying familial structure. Start there before you break out the Molotov cocktails. - All good, I’m struggling with the damn phone as well. Thanks for engaging in honest dialogue.
  14. I don’t honestly know. David Duke and the KKK historically are Democratic. But there’s a good shot that guy is a Republican as well. But it seems like both parties have came out against it, so it’s not a great parallel. https://www.google.com/amp/s/amp.courier-journal.com/amp/5254313002
  15. Slack, serious questions. Which party, in your opinion, best represents the looters and rioters? What candidate for President do you think they will vote for? Which media outlets/personalities have excused their actions? and... Do you think any of the looting and rioting is justified?
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