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  1. Kiloalpha

    Upcoming Boards

    You guys get an email for Oregon?
  2. Kiloalpha

    The Next President is...

    Vertigo, go outside and look around. The sky isn’t Soviet red, the government hasn’t bugged your house and nuclear war isn’t breaking out. Occam’s razor is a real thing, and the easiest conclusion isn’t that a Trump is an agent of Russia. It seriously must be hard thinking up these global conspiracies all the time.
  3. Kiloalpha

    Upcoming Boards

    Not unheard of. Been a part of two boards that did this.
  4. Kiloalpha

    Upcoming Boards

    Absolutely, I know I would ask. Side note: Did Alabama send both rejects and invites today? I haven't heard anything.
  5. Kiloalpha

    The Next President is...

    All the races that were looking like a runaway victory by Democrats are now neck and neck or with a slight Republican bump. In prior election cycles, we could game out the end result from here. With Trump as president, we’ll go through 5 more media-induced crises before Election Day, making any predictions pointless. If the Democrats weren’t deranged, they’d sweep both chambers, no question.
  6. Kiloalpha

    Please rate my chances!

    You’re in the hunt. Understand that there are dudes with perfect scores who don’t get interviews at certain units. Why? Because this process isn’t based on merit. It’s a good old popularity contest. You’re prior enlisted (big plus), have good scores, and you have another year or two to run all out at this. I’d be shotgunning apps all year, sharpening those skills and seeing what happens.
  7. Kiloalpha

    Hurricane Michael

    Username checks.
  8. Kiloalpha

    The Next President is...

  9. Kiloalpha

    74 More Squadrons?

    Translated: "This year, instead of finding people who actually deserve to be promoted, I am pulling the SECAF card and forcing them to find and promote people based on their sex, gender (cause they're not the same thing, apparently), religion and ethnicity. Why? Because I said so. That's why," James said."
  10. ... and here I thought I got f-ed over during my path to PPL. Here's the deal. Unlike some on here seem to think, part 61 is your best bet for PPL. I started 141, realized that it was nothing but a $ mill, (chief pilot was always required for mini-checkrides, but mysteriously... couldn't put me on the schedule) and transferred to 61. Grass was way greener, CFI was incredible (we're still buds) and I got out a lot cheaper than I would have in the 141 arena. YMMV As for your DPE, dude sounds like an asshole. I know you're relying on the CFI here, but c'mon man. That many failures in a row and you're still paying the CFI and DPE? First I'd take a ride with another (well known, well rated) CFI. It won't cost you much, you can log the time, and see if you can't get his opinion on where you stand. Sorry that you're going through all of this, but it sounds like a worst case scenario of you not wanting to take charge of the situation, and two f**king idiots who are taking you for a ride.
  11. Kiloalpha

    Upcoming Boards

    Occam’s Razor applies here. I’d send the resume like they ask, but also call/email saying that you’re willing to send more.
  12. Kiloalpha

    Upcoming Boards

    Got a call and e-mail from Michigan this morning.
  13. Thread Revival. Anyone with more than 20-30 posts used their consulting services and liked the feedback from hiring units? @Hopefulflyer389 or @mb1685
  14. Kiloalpha

    Retake TBAS for better PCSM?

    Based on that picture, I'd just fly as much as you can between now and then to get the hours based PCSM boost. Some of the biggest jumps in PCSM happen early (20hrs for 4 points or something crazy).