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  1. Night overheads still alive in some parts of the USAF
  2. Some of us are not short, so lowering the seat more was never an option.
  3. Is the canopy breaker shorter than many pilot’s helmets?
  4. So the Safety Center told me something incorrect?
  5. SIBs are not available to the sister services
  6. What are they not liking about the program?
  7. The good news is 2 of the students in that class are UPT Next washouts
  8. So that is why you like riding Fat Amy...makes sense now
  9. It happened a long time ago. Like early/mid 2000s
  10. Word on the street, HAF says to divest the T-1. So good times
  11. I think it is fairly obvious from the new CSAF, all of management want the numbers to look good regardless of how many jets are crashed. All objections to the master plan have been deemed “not a team player”
  12. C’mon brabus, a WSO can tell you when to flare or jink among getting that Sweet sweet ATIS for you
  13. Of course. We will be the ones that shed blood for the decisions of management.
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