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  1. WTF? (**NSFW**)

    Funny how people like you believe that black people should only be counted as 3/5s of a person for the purposes of representation and taxation. Bout time someone posted something that fits the title of this forum. I get the parallel to slavery was a bit much... but what?
  2. WTF? (**NSFW**)

    Madman kills people with guns. People say ban the guns. Madman kills people with fertilizer. People say ban the fertilizer. Madman kills people with a vehicle. People say ban the vehicle. Madman stabs people with a knife. People say ban the knife. Madman kills someone with a frying pan. People say ban the frying pan. Madman kills someone with a pressure cooker. People say ban the pressure cooker. ... So you're stuck sitting on dead grass, cutting a half-spoiled TV dinner with a spork because you had to walk 40 min to buy it. Sounds like paradise if you ask me.
  3. And here I thought polytheism only applied to hearts/minds, not kidneys... I assume you're talking about Polycystic Kidney Disease. If so, you need to focus on being healthy. It will help your chances years from now when you start planning for a career as a fighter pilot. Until then, read anything and everything that interests you. You have to be smart to become a fighter pilot, and books make you smarter. Never give up hope, and ALWAYS ask the prettiest girl to dance.
  4. In an attempt to bring this back on course... I've seen the PMP mentioned as a good certification to get. Any others that seem to be worth the squeeze? Seems like I find Agile and LeanSixSigma type stuff on top LinkedIn accounts.
  5. Just took the AFOQT.. retake? Help!

    You've got one more shot at the AFOQT. I'd develop a study plan for the second attempt. Searching on here should yield a few possibilities.
  6. Personality Type - MBTI among Rated Officers

    INTJ on a good day.
  7. AFOQT next week, how do I look so far

    He nailed it. Stellar application package from what I see, unless there's criminal charges or something else we don't know about. As I've stated before, the AFOQT is not a hard test, in the sense that you should know full well what to expect walking into it. There's been a few other threads where I've delved into how I've studied, but if you're not finding them, shoot me a PM. I think without the PPL, you'll be level with or slightly above the other applicants. With it, you're easily in the top 10%. Just my opinion.
  8. Personality Type - MBTI among Rated Officers

    Doubt we'll let you in our "craniums" without knowing more about what's in yours. Is this for research? Study? Test? Paper? Or... good old shits and giggles? What's your MBTI? Background?
  9. Protocol for Intercepts

  10. Chances for ANG UPT

    The issue with the books is that not all of them are updated for the Form T. At least, none of the good books (ex. Barron's) were at the time I took the test. I just bought the older Barron's book, cut out the sections that weren't relevant anymore... and studied my ass off. Ran a practice test (timed) as a diagnostic, scored those sections and literally studied from the worst score to the best. Between doing that and digesting the AF materials online... I got what I wanted from the experience. Pilot: 98 Nav: 96 Acad: 83 Verbal: 94 Quant: 60 Keep in mind, I tailored my prep to Pilot/Nav. Quant suffered because there were math sections I never even looked at (because they weren't relevant to my career interests). I haven't once been asked about why it's low, nor has anyone cared. At the end of the day, you're gonna need to develop a gameplan for this. Not too unlike the planning you'll have to do in UPT, or at various points in your college careers. If you can't figure that out... I can't help you.
  11. Surely there's a magic trick that covers this? I kid. Your DODMERB should have expired. I know mine did. FC1 may still be ok though. I'm the last person to quote on this, but I was told previously that MEPS can be bypassed with a valid DODMERB physical. FC1 must be done and AFPC approved, no substitutes. Congrats, by the way.
  12. Chances for ANG UPT

    Good advice there. Keep in mind that the only scores that matter (Pilot and Nav) are scored only using certain sections, not the entire test. Study those sections the hardest. Everything else is secondary.
  13. A-10 units

    So.. My statement was right then?
  14. WTF? (**NSFW**)

    I didn't know Carrot Top went the way of Caitlyn Jenner?