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  1. I’m pretty sure he was talking about the Vance E-3 drop.
  2. It was a major shift from watching almost every 38 stud get a fighter to the AF hitting the killswitch and start handing out ISR. Some folks handled it better than others; I definitely had a couple drinks to wash it down.
  3. I dropped an E-8 out of T-38s a couple classes ago. As far as I know, I didn’t piss off anyone. It’s just how the drops in FY18 are going so far. We were told to expect no AMC assets, 1-2 fighter and ISR & AFSOC for the rest. It wasn’t high on my list, but luck, timing and needs of the AF trump all. I’m still still stoked to have had the opportunity to fly the T-38 and it beats checking IDs. I am happy for the guys that are now getting mobility assets and T-1s are trading. We had a U-28 a T-1 dude would have probably liked.
  4. XL 18-03 T-38 F-22 Tyndall F-15C Kingsley C-130J Rammstein CV-22 Cannon A-10C MI ANG 2xSaudi
  5. T-6s Grounded; More OBOGS Issues

    I can find out tomorrow. They have us grads sitting RSU until we PCS.
  6. T-6s Grounded; More OBOGS Issues

    I was wondering about that. I didn’t know if it was related, but I know all the T-6s here were told to RTB for mx reasons.
  7. http://m.aviationweek.com/defense/usaf-grounds-t-6-trainers-after-hypoxia-events The U.S. Air Force has grounded the Beechcraft T-6 Texan II training aircraft at Vance AFB, Oklahoma, after five pilots reported physiological episodes with hypoxia-like symptoms while flying. The Air Force’s 71st Flying Training Wing enacted an “operational pause” of T-6 flying operations on Nov. 15 after four T-6 instructor pilots and one student pilot assigned to Vance reported physiological incidents since Nov. 1, spokeswoman Terri Schaefer told Aviation Week Nov. 29. In each case, the aircraft’s backup oxygen system operated as designed and the pilots followed the correct procedures, landing safely, Schaefer said. The Air Force is investigating the incidents at Vance and has not yet identified a specific root cause, Schaefer said. The events were reported as “physiological events with hypoxia-like symptoms,” she noted. The Air Force uses the single-engine T-6 turboprop as a basic trainer for all student pilots. From the T-6, students choose one of three advanced training tracks based on their class standing. Future fighter/bomber pilots next train in the T-38 Talon; pilots on the airlift/tanker track fly the T-1A Jayhawk; and helicopter/tilt-rotor trainees fly the TH-1H Huey. In addition to Vance, student pilots also train in the T-6 at Randolph AFB, Texas; Moody AFB, Georgia; Columbus AFB, Mississippi; Laughlin AFB, Texas; and Sheppard AFB, Texas. Since the grounding, Vance AFB has partnered with Air Education and Training Command, 19th Air Force and medical, functional and industry experts to determine the cause of the incidents. That effort has included reviewing procedures for physiological events, providing refresher physiological training, background briefs and Q&A with T-6 instructor pilots, Schaefer said. “Following the operational pause, we anticipate that flying operations at Vance Air Force Base will continue as usual, with added awareness and training concerning physiological events and the life-support equipment onboard the T-6 designed to protect pilot safety and ensure continued safety of flight,” Schaefer said. The T-6 incidents come as a spate of hypoxia-like cockpit incidents plague the Air Force and U.S. Navy fleets. Both the Air Force and Navy grounded fleets this year: the Navy’s T-45 Goshawk trainers and the Air Force’s F-35Asat Luke AFB, Arizona, the service’s premier F-35 training base. Similar incidents are also on the rise in the Navy’s F/A-18 Hornet and EA-18G Growler fleets.
  8. It’s more of having 9 T-38 students and 1-2 fighters dropping. And they aren’t getting any mobility airframes; it’s all widebody ISR or AFSOC. We were explicitly told before our drop there would be no mobility assets for T-38.
  9. F-16 Students skip Phase III

    They sent a stud to IFF on flying CAP. FY17 had bottom-of-their-class T-38 students going to fighters... Why? To let them get pushed out of the community and go back to being UPT or B-Course instructors?
  10. F-16 Students skip Phase III

    Wow... the T-38 sims barely held a torch to what it was like to actually fly the jet. Phase II teaches you how to be a student pilot, while Phase III actually teaches basic airmanship. Where’s my popcorn?
  11. T-38 Down @ DLF

  12. T-38 Down @ DLF

    http://www.laughlin.af.mil/News/Article-Display/Article/1377774/media-release-downed-aircraft-in-del-rio/ "LAUGHLIN AIR FORCE BASE, Texas -- An Air Force T-38 Talon assigned here at Laughlin Air Force Base, Texas, crashed at approximately 4 p.m. today approximately 14 miles northwest of the base near Spur 454 and U.S. 90 in Del Rio, Texas. At the time of release, Laughlin emergency response personnel and local responders were on scene to assist in recovery efforts. A board of officers will investigate the accident. Additional details will be provided as information becomes available."
  13. Are we seeing more T-38 non-vols now that the class numbers are higher and the fighter drops are far fewer relative to FY17?
  14. 11-217: should it stay or go?

    Can’t you make an actual poll on here? But yes, the 217 was development by the Department of Redundancy Department
  15. Any E-8 Pilots/crew wish to share their insight? I don’t know of any here at UPT. I just dropped them out of T-38s.