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  1. T-6s Grounded; More OBOGS Issues

    No. That would be “excessive training”. T-6 straight to the FTU
  2. RUMINT: AD FTU F16s to Kelly Field

    There is also a rumor of two squadrons of Vipers showing up to Whiteman for FTU
  3. Pilot Shortage Deepens, USAF is SCREWED.

    Oddly enough it’s the bureaucracy that is getting in the way. There hasn’t been a lack of trying at least in some ANG units.
  4. T-6s Grounded; More OBOGS Issues

    That and AETC’s desire to cut the F-16 syllabus to 30 something sorties should work out great
  5. Violate a START treaty, make O-6....sounds about right for the AF
  6. Pilot Shortage Deepens, USAF is SCREWED.

    The great part is an O-6 in the ACTF downgraded all the MAJCOM commander’s (AFSOC, GSC and ACC) “Critically non-concur” to their helicopter plan to just a “non-concur” for the CSAF. So no biggie.
  7. Pilot Shortage Deepens, USAF is SCREWED.

    For the Task Force dedicated to this problem, I would bet it all that people forced back not enjoying life is not even part of the equation. Pilots are just numbers to them and their PowerPoint slides don’t care about your feelings or actual combat power or even winning.
  8. T-6s Grounded; More OBOGS Issues

    Didn’t you hear, “any risk is acceptable cause the CSAF said so,” according to the Aircrew Crisis Task Force.
  9. General assignments questions

    Retention? I don’t believe they actually understand that word. They seem intent on just producing their way past the retention issue.
  10. Promotion and PRF Information

    Isn’t that what the AF desires? A bunch of people trying to be the next CSAF regardless of everything else
  11. What's wrong with the Air Force?

    Maybe actually having exit surveys that mean something. All I was asked was “are you hired by an airline?” it’s not the best option, but an option
  12. F-16 Students skip Phase III

    That and decreasing the first assignment is going to work out awesome I’m sure. At least the slides will be greened up
  13. F-16 Students skip Phase III

    They will just throw the IP and Sq under the bus. Management will continue, with maybe the worst thing happening being that their slide gets yellowed up
  14. Civilian T-6 IPs?

    That would actually mean that upper management understands where the problem lies. So I see that happening sometime around never.
  15. Commanders are dropping like flies this year

    Isn’t that the new AF motto or something?