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  1. People can’t leave if you never made them in the first place. Besides, my guess is lower level Bob’s are feeding upper level Bob’s some BS
  2. Haven’t you heard, pilot shortage and retention issues are leveling off. http://www.airforcemag.com/Features/Pages/2019/June 2019/Goldfein-Pilot-Shortage-Retention-Issues-Leveling-Off.aspx
  3. I like the idea. Got to do something with the Fat Amy’s that can’t go to war
  4. That’s when you laugh and point
  5. Do you think the Bobs care about that? There is probably an E-9/O-6 that is about to lose it because it’s not fair or professional
  6. The fun police killed that years ago. I’m surprised the helo dudes have been getting away with it.
  7. And half of those that stay will get passed over and probably walk with their BRS.
  8. Probably the people who wear G-suits for a living. If you have issues dropping your sleeves on the Cadillac floors, that’s on you
  9. And good luck bailing water on the Titanic. I hear management really listens to its people
  10. Please do, it’s quite entertaining in a really sad way.
  11. You will be Chief’d regardless
  12. They are focusing on uniforms because that is the only thing they understand
  13. It’s a pilots world now and beggars can’t be choosers. Or they can at their own demise.
  14. Things most of us wished we had known from the beginning.
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