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  1. What’s that you say about second breakfast?
  2. And the bottleneck at the CAF level too. (Absorption rate exceeded)
  3. Leadership at the 'Deid

    Is a tanker patch that does all that kind of like a Bigfoot sighting?
  4. I should have been more clear. ACC assets as in pointy nose aircraft doing pointy nose things such as supporting Big Green and not CJSOTF you just talked about how ACC robs the money pot to pay for other things, how is your plan not doing the same?
  5. ACC was terrible about helping the CSAR guys out because they don't understand/care about the mission. If you want to know specifics, ask the guys who sat CSAR alert in Afghanistan and those trying to keep CSAR-X from falling apart. AFSOC cares about AFSOC. Zero fvcks given about ACC assets unless it's to further their own mission. So I fail to see the how the CSAR guys will get the support they deserve to keep us from being pedestrians behind enemy lines for extended periods. The amazing thing is how well the CSAR guys have done in spite of the AF.
  6. AFPC functionals and leadership

    Do I believe or care? No. 100% was mandated by SECAF to her minions said the 4 star that sat in the room. Do with that information as you wish.
  7. AFPC functionals and leadership

    If it is a join spouse assignment, you will get it. AF is mandating 100% on join spouse tours according to a 4 star
  8. Why am I not surprised. Oh, maybe it's because Big Blue has been F'in it away like this for decades.
  9. 1200 fighter pilots short? Better make that 1500
  10. Leadership at the 'Deid

    Thus continuing the trend of lying to the upper echelons to make it look like the slides are still greened up instead of providing actual data. Is it any wonder these strategic juggernauts are failing the services?
  11. Big Blue prefers the term "Optics"
  12. KC-46A Info

    Was it another plan to save 10s of dollars by spending millions?
  13. Then you aren't making enough income. My bro-in-law pays $24k/yr In property taxes for 1500sq/ft and a 1 car garage in upstate NY. Not to mention income taxes