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  1. Sprkt69

    What's wrong with the Air Force?

    Depends on where the firefight starts. Think urban where the troops are among the populace before the fight initiates. To your point about firefights, the enemy liked to target the dude wearing a backpack radio or the HMMWV/MRAP with extra antennas on it. I was informed prior to deploying downrange that my guys were to wear the ABU when outside the wire. I asked if it was a good idea to have my guys wearing something made for 72 degree cubicles that melts to ones body for combat operations in a desert. I was then told to just pick up my container of crayolas and do as ordered. Officially, I informed my guys of the order. Unofficially I made sure they would not be permanently wearing ABUs if things went sideways outside the wire.
  2. Sprkt69

    What's wrong with the Air Force?

    Are you trying to talk about the guys who wore the same uniform as their assigned unit but had a big JTAC patch and a radio strapped to them? The ABU was terrible in the field and should not have been worn in combat as it melts to you. As cubicle camouflage, fine whatever.
  3. Sprkt69

    Trends in Air to Air Combat

    Does one need to learn how to think in Russian to fly this Firefox you speak of?
  4. Sprkt69

    It's Official, OCPs are Coming!

    Same could be said about people having to actually learn their 3-1
  5. Sprkt69

    It's Official, OCPs are Coming!

    F that. You can keep your 2 piece
  6. Anyone have the PTN syllabus?
  7. Was it the use of only the top 0.01% that clued everyone to “too visible to fail”? I do not believe these 4 students that are going direct to a Block 30 Viper (1 of 2 F-16 FTU units without AGCAS and an engine/airframe combo that can kill the stupid and the weak ) with only 30 hours of T-6 time were set up for success. It would have been better to send them to a Block 42 that can at least try to save them. My real fear is when Big Blue goes full retard and starts sending the Students that are no where near the top 0.01% to the FTUs and expect similar results.
  8. So -1 change FCIF is in order?
  9. Sprkt69

    Fly-Only Track in AMC

    Because it worked for them
  10. Sprkt69

    Trends in Air to Air Combat

    https://www.airforcetimes.com/news/your-air-force/2018/07/20/homeland-defense-missions-organizational-issues-kneecap-f-22s-potential-gao-says/ Cant say I’m surprised. Maybe this will help buy some new Eagles/Vipers
  11. Sprkt69

    “Red is the new Green”

    You should give that speech to FSS too
  12. That almost seems to be a question of “officially”, or “un-officially”. Holloman is “un-officially” manned primarily by people who cannot say no
  13. Sprkt69

    What's wrong with the Air Force?

    Didn’t you hear that the AF has improved the assignment system and that it is looking out for you so that you can have a meaningful life?
  14. Sprkt69

    BLUE: Episode 25 Pilot Pipeline

    I guess we will see if VR will be the gateway to future wings when these students go to Kelly for the FTU. Right now, as mentioned before, the UPT product is definitely inferior to what it was just 4 years ago. Students are having a difficult time with the admin and Gs. Too much CrossFit and not enough beer and bacon is my guess for the G issues