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  1. AFRC has allegedly released their 2018 pilot bonus to include ARTs. Any word on ANG?
  2. Finally got my CMS case (18 Jan 2018) for AvIP adjudicated. Despite the DFAS pay table showing $1K/mo available for over 10 years aviation service, DFAS abides by the Oct 2017 AF memo showing $700/mo. USAF is leaving $300/mo on the table when it could pay the $1K. No reason, just cause. DFAS updated the 2018 pay tables to reflect that services may elect to pay less. That statement wasn’t in the initial release from DFAS in early 2018.
  3. akang2006

    I need some advice

    I was in the ANG/RES/AD conundrum with a happy wife/happy life with my current job as a commercial lender in a small community bank. Bottom line for me was doing what I loved (I was a CFII that barely kept my IFR currency by begging flights from friends with planes). I knew I wanted to fly, and ANG was the best fit for me. Best career decision of my life. If you go AD, you’ll have a wider array of options for pain and pleasure. If you join ANG/RES, you’ll have no gamble on what you’ll fly, but some career options will be closed to you (certain assignments and programs). I understand your place and thoughts. I pressed and never looked back. Having been a key player in a small, profitable bank, I am often mind-bottled at the not-for-profit way the AF support world functions. Good luck with that!
  4. Your FSF should have the info. It was distributed via email last June or so.
  5. It hasn't been posted since FY2016 on myPers or whatever the site that AD and the reserves updated (and ANG should've). I got it via email from another forum user. No FY2018 has been posted yet.
  6. My CMS case to adjust to the $1000/mo for 10+ years aviation service is in today. We are trying it as a test case. Currently at $700/mo per the new tables effective Oct 2017.
  7. I’m waiting on my guard finance to research, as I am also an 11 year dude who is currently receiving $700/mo as an AGR. Per the 2018 DFAS tables, I should be well within the $1K/mo table. My mid-January LES reflects $700 still. My finance is asking up the chain and suggests watching the end of January LES. Probably going to do a CMAS (sp?) case if not in my EOM LES.
  8. I hear some ANG AGRs received a bonus plan via email. Anyone care to share? I'd love to see some details (unless it will give the Soviets the competitive advantage in pilot retention).
  9. You will find the FY16 data under myPers, Air National Guard, Officer, Compensation. That is where the FY17 should appear when it is released. The same path via AD and AFRC, then "Compensation" on the lower left menu of links, will take you to their FY17 retention plans. Haven't checked today, but that's where it should live.