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  1. If some things are “in vogue”, what things are “out vogue”?
  2. First delivery livestream.
  3. I was about to say, sounds like my current mission, but I have no weapons, no stealth, and no 38.
  4. Also, “steroid” use in those communities (and military, in general) is a lot more common than most people seem to think.
  5. Incredibly rough. Dude was one of the IPs I trusted the most. We had a lot of heart to hearts throughout training and like homeboy said up there, he struck that balance perfectly. Huge loss for the Air Force and anyone that knew him. Him him 🍺
  6. Exactly a week shy of the anniversary of crash at Laughlin that took Stuck’s life. 🍺 Nickle on the grass (I feel like I’ve had to say that a little too much)
  7. Robins has an aero club and I know a couple non-pilot types that are getting their civilian ratings to hopefully apply to a UFT board. The base offered a significant scholarship to any AD or AD spouse. Very few applicants, but one of our penguins was awarded a scholarship and it’s nearly paying for his entire PPL. If anything, it will help their PCSM if they don’t complete the entire program.
  8. Not sure what my assignment has to do with this. I voiced my concerns appropriately months before assignment night. There were multiple things going wrong there. The new LTs probably just thought “this is how it is”, which was a huge disservice to them. Having been around longer than most of the IPs there, I could recognize problems. I’ve PMed you.
  9. “a threatening environment, irresponsible alcohol consumption and disrespectful treatment of some students” isn’t too far off in my personal experience within my flight. That being said, I had a blast there (most of the time).
  10. I’d check over here: http://www.flyingsquadron.com/forums/topic/1970-columbus-afb-information/
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