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  1. Probably the people who wear G-suits for a living. If you have issues dropping your sleeves on the Cadillac floors, that’s on you
  2. And good luck bailing water on the Titanic. I hear management really listens to its people
  3. Please do, it’s quite entertaining in a really sad way.
  4. You will be Chief’d regardless
  5. They are focusing on uniforms because that is the only thing they understand
  6. It’s a pilots world now and beggars can’t be choosers. Or they can at their own demise.
  7. Things most of us wished we had known from the beginning.
  8. “Jeff Bezos attempt to push the envelope at lower cost” He will just attempt without pilots
  9. Or is it they dont understand how to properly fix it. Though its not like the solutions have not been talked to at length by pilots ninja smoking their way to freedom from moronic oppression
  10. As many as it takes to make the next rank
  11. Can you elaborate on this uncertainty?
  12. We also had a lot more experienced pilots making sure they got the job done and flew home.
  13. Seemed like a nothing burger with fuzzy staff math claiming nothing is F’d
  14. So we can rely on only PGM and BOC in all our future conflicts? Weren’t you one of those who said we didn’t need more F-22s too?
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