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  1. Hey, at least it’s not RPAs. (No offense to the RPA dudes) Good luck, 18-01!
  2. I drop next month and we were pretty much told it was for this exact reason. The b-courses are backed up with not enough manning to support the surge of fighter drops. It’s almost like basic math could have told them this would happen. I’ve been in long enough to experience this “full-on or full-off” knee-jerk reaction from the AF a few times.
  3. I know dudes that graduated in Aug that are waiting until May for Holloman B-course.
  4. T-38 students were told today to expect more bombers, AFSOC, Recon in FY18 drops. Great Viper Giveaway has concluded.
  5. Doing Well in UPT

    Dude, just be a good dude, work hard and trim. Help out your bros and use your time in the flight room efficiently. PM me if you want some info on DLF.
  6. XL 17-14 T-38s F-16 - Holloman F-15C - Klamath Falls T-6 FAIP B-52 - Barksdale F-35 - Luke F-16 - Luke
  7. They have to have instructors. Try can't only pulling from the CAF to have T-38 instructors. It's a balancing act way above my pay grade. "Robbing Peter to pay Paul" type of situation.
  8. We only had one fighter guy in my T-6 squadron and most of the rest were AMC or FAIPs. The stories of per diem, luxury hotels, and "T-Funs" swayed a lot of studs and helped make their decision. There were the horror stories of the -38 squadron making you do a thousand BF/OLs and the IPs making flying jets more of a hassle than it's worth. They were tossing around the idea of non-vols so they stole some T-38 IPs to talk to the studs, but if anything, it made it worse as it was too late (a week from track) and everyone had made up their minds.
  9. Yeah, there is a MASS cutoff as 1-2 had -38s #1, but went Tones. There was also one helo. The FAC is still done in phase 1, but for no real purpose. It is not a go/no-go. We do it in Phase 3 if we go -38s, but it still doesn't really matter. "Do whatever weight you can do for as many reps as you want."
  10. F-35 Lightning info

    Nice try, ISIS.
  11. F-35 Lightning info

    With the latest budget calling for more F-35s, could we see them dropping out of UPT again?
  12. Personality Type - MBTI among Rated Officers

    In all seriousness, we did this in OTS and I'm ENTJ.
  13. Personality Type - MBTI among Rated Officers