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  1. BoneDust

    USF (det 158) rated slots/ questions

    Not to discourage you but when I competed in the Spring of 2015 I didn’t get squat even though I had the second highest PCSM at the det. Didn’t get anything in the fall supplemental. Got picked up randomly for RPA then Pilot a month later. Now in the J model FTU. Moral of the story is don’t be discouraged, if it’s your dream then go after it rather than wonder what if later on. Keep in mind selection is half the battle. You still got a year of training after the fact.
  2. Definitely was rough for some of the 38 bros..some real solid dudes too
  3. KEND T-1’s: MC-130H, Hurlburt C-21, Scott. KC-135, Fairchild C-130J, Dyess 2x C-130J, CA ANG C-17, Charleston (reserve) 2x C-17, Charleston C-17, Hickam KC-10, McGuire KC-135, Macdill KC-10, Travis C-130J, Yokota C-17, McChord C-130H, NV ANG
  4. BoneDust

    Best Route to UPT

    So you're essentially asking which is the easiest path?
  5. Heads up, I'm in AFROTC trying to get a UPT slot for the reserves and my recruiter said that they cant work with AFROTC cadets that are graduating after 31 December 2015. AFPC is trying to stop it..
  6. Is that offer for all ROTC cadets or only rated? I can't seem to get an answer from my cadre and I'm very interested in this route.
  7. BoneDust

    AFROTC Rated Supplemental

    Anyone have any info about the board coming up next month?
  8. I'd hold off on it buddy. I'm in your position too. Wait for the supplemental rated board in September then go to your back ups. That's what I'm doing, take it with a grain of salt.
  9. BoneDust

    AFROTC Rated Supplemental

    Does anyone know how the supplemental board works and has anyone on here been picked up from it? I competed in the Feb board and wasn't selected and I'm hoping to get either pilot or rpa.
  10. BoneDust

    ROTC to ARC

    I'm an upcoming 400 interested in this route. When did you guys get word of this?
  11. As a guy who wasn't picked up the first go around, I hope so. I got an email the other day from Cadre saying that AFROTC/HQ needed to know if I had a PPL. Thought that was interesting. I just hope there are some slots available for the supplemental board in September.