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  1. From a friend at HAF, pilots are also planned to be cut in the VSP/RIF as they are “nothing special” The good news is that the airlines are starting to hire again
  2. I have not heard of anyone that has really enjoyed staff under Gen Wills. Seems if you disagree with him, you will only suffer more Just ask the dude who connected an increase in class A’s to a lack of training/experience
  3. I think you underestimating the problems that many small businesses are in.
  4. Ft Ruck is pretty close. Maybe Elgin too? if you take one of the mouths to feed from Kirtland, doesn’t that mean more range time for the 60/22/130 crews? Maybe get them back toward timeline?
  5. Word is lots of politics and the fact that Kirtland is not amazing.
  6. Easy now, slackline may try to hijack the thread again
  7. Night overheads still alive in some parts of the USAF
  8. Some of us are not short, so lowering the seat more was never an option.
  9. Is the canopy breaker shorter than many pilot’s helmets?
  10. So the Safety Center told me something incorrect?
  11. What are they not liking about the program?
  12. The good news is 2 of the students in that class are UPT Next washouts
  13. So that is why you like riding Fat Amy...makes sense now
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