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  1. You are surprised by this from a service that does so well at managing its pilot force?
  2. You mean like their annual “Spring Cleaning”?
  3. Ah yes, the new Air Force motto... “Aim Low” so every good deal is a gift and things will be pretty darn good
  4. Sprkt69


    The next fun is going to be figuring out airspace when combat aircraft are operating in a MOA and The weekend warrior wants to save fuel by cutting through said MOA. The outcry will be entertaining
  5. Having discussed this with the Generals over various AFSCs, I consistently heard “I never said to lower the standard!” Maybe they were lying to me, maybe they were lying to themselves to feel better about the future losses, either way I’m guessing they believe you will accept all the risk.
  6. There are actually a bunch of exercises to help build the supporting muscles of the neck. Most of them you can find on the interwebs
  7. That’s why there were tears Side note, it took me 4 different PTs, but finally found one that actually helped. Big believer now, but it’s only to get me to what will probably require an MRI and surgery
  8. That is the risk “management” is willing to take. Literally, that is what they have been saying
  9. Yes. Ive seen a dude get pulled over and given a DUI for a 0.08 blown in a 0.08 allowed state. Upper management immediately gave this guy an Art 15. The DUI was thrown out in court. However, the Art 15 remained and he was separated during the great purge. Thats pretty darn good management right there
  10. Maximum waist measurement for females is 35.5 inches. Maybe she has the 35.5 Bravo like the Guard has. Not shaming cause I really don’t care, just wanted panchbarnes to remain in his/her/them/em/per/ver/xem/hir/(f)aer’s safespace.
  11. You forgot to mention the shear incompetence and complete lack of foresight in personnel management of aircrew over the last 15ish years
  12. So that’s like just prior to falling out of the sky for lack of energy?
  13. Last known data was 6 mo was the timeframe SAF PC was willing to accept. Has that changed?
  14. I would love to see this dudes resume. Bet there were some great AF buzzwords
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